Horoscopes for the Week of February 18 – 24, 2015

Mosaic Art – Lillian Sizemore

Today the main event is the highly unusual New Moon in the final degrees of Aquarius. Here is the link to my interpretation. http://wp.me/p3810x-4kw

This is an eventful week. The door is swinging wide open, energy levels and excitement rise, and a new sense of confidence and clarity accompanies the urge to act. Mercury continues to pick up speed in forward motion, and momentum is on the rise.

The Sun moves into the sign of Pisces today, along with the Moon. Sensitivity is highlighted along with an awareness of our connection to all that is, and an important revelation. The new energy emerging is particularly amenable to art, healing, inspired efforts, self-less service, and a willingness to feel our way through something that is yet undefined.

Mars and Venus unite in Aries on Friday for a moment of perfect balance between receptivity and forceful self assertion. Actions may feel truly inspired.

Late Thursday Uranus energy intensifies, blasting a stubborn “sore spot,” demanding change, freedom, and progress. Anxiety mixed with excitement and possibly some familiar reactive resistance ensues. With or without your cooperation, change is imminent.

We may continue to struggle with old issues that confine and frighten us, but those are on the cusp of being resolved as our focus changes. Amidst the emerging excitement it may simply feel less interesting to continue to pour energy into old fears and repetitious “doomsday scenarios.” Too many new options, invitations, and opportunities to consider.

Have a great week!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

This week there is a rebirth of confidence in the physical sector of your life. After being “out in the wilderness” for awhile in terms of your connection with your physical self, you’ve come back home. You’re smarter and wiser though. There is now some ingenious aspect to the way you approach sex, your body, and the mind body connection. More receptive to your physical needs you’re now able to compromise with less insistence on “going by the book.” Feeding your body what it needs, exercising just the right amount, and staying in top form is a delicate balance that you seem to be on the cusp of achieving. You may physically feel, in a more intense way, subtle sensations that give you lots of information about the world you navigate and your next best move.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Your inner life is about to be invaded by Mars. That could feel like a forceful disruption of the cozy inner sanctum you’ve created. But it won’t feel that way because Venus accompanies Mars, toning him down, bringing out his charm, softening his approach, and enhancing his effectiveness. Mars, in turn, influences Venus in ways that ignite and embolden her desire for peace, contentment, and pleasure. Work and play combine in some magical ways for you this week. There is some mysterious balancing alchemy taking place behind the scenes. It may manifest as ease and flow, improved relationships, and synchronous events that magically coalesce all the right pieces into all the right places. Achievement of your ambitions may feel effortless as pleasure infuses what usually feels like work.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Gemini is now on the cusp of being able to define what will excite, entertain, and interest others most as the future unfolds. Most likely it involves your ability to make up your own rules, to tell the truth, to break up what is stagnant, and to usher in, for the masses, higher, easier ways of operating. Chances are you’ve been able to predict what the masses would crave for quite awhile, but now you’re able to weave it all seamlessly into some professional endeavor. A futuristic influence begins to define your practice and mode of operation in new ways. You take it all public over the next month, solidifying your role as a cutting-edge leader within your profession, setting the agenda and “industry standards” for years to come.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

It appears that after much dreaminess, a long escape from harsh reality, a comfortable submersion in womb-like coziness, and isolation in a hiding place that has provided a safe distance from harm, you’re about to emerge into the public eye. Now you’re bolder, more confident, and ready to make a move that may change your career or life direction. You do it nicely though, in a way that’s pleasurable for you and everyone without weakening the power of your decision. It is likely that your home life may be affected, but inwardly there is the possibility that you feel more balanced and grounded than you’ve felt for a long time. The public sees a new, more decisive you, as you take the reigns from the hands of whoever or whatever has previously asserted authority over you. From some important perspective, there’s a nice, new, sheriff in town.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leos are in need of some psychological reconditioning, some new psychic “rearrangement” that untangles and simplifies, an outlet that lowers the pressure, a tranquil state that rebalances and renews. Lately you may be finding it difficult to think clearly as you’re caught in a cycle of confusion that may result from overwork and worry – financial worry most likely. You could benefit from a break of some kind, a relaxing tranquil few hours away from the complications of constant mental activity. The world may not fall apart if you take better care of yourself. If it does, you’ve got yourself in the “wrong world” so to speak. Priorities, to a great extent, define the world you create. It may be time for a reordering of the things you value most. Generally speaking it’s always wise to have your health at the top of your priority list. It’s not flashy or attention getting necessarily, but it’s wise.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Effective actions this week depend on your ability to recognize subtle clues and quiet hints. Recent efforts to free yourself from confining situations and to be more open to the people, places, and things that seem odd and unconventional puts you in a strong position. This week you are able to connect with unusual forms of guidance and inspiration because your mind is more flexible and observant. Now you receive your reward for past actions that had you stepping “out of line”, deliberately not living up to others expectations, rebelling against your old ways, and wading into a more interesting way of life. Where to go from here? Who knows. It promises to be an exciting, magical journey this week, full of hints and clues appearing in strange places.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libras tend to receive some amazing gifts over the course of a lifetime. Things others would gladly work a lifetime to achieve, you may have simply stumbled upon or had handed to you because of some mysterious knack for being the right place, at the right time, surrounded by the right people. A little effort on your part often results in big rewards. Ironically that “magic touch” can elude you when it comes to personal relationships – the area of life you actually care most about. Something in the ‘give and take” department is usually off. This week there is an opportunity to correct that as Venus and Mars conjoin in your relationship sector. Now you set the tone for a new two and a half year cycle by demanding what it is you need from others. The best part is that you can do it nicely and still be effective.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week Scorpio may feel on the brink of something dangerous and risky or simply new and exciting. Work situations, sex, and health may mix into an intoxicating brew that sets the tone for the next couple years. There is an element of ease, flow, and pleasure surrounding the initiation of some new responsibility. At the same time there exists something dangerously erotic and irresistible. It’s the kind of thing that endlessly intrigues a Scorpio, making you feel acutely alive, and intensely focused. There is some care advised though, as Pluto, your chart ruler, in cautious Capricorn is bombarded this week by Uranus. Throwing caution to the wind could suddenly destroy something that would be difficult to put back together in any recognizable form. If you engage in dangerous games be ready to walk away from some profoundly stabilizing force in your life… or something uselessly confining.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

This week there is a profound ending to some routine that has enhanced your emotional security. At the same time it has been enormously confining, kept your world small, and mired in fear. I say “good riddance.” Something that confining cannot possibly be safely sustained by a free spirit such as yourself. It’s time to use your rebellious skills to stage a full scale revolt against the past. The meaning you ascribed to a past experience must be changed as you overthrow all justification for staying confined. For the sake of your future freedom you are in the process of re-evaluating the nature of your commitments. It’s time to redirect those along the lines of developing some talent that has gone unexpressed for too long. This week you are reborn into something more balanced and, most importantly for a Sagittarian, something much more fun and adventurous.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week Capricorn takes his ingenious nature away from the cause of generating ideas for material security and scatters it far and wide. You may find yourself casting a wide net this week as you experiment with different forms of networking,freer forms of communication, and a mindset that’s being fed with more interesting ideas and future possibilities. There is some new form of balance and initiating effort that excites your most essential self. You never feel as “at home” as when you’re starting something new. The first step seems to be ascribing some different meaning to the past and the current challenge that engages you. Foundationally everything is being upended. But most likely it feels like a relief rather than something new to fear. You are a go-getter at heart. Feel free to break your own rules.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The financial sector of your life is being stimulated in a positive way. You were born with the gifts of sensitivity, empathy, understanding, and kind-heartedness. The world is desperately in need of exactly what it is you have to offer and that may explain why your financial prospects will improve this week and for the long term. Your mindset and routine is moving in the direction of something more balanced. It may be time to initiate something new along the lines of improving your skills, taking a course, expanding your knowledge, and networking. Attracting the “like-minded” is good for your future freedom. This week they will be as attracted to you as you are to them. Being forceful regarding your communication and stating your beliefs is exhilarating. And the way you do is especially charming and supportive. Your life gets more interesting as you share the most unusual parts of yourself with others.

pisces otherworldly

PISCES (February 21-March 21)
As this unusual new Aquarian Moon crosses over your ascendent – from the realm of your subconscious mind into the full light of day, you realize more fully who you are and what you were born to do. What was once hidden and vague is now “front and center” and clearly distinct. Most likely your role is as unusual as this new Moon and it is a relief to finally understand your purpose. It may take some time to adjust to really knowing your true purpose. All the vagueness and “wanderings through the dark” have become quite familiar. But that’s over. It’s time to boldly and graciously begin to solidify and consolidate the real you. It’s time to put a solid foundation beneath your “purpose for being” in this world. I suspect that will involve a new way to generate material security, new priorities, a strong sense of self worth, and an accumulation of more unusual and useful resources.

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