Horoscopes for the Week of March 18 – 24

This is the week of the total New Moon Eclipse in the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac. But because this is a new Moon, not a full Moon, there are intricate “ending/new beginning”, intuitive/rational”, fantasy/reality themes involved. It’s all delicate and elusive but incredibly powerful. It’s like waking up in the morning on a weekend when you have time to surf between waking and sleeping states. Alternating between the intuitive and the rational can be the best of both worlds… especially if you’re in search of a solution. This eclipse represents a new beginning in the intuitive world that straddles the boundary of the rational. The boundary is incredibly thin and fragile now. Click here to see this week’s feature article interpreting the impending eclipse.

This week’s horoscopes will personalize the influence of the eclipse for each sign.

In other important astrological news, Venus has moved into the sign of Taurus facilitating the flow of money, tranquility, and the healing power of physical/sensual experience.

The Sun moves into the sign of Aries (the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere) on Friday. This is essentially the start of the astrological New Year and a perfect time to set your intentions for the coming year. It’s a day when you can easily align your intentions with the power of universal energy to make something big happen. For suggestions on how to do this, click here.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
It will be interesting this week to see how Aries transitions from a sleeping to wide-awake state. I suspect you will hit the ground running…maybe literally. Physical strength and stamina is a big deal for Aries…very central to your whole style and approach to life. Since 2006 something has been sapping your energy, but it’s almost completely dissolving. Check in with yourself to see if you’re not feeling it. You may need to make adjustments for the excess energy you can now more easily access. Courage will also flow in your direction as you sense the timing is finally right to go for broke, to take a risk, to become the initiator of something monumental that will inspire anyone within your sphere of influence. Generously expressing the kindness you feel brings something you’re soul has been craving within easy reach.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

There is an open channel that exists within you that continually feeds energy into your ability to illuminate the sacredness of life. You may express that by carefully attending to the details of a good meal, a beautiful garden, a style and appearance that exudes beauty and comfort, or music that soothes and reconnects. Special meaning infuses your reverence for nature and the way you “drink in” its soft, healing effects. There is some sadness or sleepiness dissolving as you move into a dynamic, rejuvenating phase. Answers that have been hidden may now come to you in quiet moments of refection. There is an end to the feeling that you are not yourself…or fully yourself. Over the next month the part of you has been lost is restored, but it’s been transformed into something more spiritually refined, highly inspired. You begin to gestate ideas for how to more effectively use your rediscovered, rejuvenated gifts.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There is a chapter of your life that has been in the process of dissolving for the past several years. And now the process is complete. Most likely something that interfered with your ability to receive love has bitten the dust. It’s over and that opens a whole new loving world to you. Now that you can genuinely feel what being loved is like, it’s time to make it possible for more people to love you. All they need is a little instruction as to which key opens the door to your heart. It’s the one that allows you to experiment, to be fully heard, to be mentally challenged by an infusion of stimulating ideas, to operate within the most flexible environment possible, to have your moment-to-moment change in focus accommodated and acknowledged, and your storytelling ability admired. The right key will also not be fazed when the “evil twin” abruptly surfaces then disappears without a trace.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancers have been wandering around in the wilderness for awhile, seeking wisdom that could give meaning to the inexplicable set backs and limitations that defined their life. The past few years have been a long, solitary journey into some very unfamiliar territory, requiring constant personal reorientation, trial and error, and digging deep to find the lost part of yourself that could provide some answers and a new reason for living. That journey is about complete. When you think about what you’ve learned and how much broader and wiser your perspective has become, the next challenge is to rework your life and your foundations in ways that integrate new found elements and connections. What “sacred souvenirs” did you bring back? What inner resources did you rely on during your most disorienting times? Who did you think of when you were lonely? What memory filled you with love?

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leo has been through a period of restraint and confinement. Maybe it was necessary that you pull back and curb your enthusiasm for the sake of your freedom and future. But that period of restraint is now over. The unknowns may now be known. Whoever needed to be convinced of your worth and value is now convinced. Maybe that was you. It’s time for a major readjustment back into your most natural self. Let the expansion begin!! Let the exuberance return!! Bigger is better. More freedom, more money, more love, more support, more authority, more control, more work, and larger ambition. There is something important you learned along the way about cooperation, self-discipline, sacrificing your own needs for “the cause,” and taking a back seat to someone who appeared to be in need of your help. Identifying what you developed during that time and using it to advance your future goals ensures big successes ahead.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo’s tendency to sacrifice themselves and their needs for a significant other, a client, or partner, must now be “a thing of the past”. There is a new beginning on the horizon and it matters how you “set the tone” and what you expect. The new beginning is related to achievement and success through equal contribution, equal sacrifice, equal sharing of responsibility, and equal division of assets. It is critical now that you find the part of you that is “a force to be reckoned with”, a ruthless fighter for what is fair, a courageous leader, the person who can set limits and, most importantly, enforce them. A balanced approach may be to convey a preference for and willingness to contribute and cooperate but only if that is reciprocated. What is being set in motion now will be the blueprint for the next year. Think carefully before giving in to anything that does feel fair. Your security and sense of self-worth may be at stake.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra’s standards for their life seem to revolve around some dreamy, ideal state that reality has a difficult time matching. Always slightly disappointed in the real thing, Libra surfs this eclipse wave between the real and ideal – specifically where relationships are concerned. This wave may crash onto a rocky shore forcing you to face what it is you wish for versus what you actually have. Narrowing the gap is the issue, and, as always for Libra, compromise is part of the magic formula. To make room for new beginnings, it’s time to end an old way of thinking and feeling about relationships. Feeling victimized and usually a little “let down” in relationships is now a burned out trip. It’s time to decide whether you can make what you have work by setting more realistic standards, or if you can find something that more closely approximates the transcendent dreaminess you crave. One way or another, it’s time for a new beginning and a different mindset.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This eclipse opens the door for Scorpio to be able to transmute and integrate the sadness of their own life into something very useful. New beginnings involve increasing the effectiveness of your life’s work. It is within the realm of relationships that Scorpio usually suffers most. The heartbreak you’ve lived through is the raw material that can best elevate the effectiveness of your methods. A new willingness to share the truth, to use yourself as an example, to connect with another who’s heart is broken through recognition of your bond of suffering, and to improve your understanding of workplace dynamics, is the opportunity. It is possible now for you to elevate yourself above the fray of office politics. The conflict, aggression, and ugly competitiveness that may surround you is the result of attempts to suppress the pain that continues to haunt those who haven’t figured out how to make it work for them. It is the most inspiring, most powerful and magical tool you own.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarians are, as a rule, chronically inspired people. Their foundations are laced with connections to energies that transcend and transport them to other-worldy realms of possibility. Figuring out how to bring those possibilities down to earth, in a form that is useable and accessible to the masses, is the overarching theme of their life’s work. This eclipse automatically enables you to infuse your inspired way of operating into some important creative work. If you’re thinking of initiating a creative project that is an expression of the courageous, trail blazing leader you are, consider the possibility that now may be the perfect time. The universe is working with you to harness all of your talent as well as your penchant for being able to work a little magic into your game. Do not be sidetracked with doubts about whether or not your creation will be accepted. That is, as always, entirely irrelevant.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Work and self-discipline form the foundation of your life, but for awhile there’s been something toxic about your approach to work that may have been deeply rooted in the past. Overwork, feeling motivated by fear rather than the joy of success, an insensitivity to your emotional needs, ignoring your body’s need for rest, allowing yourself to be thoughtlessly driven by compulsive drives and ambition, or the mistaken idea that the only way anyone would love you is if you worked hard enough to earn it. An invisible purification process has now removed much of that from the equation. This eclipse leaves you with a clean slate and the possibility of building your life on a different kind of foundation. Work is still central, but your approach is more enlightened. You may now be more responsive to your physical and emotional needs, more able to rest and to pace yourself, more open to experiencing the joy of success, and considerate of the possibility that you don’t need to earn love. It already surrounds you.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
However you communicate, the condition of your self-worth heavily influences it. Aquarians typically question their worth. They are born unable to automatically connect with their culture, the mainstream, and the encouragement that comes from being able to conform and comfortably fit in. An invisible healing process has been in progress for awhile, though. That process may have revealed to you your true worth and value in a way you can now integrate. That changes the game, especially when it comes to what you say and how you say it. Open to you now is the possibility of communicating more confidently, more powerfully, more creatively and more fully, the ideas that can revolutionize the world. If you haven’t noticed, the world is in need of revolutionary leaders. You are one of them. The revolution always begins with an idea for something better and the ability to communicate it creatively and effectively.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For quite awhile Pisces “confused wandering in the wilderness” approach to life has been undergoing an intense purification process. A clearer, sharper definition of themselves is emerging that allows for a new beginning. The new beginning is related to resource management and development. Innate talents are considered an important part of the resources you have available to you. Because the fog has lifted, as long-held delusions and suspicions dissolve, you’re freed to contribute what you were born to contribute. Your talents are defined by Mars, the warrior. You’re smart. You know how and when to initiate, how to gently, but effectively assert yourself, how to use your physical appearance to create illusions that work to your advantage, how to peacefully defeat an enemy, how to be non-threateningly direct, how to defend your values, and how to use inspiration to create a bold “work of art” that changes the world. It’s time to hone those skills to perfection and to find ways to use them for healing purposes.

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