Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 14 – 20

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This week things get interesting with Mars in Pisces (a dissolving influence) aligning with Neptune (a super dissolving influence), both in harsh aspect with Saturn (a structuring influence). How do we square this circle? There are lots of ways – some much better than others.

On the world stage the United States is bombing the heck out of terrorist targets this week – attempting to “dissolve” them and their influence. There is much discussion about those actions actually making things worse – creating young extremists for generations to come. This feels very Saturn/Neptune to me – a situation where taking the well-established but unimaginative course of action has the potential to deliver the exact opposite of what is desired.

At the same time, Neptune is forming a dynamic, applying (strengthening) aspect to pallas (patterns and pattern recognition). Predictable patterns of action generated by old beliefs and rigid mindsets (win-at-any-cost with little attention to the humaneness of the process) are potentially enormously destructive.

On a personal level,it is important to be aware of the tendency to place achievement, deadlines, and forcing our will on the world, above feelings, love, care, attention, rest and recuperation. This common form of personal “violence” is deceiving, desensitizing, and contributing, at a very subtle and essential level, to the horrors we see presented on the world stage. “Being the change you want see” involves a kinder approach to yourself driven by acute awareness of the interconnectedness of all things (Neptune’s realm). Sensitive, imaginative. compassionate, and inventive approaches this week make effectiveness, within the larger scheme, a possibility.

Mercury and Venus continue to travel as partners in the truth-telling, humane and inventive sign of Aquarius. Venus infuses ease, art, beauty, and a form of balance, that may feel very “hard-hitting,” into all thought processes. Now may be your chance to form new and enlightened patterns of action based on beliefs that take interconnectedness into consideration.

The Sun, entering the sign of Aquarius next Tuesday, (in conjunction with a new moon in a critical degree) energizes creatively humane, group activities of all kinds.

Mercury this week is on the cusp of retrogradation. We are moving in the direction of some major reconsiderations. (Can’t even imagine the organized internet chaos that is likely to occur)

Here’s to acknowledging your power to make a difference!

Have a great week,

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

This week you lay low, recuperating from the stresses and challenges that have been ongoing since March of 2013. It may seem like you’re not getting much done, but wheels are turning as you cook up some ideas for future actions that could launch you into something new. If there is anything that has become difficult to sustain, hard to hold onto, or trying desperately to make an exit, consider the wisdom of letting it go. Beliefs about children, (creativity or love) what’s best for them, or the most “loving thing to do” may keep you holding onto to something that wants a dignified exit. Requesting that the “gods” provide for you particularly imaginative ideas while treating yourself with unusual kindness encourages a rich flow of inspiration mixed with higher understanding and a perspective that allows you to see how to make it all work – without sacrificing yourself in the process.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week high profile, unusual women with unusual ideas may inspire you. Or you may discover yourself joining there ranks. Enlightened information that comes unexpectedly, or a sudden better understanding of the big picture regarding where you’re headed may come into full view now. Finally you understand something that has been perplexing or keeping you operating at half your full power. The fact is, when you take on your own natural authority, the role you play is a revolutionary one. Progressive and electric, with unusual intelligence in some specific area, (most likely art, music, or financially related) it is your role to lead, in a business savvy way, the unfoldment of a breakthrough – a humane mission, a drive toward greater justice and fairness, or a crusade to set free individual self expression, whatever that looks like. If you have a chance to take the reigns, but all means, for everyone’s sake, do so.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Venus may have been showing you over the past week how to easily unload old beliefs about money, friendships, unpredictability, and truth. Past experiences color our perspective and view of the world, causing us to paint all similar experiences with a broad brush that fits what we think we know. There is a serious challenge mounted now, in the area of shared financial interests, balancing power,- and maybe a whole complicated mix of sex, survival, trust and rigid psychological conditioning – that will determine whether we move forward toward balance or backward toward impatience and some level of violence – against our self or another. Consider the possibility that old beliefs can be changed and it may be easier than you think despite previous evidence to the contrary. Once again getting some kind of flow going where you toss out or give away heavy, unusable stuff, makes it easier to move forward.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week Cancer is faced, in the form of a spouse, client, or partner, with a type of rigidity that threatens their ability to move forward toward better balance rather than backward toward anger, resentment, heavy responsibility, and a forceful approach. A parent may have role-modeled the situation you now find yourself in. This is a pivotal turning point. You know how this story ends without some significant change. It’s time to let go of beliefs surrounding abandonment, lack of financial support, seeing yourself as the designated “competent one,” or better than others, particularly where money and self-worth are issues. It’s time to face some hard facts about your beliefs that make it very difficult for others to contribute in meaningful ways.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leos seek to balance a commitment to work, responsibility, success, and the established way of doing things, with something more exciting and unusual this week. Through another they may see the advantages of an openness to doing it their own way, breaking with accepted norms, and caring less about what others think. Leos are now in the process of figuring out what it is that makes life enjoyable and releasing the beliefs that have made life recently seem more like drudgery than fun. Part of the answer may lie in more freedom to go your own way and do your own thing. Leos like to hold most of the power. Beliefs about needing to impress those with status, to project a consistent dazzling and entertaining style, and to be loved by the masses, especially those in the upper echelons, may keep you missing the boat where happiness is an issue. If you need an example of how to be freer, look no further than a spouse, significant other, or another to show you a different set of beliefs that could work, in some way, for you.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week Virgos may have had their world rocked by some unusual idea that could, on one hand, lead to total chaos and the loss of your “reason for being. On the other hand it could open the door to a more satisfying and authentic life. Rejecting the offending idea would be easy, except that it may have struck a deep chord of truth. Now that Pandora’s box has been opened, the only choice is to change some inherited belief about loyalty to family, the need to sacrifice your self and your most authentic self expression, negative beliefs about “going it alone”, doing it your own way own way, and the supposed “noble and admirable” nature of abdicating responsibility for your own happiness. It is possible that changing your beliefs will threaten relationships, but not inevitable. Those who are able to love you will be relieved. Those who can’t will open the space for those who can.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra has undergone an awakening as Venus, her chart ruler, now travels through the rebellious and freedom loving sign of Aquarius. The awakening – most likely in the form of how freeing it feels to express truth, independent thinking, and rebellious urges – serves as a counter weight to your natural tendency to suppress personal expression to avoid upsetting others. In the lead-up to this week’s critically placed New Moon in Aquarius, there is a dissolving effect related to the role you’re now willing to play. Releasing your grip on responsibilities that never legitimately belonged to you places relationships and your entire style and approach on new, more stable footing. Black moon Lillith, (the powerful, destructive, resentful, scorned, goddess) in your solar 12th house, now opposed by Mars and Neptune, is in danger of losing her “reason for being” as you deliberately neglect to do the things you’ve always resented doing.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)

This week a powerful pivotal influence exists in relation to your rigid mindset and the fear that underlies tendencies to over-censor what you’re willing to hear and integrate. Dissolving beliefs about your stability, your need to provide the resources, to be seen as dazzlingly successful, and the irreplaceable king-pin in every joint effort, are falling by the wayside. No longer sure of what brings you joy in life, you are beginning to soften in ways that open you to hearing some truth you’ve previously rejected. Broadly speaking what brings joy is expressing yourself authentically. You’re at the beginning of a phase that will lead you toward a truer version of yourself. Hint: It is some sublime form of expression that beautifully unfolds truths about life that you know from direct experience. It is earth-shatteringly powerful in subtly sensitive ways, bypassing the human heart’s defenses, healing through its artistry, and comforting in ways that transcend understanding.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius has come crashing down to earth to restructure and rebuild their life based on a philosophy that revolves around the heart, an abundant flow of love, and the ability to express, in some creative and forceful way, your philosophy of life. Impressing your will on the world through non-mainstream, more natural and high-minded methods is key. Energized now is the spiritual nature of your natural foundations and the universe’s insistence that you understand the source of your stability. You have no foundational stability in the traditional sense. It all comes from powerful transcendent connections to all that is, to ancient sources of strength, to the divine aspects of yourself, and to spiritual sources that keep you in touch with the truth of who you are. This week it pays to focus on strengthening your stability by doing what it takes to cultivate those connections. Let old beliefs that attribute previous success to your own wonderfulness and innate talent fall by the wayside in favor of recognizing the truth.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorns, currently in a breakdown phase, are in the process of letting go of old beliefs and philosophies of life that keep them too limited in their quest to actualize their full potential. Old beliefs that need to be broken down relate to their style and approach within relationships. There is something that needs to soften – the need to know-it-all, or at least to know more than anyone else, a rigid style that steels you against any possible emotional vulnerability, a soul that expects and is well adapted to being alone, or heavy responsibility that makes it hard to feel anything other than fear. There is a pivotal turning point this week that asks you which way you want to go. Do you want to stay comfortably alone, safe from emotional vulnerability, and an intimate adventure? Or do you want to engage your heart more by being part of a loving partnership? Allowing old beliefs to dissolve clarifies your direction.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians may be fully engaged in telling the truth this week, even though it feels risky. The truths you tell undermine established ways of being and are not particularly well-received in the short run. But with Venus involved truths flow more freely from your mouth undermining, left and right, the security associated with old ways and familiar beliefs. Anyone within your sphere of influence risks being destabilized. The issue for you this week relates to your beliefs about your role within the community, popularity versus rejection, the freedom you have to express what you know, and your commitment to protecting another’s heart. It is a fine line you walk as you try to strike the perfect balance, feeling that you’ve done more good than harm. Ultimately you have no choice but to be truthful. The way you do that could make all the difference.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Venus, the goddess of love, support, ease, and flow is operating this week, at a level you understand, feeding you information that enhances your life, connecting you with sources of truth, crashing through established but limiting invisible boundaries, and giving you the chance to relax at some very deep levels. Feeling yourself warmly embraced by the power of love, no longer alone in the dark, confused by missing pieces of information, or disoriented by the unexpected, you are finally given a chance to heal and to feel that you can move forward. This is a new beginning for you that strengthens your artist and compassionate style and approach. It is necessary to examine your beliefs about your role in society and what, for you, constitutes achievement. Most likely old beliefs about success are limiting your ability to feel inspired and naturally creative. Those need to be dissolved. If material security is an issue, simply call on Venus to supply you with the help and information you need. You have a direct line to her now.

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