Horoscopes for the Week of December 10th – 16th

The following influences are in effect this week.

Jupiter turned retrograde on Monday of this week. The influence is a tuning inward to expand perspectives and feelings in ways that make us more receptive to bigger lives. Temporarily outer events appear to stall as we prepare psychologically for something more. Over the next four months we have the power to bring back to life a part of us that is dying or losing steam.

Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn today. Business deals run smoothly, work becomes more enjoyable or easier in some way, and we may attract favorable financial conditions. It may be easier to achieve goals over the next month as the right people and the right circumstances are drawn to us. Relationships may move into the commitment phase and engagements are favored.

On Monday of next week the sixth of seven Uranus/Pluto square events occur. This is a pivotal time when we feel strongly the urge to break through old barriers that prevent progress. These can be internal (emotional) or external. Uranus (individual freedom) and Pluto (authority and the establishment) have been “going at it” for three years now. This conflict is almost over – at least for the next 20 years – at this level of intensity. But it is by no means resolved. What we may feel is that the “war within” reflecting feelings of frustration and restlessness is beginning to wind down.

Saturn is preparing to exit the sign of Scorpio. I’m expecting an intense and dramatic exit where something uncovered that could release shock waves for years to come. On the national stage, the “torture report” has just been released. On a personal level we may uncover something dark within that demands our attention. Something dramatic may end the story that has unfolded for us, personally, over the past two and a half years. New revelations pave the way for the next chapter.

Have a great week!

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

This week Aries continues to assert themselves in ways that energize and uplift those around them. You may become an activist promoting a worthy cause, initiating humanitarian efforts, or joining groups of the “like-minded” to make a difference. Your ambition now may embody and drive some high minded effort. It is likely that something within you is coming back to life – some creative urge to express yourself exuberantly, to expand your world, to defend your beliefs, to free yourself, and to love more. It is likely that you will attract to you some unusual “ease and flow” that facilitates achievement, respect, and professional ambition. You may find yourself, this week, attracting the right kind of people, the right kind of circumstances, or financial support. This week significant achievement, promotion, and solidification of your status is likely. Some revelation regarding joint finances, trust, and power has the ability to change the game.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Taurus is more easily able to expand their authority, to own something solid, to posses something they love, to believe in a more stable future, especially where relationships are concerned. Optimism based on relationships is now more likely. Favorable conditions surrounding finances are likely over the next several weeks. There is the possibility that something new will materialize where partners and partnerships are concerned, something that has been sensed and anticipated but not known for sure. Uncovering something hidden has the ability to put in place some pieces that now make progress possible. Taurus people may be in the process of reviving their dreams for a home that is a reflection of themselves, their relationship with their mother, and an essential joy and warmth that has diminished over time. Emotionally you may feel yourself coming back to life in some way, restoring and rejuvenating the essential you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week, Gemini’s thoughts about the future of relationships is highly energized in a more creative direction. Optimism, something bigger, more faith, more hope, and a greater willingness to expand accompanies a revitalization of some kind. Jupiter’s retrograde motion ensures that something within the realm of communication, thought patterns, and the ability to understand and make sense of your world, is being revived. Where enthusiasm was beginning to diminish under the weight of something routinely disappointing or disheartening, there is new hope and a mindset that is preparing for something more wonderful than previously seemed possible. Venus’s move into your 8th house of intimacy, trust, and power gives you the means to more easily deepen and solidify bonds, to release old psychological conditioning, and to take a chance on trusting someone who’s proven to be trustworthy. It also gives you the ability to see, realistically, how joint financial efforts could succeed.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week some new element of reality involving relationships and finances feels like light at the end of a tunnel, and the possibility that the “joy of life” is about to make a comeback. Essentially feelings of happiness slowly emerges from a dark cage, where they have been confined for about two and a half years, as you begin to feel like yourself again. There may be some final power struggle, something uncovered that needs to be dealt with, some lingering resistance, or fear that is mercifully being replaced with a courageous stand. Things are changing for the better and you may be feeling it. As Jupiter retrogrades in your 2nd house some financial situation that had become progressively debilitated will reverse course and begin to come back to life – along with your sense of self-worth. This could enhance your home life, and move you closer to the kind of life you really want. There is some sense of breaking free of old relationship patterns that have become stifling.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leo’s may have recently experienced some diminishment in their ability to present themselves confidently, knowing that they are unquestionably admired and respected. Traditionally you may feel that it’s only logical that you would be the most fascinating figure in any room – without question the most entertaining, creative, lovable, and irreplaceable member of any group. But feedback lately has seemed less than wildly enthusiastic. What used to be energizing can now, sometimes, feel draining. That’s about to turn around with Jupiter’s movement into retrograde motion. Jupiter is working now to expand your perspective so that you can see new possibilities, generate bigger ideas, and call on aspects of yourself that have laid dormant for too long. Your style and approach is in the process of coming back to life. The wheels have been set in motion and before long you’ll be back to your old self – only now with bigger ideas, an even more irresistible presence, and an opportunity to develop the talents that make you happiest.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

This week your creative mind is highly energized by the blazing fire emanating from the Sun. Fire is energizing as well as purifying. Ideas about home, family, roots, and self expression seem transformed in ways that make you more open to essentials, the beauty of what organically emerges, the importance of warmth, and the possibility of reflecting the deepest and most beautiful aspects of your soul through family interactions and home beautification. As Jupiter turns retrograde in your mysterious 12th house of subconscious thought and hidden treasure, there is an expansion within taking place. It is creating space in the hidden recesses of your mind for the possibility of bringing aspects of the soul to the surface and creating environments that beautifully reflect those. It is opening for you the possibility of putting in place new foundations to support and revitalize your life. Venus’s move into Capricorn encourages the expression of what is real, lasting, earthy, and of solid, unshakeable character. You’re running with that.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libra feels the need to take some action where family relationships, the home, and emotions are concerned. Reality is coming into play and the need to exert a balancing influence may seem more urgent. As the week progresses health and work issues may come into play creating opportunities and openings for the changes that need to occur. Libra has the tendency to want to see things from the loveliest possible perspective. This week may challenge those tendencies. Taking off the rose colored glasses can be deeply upsetting, bringing old fears and limitations to the surface. The silver lining is that harsh reality is being brought to you by Venus, your most intimate friend and ally. She adds a dose of something soothing and lovable, along with strength of character and unshakeable support. Facing your fears within home and family bring the potential for especially high reward this week. It may be difficult for others to turn away as the compassion and love that motivates you shines through the difficult decisions you may have to make.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

This week the pressure that’s been exerted on you for the past three years to loosen your grip on old communication patterns and rigid mindsets and to free yourself from the prison that is your health or work environment, reaches a pivotal point. Doing what needs to be done may be an issue, and strongly asserting your freedom from the past is likely. Scorpios are in the process of concluding a two and a half year phase of intense self-discipline and self-control. There is, on the horizon, a new freedom that is about to emerge regarding your style and approach. Once again you will be able to forcefully assert your power, having defeated your fears in that regard. This week may uncover something that gives you more clarity and confidence. Or it may test your ability to remain composed and disciplined for just a little longer. Venus in your third house of communication gives you the ability to express what is real and true. It is likely that others may actually hear you as they sense the love and sincerity that underlies what you say. Your career or direction in life is now being revitalized.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Sagittarius moves into a phase of reconsideration, review, and revitalization. Something in the area of faith, beliefs, higher knowledge, and confidence is being expanded and revived in preparation for a new growth phase. It is likely that deeply fulfilling possibilities you would normally ignore, resist, or reflexively dismiss, are on the horizon. But something within you needs to change for you to be able to welcome these with open arms. Most likely needing to be developed is a broader perspective on your life, a new way of defining what gives your life meaning and purpose, and an awareness of the value of what seems to be magically coalescing in front of your eyes. Things do not have to be difficult in order to be valuable. Sometimes what is of greatest value are the things that just seem to be flowing in your direction right now. You are approaching a high point in your life (actually several months from now) and the final inner preparations are being put in place so that you will be able to fully grasp its significance.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

Today Venus has moved into the sign of Capricorn making your style and approach especially appealing, beautiful and solid. Venus emerges from the depths of your being after a month long stint in your 12th house of hidden things and the subconscious mind. Since mid-November she has been gestating something that you may now be able to express openly. Most likely it involved relationships, the kind of support you receive from others, who you trust, and feelings of empowerment or disempowerment. Money and difficult decisions were most likely thrown into the mix. For the past two and a half years you have been challenged to answer the question “where do I belong and how do I fit in.” This is a challenge that is now coming to some kind of resolution. The answers are much clearer now and something may be revealed that adds additional clarity this week. You’ve come a long way toward feeling more confident about your place. The road has not been an easy one. Capricorn never expects easy though.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This is a pivotal week for Aquarius as Uranus, her chart ruler, reaches an intense point of tension – a tension that has been fluctuating in the background for the past 3 years. The urge to break free of something elusive and hidden deep within the recesses of the mind and heart has been exhausting. There remains a blockage that feels like fear. There needs to be some breakthrough in understanding, some new information, or the provision of some missing piece that frees you from confinement. This is where Venus comes in. She has, as of today, taken a deep dive into the innermost workings of your soul and will reside there for the next three weeks. Venus is universally known for her ability to soothe, to support, to facilitate, and to make easy what has been traditionally very difficult. It is likely, this week, that you will feel the urge to retreat. It is important to tune out distractions as you listen for Venus’s loving voice coming from within. She is likely to be whispering something that unravels an important mystery while slipping you the key that releases you from psychic bondage.

pisces otherworldly

PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For Pisces it is likely that something related to their health, responsibilities, or work environment is losing steam. These areas of life may be on some debilitating track that removes them further and further from anything that remotely resembles vitality, meaningfulness, or something dynamic. This week this area of life is at the beginning of a process of revitalization. It will come back to life in ways that are now being set in motion. Jupiter is in the process of prying open your mind, broadening your perspective, and making space for something bigger, more meaningful, and more fun. There is adventure in your future, and he’s making sure you’ll be in a position to “jump on board.” Friends are now in a position to work hand in glove with you to create opportunities for advancement. You attract friends who have a firm grip on reality and, at the same time, the ability to see how partnering with someone who doesn’t can work to mutual advantage. That’s where you come in. Your dreaminess, artistry, and openness to inspiration, contributes what’s missing in a potential project you could really sink your teeth into.

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