Horoscopes for the Week of March 4th – 10th

(Bourbon Street Babe J. Avillar)

This week the main event is Thursday’s Virgo full Moon (March 5) at 14 degrees 50′- 10:05 AM PST & 1:05 PM EST. We appear to want to free ourselves emotionally to set up a better life arrangement for maximizing potential. Old contracts and agreements, official or unofficial, appear to be headed for change. Resentment may begin to dissipate as there is now the chance to undo something that has felt unfair and overburdening for quite awhile. It may be necessary to face our fears, to put ourselves on the line, and to be willing to work even harder for change. Speaking truth to power, letting go of some wishful thinking, and taking responsibility for shaping the life we prefer through adjustments in relationships appears to be the message. On this current trajectory we have taken things as far as they can go without some significant direction change.

The underlying power of this full Moon is aligned with Black Moon Lilith. She is the transformative agent that allows us to move beyond the rage and self-destructive tendencies associated with feelings of powerlessness. It cannot be done without a personal “descent into the underworld” and a confrontation with darkness. This is a personal journey that may be directly reflected in the emotional challenges we now face.

Black Moon Lilith is the pivotal figure working to resurrect the sacred feminine and all that implies.
The world changes through our willingness to face our own shadow. Isis appears to be the global, physical, embodiment of emotions that need to be faced and integrated within. These themes may arise under the influence of this full Moon. The time is ripe.

Reinforcing the current healing adventure is the Sun’s alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer. Highlighted now is the bridge between perpetual struggle and an easier, more enlightened way. The way for us to make the transition is being clarified. The information may be fleeting, subtle, or maddeningly elusive. Make time to “tune-in” to feelings that arise. Therein lies the information.

Relationships may feel uncharacteristically complicated. Hidden agendas, power plays, and unseemly motivations may be sensed. Maintaining a focus on the big picture and the foundation you are laying to support the life you envision for yourself is essential. The Pisces opposition point to this full Moon makes being “thrown off your game” a possibility.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

Aries may be afraid that he is losing some important battle. But he is a fighter who can get so caught up in the “battle-of-the-moment” that he blinds himself to his overall objectives. It’s time to dispense with petty distractions and skirmishes that have been elevated to positions of importance. It may be time, for the sake of some inner peace, to surrender and to avoid wasting further energy. Refocusing is the issue. It is possible to win the battle and lose the war. Now you have the opportunity to free yourself from contentious relationships and existing, powerful, social pressures to maintain them. The war you must win is the one where you establish relationships that allow you the freedom to expose your soul and to express the love you feel.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week Taurus may experience the power of forgiveness to overwhelm perfectionistic and judgmental tendencies that interfere’s with the formation of friendships (or any relationship). Your soul craves friends. They fulfill a need within you that nothing else can. If another has not lived up to your expectations it may be time to mend fences and to build some bridges. What’s possible now is a new openness to reestablishing lost connections. It’s always a possibility that you have not lived up to your own expectations and are having a hard time with the issue of forgiving yourself. This full Moon will assist you. The truth is that your soul is now deeply in need of a friendlier environment. Harsh judgement and impossible standards are balanced under the impending full Moon. The time is ripe for more supportive, and understanding methods to replace those.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This full Moon seems to be delivering a message that requires you to free yourself in a way that offers more ease of movement and greater possibility of future expansion. A focus on the conversations you have with yourself reveals the nature of the relationship you have with yourself. Old work methods, self-improvement strategies, analysis, approaches to health, and the family responsibilities you shoulder, may have taken you as far as you can go in your current direction. This week you feel a revolution brewing that is making way for something friendlier, freer, more alien, and more enlightened. If you can let some old habits over the next two weeks, you will be advanced in the direction of achieving career goals and increasing the momentum of life’s direction.
CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week Cancer may feel that they have taken a particular routine or train of thought as far as it can be taken in the current direction. It’s time for a change and the release of something that blocks the achievement of future dreams and goals. It’s easy to become confined within a routine and to diminish big dreams in favor of just getting through the day in “reasonable shape.” Resentment may be stimulated by current routines, relationships with siblings, neighbors, or your own internal conversations with yourself. The time is ripe for change. Resentment undermines your health and keeps your world small. It’s time to change the nature of your focus on relationships that remind you of “unfair arrangements.” Telling yourself the truth about what you feel you deserve could be revealing.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Thursday may mark the culmination and ending of some financial arrangement or joint financial partnership. Feeling “hemmed in” and confined may have eroded trust, self-worth, values, priorities, and material security. But that scenario is about to change. Current responsibilities, methods, terms, and contracts may expire making room for some kind of new, more enlightened arrangement. This full Moon opens the door to new methods of compromise, cooperation, and “outside the box” thinking within relationships. A secret or new information may be revealed. Old patterns and habits are falling by the way side making room for something better. Close attention to the arrangement of details is critical.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week Virgo has the opportunity to move beyond the resentment and rage connected to powerlessness within relationships…current relationships, past family relationships, or ancient, past life relationships. This is a turning point that requires you to free yourself from old standards of behavior, social pressures, and financial arrangements that lock you in. Old styles, approaches, and appearances may no longer feel relevant. Let them go. The universe will be trying to move you in a new direction over the next two weeks. Forgiving yourself and others may be a theme. It’s time for you to get on with the business of building a more appropriate foundation for the achievement of your goals. The need to move may feel pressing.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Emotions may be erupting behind the scenes that are difficult to gloss over or deny. Rage may underlie current burdens of heavy responsibility, poor health, or another’s irresponsibility. Significant relationships may be difficult, fraught with a lack of trust, financial injustice, and past manipulations. New revelations may necessitate a change in the nature of your role within relationships. Over the next two weeks you may have to think very creatively and honestly about the nature of love. What is it? How do you express it, and how is it different from simply accommodating the needs of others for the sake of peace and “buying time.” Now is your chance to free yourself from the constricted models of love (and relationships) you inherited. Everyone you love benefits from that.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpios are known for their “behind the scenes strategies”, for secret agendas, hiding true intentions, and consolidating power by keeping others in the dark. This may be the week to try something different. Expressing feelings openly and honestly can be very powerful and put you in a position of advantage. But even if it doesn’t there is greater joy to be found in embracing a child-like, unsuspecting approach to life. What good is power and control if it diminishes your ability to enjoy life or if it really has become your only option. If you forget how to be child-like and unconcerned with who has the upper hand act “as if.” Current energies may be giving you fleeting glimpses of how much happier you could be and they are assisting you in that direction.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

As forward looking as Sagittarius is inclined to be under this full Moon a closer look at the details of your past, what may be holding you back career-wise, and an honest effort to uncover the source of inner resentment and rage is in order. I prefer to recommend high-mindedness and “ascent to the heights”, but it’s just not in the stars this week. There is a gift being offered that can release you from something very limiting. Most likely it is an old wound that continues to fester. The Sun is highlighting what has been hidden and elusive for so long. The bridge across the gaping, frightening abyss can now be safely crossed. But you have to be courageous, willing to descend, and to explore what lies beneath.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week the full Moon attempts to bridge a gap between the confusion of the present – indecision, delay, and an inability to get a grasp on everyday routines and schedules – and your responsibility for effectively addressing future needs and outcomes. It seems that there may be a disconnect where everyday operations do not seem to support the kind of vision and success you desire. Now your awareness of the disconnect is heightened allowing you to examine the details and to make adjustments that might allow you to be more effective on both fronts. There is a way to bridge the divide. The challenge is to figure out how. Your emotions and feelings may may play a big part in providing you with some answers. It may be necessary to make a real effort to tune in to your emotions – something Capricorns normally avoid.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week Aquarians are passionate about their ability to represent the unusual, the unexpected, the shocking, informative, and humane by simply being who they are. The world craves what you have though it may be unaware of that need. Any chance you have to perform, to exaggerate your wild ways, to free your inhibitions, and to expose yourself to audiences who would not normally experience the presence of people like you is beneficial. Aquarians are often held at arms length and remain cautious about inserting themselves into situations where they are not wanted. This week it pays to pretend that the opposite is true – that everyone wants you at their party – because they do.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week Pisces may feel the dissolution of the past and old ways of thinking that free them to step into a new kind of role within relationships. Whatever your old role – the artist, the victim, the illusionist, romantic, magician, or savior – you may now feel free to move beyond it. Something is changing emotionally. Your relationship with your physical body, your ability to be effective, to initiate new things, and to present yourself confidently to the world may be in the process of some overwhelming healing influence that allows you to enjoy life once again. Creative drive returns and you see, in the form of a partner’s emotions, how significant the change actually is. Be prepared for major relationship adjustments, mostly for the better.

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