Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 25th – March 3rd

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We may not be certain of where to go from here, but the pressing need to figure it out may be softened as an intoxicating infusion of Pisces energy takes hold. Major life adjustments are just over the horizon, but for now, the once-a-year conjunction of the Sun and Neptune in the sign of Pisces dulls the pain and transports us to a different place.

Pisces rules transcendence, the power of illusion to create reality, and the urge to merge with all that is. Pisces is the inspiration that makes music, art and poetry possible as well as deception, con artistry, and being swept up in something over which we have little control. The energy can be difficult to channel in traditionally “productive” ways, but artists, healers, con men, and those attempting to manipulate from behind the scenes may feel an abundance of powerful energy readily available this week. Toxicity is ruled by Pisces/Neptune.

Later this week the clear-headed, reality based, skeptic analyzes, clarifies, and cleans-up what couldn’t be recognized under the Neptune haze. “The alcoholic sobers up” and the “spiritual transcendent” returns to earth. If they’re aware, they may be returning to earth with some amazing new gift to share.

There is a magical ability to make things happen this week through some relatively effortless methods. A supportive grand fire trine involving action-oriented Mars, committed Juno, and achievement oriented Saturn harmonizes energy in ways that carry us toward what we most desire. The caution is to not be so distracted by ambition and achievement that you miss the opportunity. The “coup de grace” is Venus casting her benevolent influence over the trine. I will personalize this one for you so you can be aware of how it might play out in your own life.

As mentioned, it looks like the time is fast approaching to initiate a major life adjustment – one that has been brewing since last September. As more pieces fall into place – or fail to do so – the pressure to act intensifies. The “coast will be clear” within a month. At that time indecision dissolves and momentum builds to a flash point. This week you may feel the need for a clean break as you reconsider your options. Take some new, maybe small, but significant action, or make a decision that facilitates progress as you feel the unfolding new direction of your life.

Here’s to capturing the magic!

Carry on and have a wonderful week.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

Aries, especially, may be the recipient of some smooth and effortless energy operating in their life – resolving old issues and carrying them toward something better. Past actions that slowed you down, moved you backwards, caused you to reconsider, and reorder priorities, may now be paying dividends. If you’re aware, progress may feel easier as the negative influence of old detours and wrong turns fades. A commitment to marriage, children, and your own potential may have involved significant sacrifice. But now the momentum turns in your favor. As you begin to build your dreams on a stronger foundation, things continue to fall into place. The word of caution is to make sure you shift gears this week into a more relaxing mode. Deliberately “tune in” to notice the possibility of healing, peace, and pleasure surrounding you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

There is a smoothly unfolding supportive energy operating, in large measure, within the deepest recesses of your mind. Gestating ideas and plans to perfect a “personal skill” will “set you free” as they feed into your commitment to entertain and inspire others in ways that feel exhilarating to you. The skill that holds “the keys to the castle,” for you, may be a skill that is consistently reflected back to you in the form of an artistic friend whose highly developed talents you greatly admire. It’s time to arrange a plan for the achievement of a skill gives you the power to enliven and uplift others in ways that are joyful and incredibly fun for you. If you release distractions and “tune-in” this week, you will notice that you are being carried in that direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week may require some significant life adjustments for Gemini. It involves making space for your need to confidently express your beliefs in ever-expanding and creative ways as well as for your need for a “rock solid stability” in the area of life that rules wielding power within joint financial endeavors and trust. It seems that current arrangements may be causing intensifying friction. Beliefs you demonstrate could ultimately set others free and this seems to be what the community is demanding. At your core there is anger and resentment in the form of “Black Moon Lilith” feeling that, once again, her power is being suppressed or undermined. It may be time to turn things upside down by telling the truth – loudly, in a way that stuns you into new energetic communication patterns. Fallout may occur, but also an emerging arrangement regarding how to best achieve your goals for public recognition and respect.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Cancer is facing the need to free themselves in some way, to explore hidden needs and desires that have always felt safely contained. Maintaining a sense of security is critical for a Cancer but at this point in their evolution, more freedom from “old ways of being” is critical. There may be the realization that what you desire cannot be achieved within the confines of current structures, especially where your role within relationships is the issue. Fortunately your commitment to an authentic expression of your values, to meaningful work, and to the achievement of a satisfying life direction coalesce and harmonize in ways that improve your understanding. It is likely that the new possibilities emerging for you may feel risky and unusual in an exhilarating ways. You may actually embrace them.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

This week Leos may be tempted to put their dreams aside when faced with situations that feel challenging and strangely familiar. Mistakes made in the past involved some escape from taking full responsibility for the direction of your life. There were too many readily available “justifiable excuses” for punting when you should have been swinging for the fences. Once again the “justifiable excuses” and repeating scenarios are right there in front of you, possibly in the form of joint financial confusion or resentment that dates back to a time when your ability to acquire wealth was stifled or undermined. It’s time to feel the underlying universal flow urging you to resist the temptation to fall back, as you simultaneously sense energies aligning in favor of a more joyful future within reach. It’s time to recover and to go for what you want rather than settling for what you think you can have.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgo astrology feels complicated this week. There seems to be the need to free themselves from a role that attempts to project to the public perfection and competency at the expense of confining strong feelings of rage, resentment, and the urge to exact revenge. Feeling disempowered has consequences. In an act of utter frustration and rebellion, you may throw routine responsibilities out the window and proceed in some uncharacteristic way. On the other hand Virgo may be realizing some very unique methods and approaches to work and responsibility that make them “stand-outs” capable of achieving what others cannot. There is something that is being healed within the realm of relationships that involves cleaning and clearing the toxicity that makes it difficult for you to ground and solidify your truly ingenious nature.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

This week Libra may feel victimized by a type of self-centeredness that encourages childish rebellion, oppositional behavior, an either/or mentality, and the rejection of responsibility in favor of the freedom to do whatever is desired. Libra may feel left holding the bag, so to speak. It may be time for some major life adjustments that make room for your own need to exist within an environment of maximum freedom and unconventionality. Behind the scenes there is a build-up of resentment and anger that needs some release. Emotional toxicity can make it difficult to distinguish between acting compassionately or being supportively useful and falling victim to clever cons and delusional thinking. Balancing the scales within the realm of relationships is, as always for Libra, the issue. Balance within themselves is, as usual, always the answer.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is on the cusp of breaking free in some important way, though it may seem that financial obligations keep the process from going forward. In reality what may be required is a more childlike approach to life where freedom seems second nature. Running, jumping, playing, entertaining, sensual exploration, and a fascination with nature can distract you from a focus on all the ways you feel confined. There is a line of thought that says if you change your perception of your current experience, the nature of that experience actually changes. It is probably within your power to change your experience in ways that create the illusion of having more freedom. Illusions have the power to create reality. Pisces/Neptune is enhancing your ability to create illusions. Create the ones you most prefer.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Constructing your life in ways you most prefer may feel impossible this week as watery influences from the past seem to undermine a new, more solid beginning. You may be very aware of the need for a new kind of foundation on which to build your future, yet something very elusive and intangible persists to throw you off your game. A different approach may be needed. Something more effortless than difficult seems to be the key that’s been hiding in plain site. If you’re being blocked in some specific direction then surrender and raise the white flag. It might help to say “I give up” – especially now. Pisces/Neptune plays by a different set of rules. Giving up usually means we lose, but in Pisces world it tends to work in the reverse. As soon as we give up things begin to change in all the ways we have been subtly (or not so subtly) demanding for so long. If there was ever a time to try this approach it’s this week.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is usually too involved in addressing “the challenge of the moment” to philosophize on what their soul actually longs for. It may seem very beside the point when there are so many pressing “down to earth” problems that aren’t going to magically solve themselves. But there is a practical reason for looking deeper into the the mystery of your hidden life. What stays within the realm of unawareness has great power to keep your life from being what you want you’d really like it to be. Now is the time to update what you find interesting, who you find interesting, what you wish you had more time to do, who you’d want to do it with, where you’d like to go if there were no limitations, what you’d want to get away with if there was no chance you’d ever be caught. Pisces/Neptune may present the illusion that life challenges prevent you the luxury of thoroughly exploring the mysterious parts of yourself. In reality you may just be afraid of what you’ll find. Most likely it’s empowering and amazing.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may feel stuck. Despite their best efforts to free themselves, there is something that continues to stand in the way. After trying every method they could think of (and Aquarius has an expansive bag of tricks) – after moving through phases of self pity, anger, arrogance, resentment and stubborn resistance, it may be time to consider a new approach. Most likely the problem is larger than you’re currently defining it. What needs to be blasted through is old, relentless, and very frightening. It’s a good idea now to appeal to Saturn in some ritualistic, respectful way. He is the “god of wisdom” and “the lord of time.” He represents the power needed to explode what’s standing in your way. It’s now time to call in the “big guns.” Make some regular time for Saturn this week in quiet contemplation and ritual. The gods exist because of us.They need to be needed as much as we need them. They are very responsive to sincere efforts.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces experiences magical powers this week. Not that they’re unfamiliar with magic, but even they may be surprised by the effortlessness of having some of their most cherished wishes granted. The key is to exert efforts in the direction of being more receptive – relaxing, taking an afternoon nap, meditating, walking on the beach, daydreaming, night dreaming, doing nothing for awhile, listening to music, and revelling in the overpowering beauty of something. Working harder is a mistake for the next few days. Pisces knows, at a soul level, that effectiveness is all more complicated (and much easier) than exerting a consistent effort. Their methods for achieving are different and their power lies in the connections they make with infinite inspiration. That was never more true than it is this week.

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