Horoscopes for the Week of October 8th – 14th

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Today we experience the aftermath of the Aries Eclipse. Relationships have been interesting. Emotionally there has been a change. We’re being challenged to let go of old ways, to shake it off, and to move on – quickly. There is tremendous momentum now and taking full advantage of that seems wise.  If you’re inclined to get stuck brooding over what’s over and done know you have another, more exciting, rare, and advantageous option.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries can take some very direct action this week, moving into the future, for the sake of fun, adventure, and maybe the kids…or, at least, the innocent uninhibited, wide-eyed child that lives within you. The future is emphasized.  A leap of faith may be necessary. There is plenty of passion, newly available for an adventure.  It is this passion, newly available, that used to fuel complicated entanglements, betrayals, lack of trust, and staying stuck in old psychological conditioning.  There may be a monumental change in relationship status that sets you on a new course.  Fear is your enemy.  Aries strong point is courage…or, I should say, the will to jump off the cliff despite fear.  That’s more accurate.  Strong will coupled with strong momentum is the theme of the week for Aries.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus benefits this week from a chart ruler (Venus) currently placed in a very strong and advantageous position.  The only problem, and it’s not a problem really, is that she’s challenging your inflexibility. Taurus likes the status quo.  He can really settle into sameness and the security of knowing that things never change – except they always do.  The choice this week is is getting onboard or being left behind. There is some stubborn belief about money, financial security, and routine that keeps you unnecessary inflexible. It’s molding you in the image of someone you have little respect for and keeps your relationships difficult.  Venus  wants your responsibilities to feel lighter, your health to improve, and your methods to be more effective. She needs your cooperation, though.  Do the last thing your partner would ever expect, setting him off balance enough to allow you room to be different. It will involve faith, a bigger perspective, freedom, and self-respect.
GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Gemini mind is deep into something dark, scary, powerful, and difficult to control. There is struggle involved.  By the weekend it gets easier though as Mercury retrogrades back into Libra.  Love dominates, creative problem solving shifts into high gear, and something fun and entertaining distracts.  This is your chance to figure out what it is that keeps you happy, in love with life, full of passion for a lover, a project, or a child,  while clarifying what it is your willing to fight for. As the Full Moon Eclipse does its thing, what fades into the background is your willingness to construct this lovely part of your life in a way that ensures acceptance and prevents rejection. That’s an old, long and winding detour that gets you off track.  What flips you back on is a nonchalance about social acceptance and belonging. This is a turning major turning point.  An eclipse while Mercury is retrograde is the first clue for a Gemini that this time period is very significant. You’ll come to your own conclusions.
CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers may have been impacted harshly by the Full Moon Eclipse.  Relationship interactions with family may have changed how they view their role. It all shakes out in January. For now there is the need to get some traction in a forward direction. Mercury continues to retrograde in Scorpio, but this weekend it moves back into the sign of Libra and your fourth house of home and family.  There is the possibility of some very creative problem solving, a kind of love that puts things back in perspective, and a clarification of what’s worth fighting for and what’s not. Venus is challenging some inflexibility regarding your relationship with a significant other. This week there is an opportunity to integrate more love and acceptance in an effort to soften hardened resistance. Mercury clarifies what habits need to change as you reconsider and come to your own conclusions.
LEO (July 21-August 21)
Leo may be loving the new momentum and gladly hopping onboard.  Commitments  seem especially important now as something mysterious, hidden and undermining has surfaced for clarification. What felt confusing has sorted itself out and it now feels safer to move forward without hesitation.  Maybe this involves a more confident style and approach to the future.  Possibly you now feel  “on the same page” with a partner and especially happy to present yourself as “part of a team.”  Diving into the current momentum involves confidence, certainty, new beginnings, the future, expansion, entertainment,  adventure, and love. Getting really active doing the things you love most (maybe travel) allows you to keep pace with an energy that appears to moving in the direction of your dreams
VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Currently Virgos are struggling to sift through some dark thoughts, while trying to keep the lights on, the negativity in check, and the powerless feelings at bay. But there is some relief this weekend as Mercury retrogrades back into Libra.  Now some really creative problem solving is possible in the area of finance, using your resources more effectively, while improving both net-worth and self-worth.  You may recover something that was lost, or discover something you previously failed to notice that could be very helpful now.  Venus, the planet of ease and abundance, is challenging your rigidity and fear.  She may be doing it gently, but it’s important for you to get the message. It’s ok now for you to arrange your life around what it is (or who it is) you love most.  Sometimes it doesn’t have to be difficult to be worthwhile.  Sometimes the path of ease and beauty is the right path. Ironically, that may be the one that feels most difficult to you.
LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This week there is some relief from challenging family relationships.  Keeping it all peaceful, harmonious, and aligned with your dreams for the way things should be may have taken a toll.  Mercury retrograding in Scorpio keeps you struggling with dark thoughts about self worth and, possibly, material security. Mercury retrogrades back into Libra this week, triggering old relationship habits in ways that prompt you to reconsider.  Mercury allows you to see patterns you may not have previously noticed.  Mercury allows you to see your style and approach more clearly, from a more critical angle.  What keeps Libra in a prison of their own making is the need to be perfect.  Accepting that things are not perfect and may never be, and that personal freedom matters, is a step in the right direction. Do what it takes to set yourself free. Remove from your life situations that feed ineffectiveness, responsibilities that feel meaningless, and indulgences that feed destructive cycles.  Then watch everything fall into place as Venus takes the lead.
SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)
This week there is some relief from the challenge that Venus launched against rigid mindsets, meaningless communication, paperwork, and “stuck routines.”  Behind the scenes relationship machinations affecting your life direction, professional life, peace of mind, and material security may leave you feeling powerless. Especially dark thoughts, even for a Scorpio, may dominate.  But this week Mercury triggers some new, valuable insights, that slip into your awareness during quiet, day-dreamy moments. What you may have missed, neglected, or refused to see, clarifies patterns that undermine your most cherished dreams.  Creative problem-solving shifts into high gear as you undo whatever you want undone.  Seeing opportunities opening up and feeling the momentum moving you in the direction of material security, higher self-worth, more exciting and authentic work, as well as the chance to be “on stage” in a position of respect and authority fills you with energy.  The only potential “fly in the ointment” is the part of you that prefers peace at any price.  That fly is being viewed under a microscope this week.
SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
While Sagittarians may have felt the sting of rejection as they attempted to deliver their love or creative gifts, today they brush themselves off, get back on the horse, and fight for territory that belongs to them. They leave behind the notion that something about themselves, the part they are most proud of, is not actually that great.  Not only do they throw themselves into the existing momentum, but they fuel it with creative actions. The dark thoughts they struggle with disappear by the weekend as creative problem-solving shifts into high gear. There may actually be some habits involving the desire to please that undermine your effectiveness and authenticity. But it’s not doomsday.  It’s simply time to decide, that going forward, you will trust your instincts more, depend on acceptance less, and anticipate that, if you’re being a vivid version of yourself, you won’t make everyone happy.  You’re contribution is best when it springs from a natural, uncensored source.
CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
For Capricorns the eclipse affected emotional foundations, changing their social and professional role in ways that will be most apparent after the first of the year. Rest assured you have been freed of some emotional restrictions from the past that limited your success. You may now be haunted by dark thoughts that have you reviewing friendships, your place in the community, who you surround yourself with, and the compulsive need to belong even if the tribe you’re attempting to belong to feels like it might not be your own. There is some clarity offered by the weekend as you see how professional relationships and habits, the way you assert authority, or achieve respect, could be changed in some way.  Old patterns and their consequences are highlighted. Venus is nudging you to loosen the reigns on an inflexible and over-controlled style as Saturn continues to demand that up your game by playing your most natural position within the community.
AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
As Aquarians sought to forcefully and confidently communicate their unusual ideas, there is the possibility that the eclipse caused others to challenge those in some way. If you have the feeling that it’s not so much the content of your ideas, but the delivery itself, you may be on the right track.  Or maybe you withheld your ideas in an effort to please.  Either way, as you struggle with dark thought related to your professional competence and the value of your contribution, know that those will be transformed by the weekend.  It is wise to reconsider that there are some old habits, patterns, and beliefs regarding how your message is delivered and received that diminish its positive impact. Maybe you could listen more, look for “readiness to receive” clues, and use your intuition and instincts to guide you. Problem solving shifts into high gear as you find the solution. Your message only gets more radical as time goes on, so this is a necessary turning point.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
Pisces commitment to their work, opportunities for expansion, leadership, and a type of professional success that brings material abundance, fuels current optimism and action.  Pisces have figured out how to make their artistic, spiritual, “other-worldly” approach work for them in  “down to earth” ways.  The eclipse, affecting their sense of self worth (and maybe net worth) is launching them more forcefully into a reflective stance as they reconsider their approach.  Wielding power, a more cooperative approach, listening better and trusting their instincts are issues now up for review. Old habits reveal patterns that may be undermining their self worth as well as their potential for abundance. Some experimentation with a softer approach may be necessary.  What Pisces has been navigating with  others is nothing short of the their most sensitive and deeply embedded vulnerabilities.  More sensitivity may be needed to sidestep ego and the compulsive desire to control outcomes.  star scapes

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