Horoscopes for the Week of October 29th – November 4th

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This week there is conflict between the commitments you have made, mainly within relationships, and satisfying our own pleasure-seeking impulses. Venus is not “going quietly into the night” though her burning intensity is beginning to wane.  We may now more logically consider the nature of our relationships relative to our own nature. Our own desires, however messy and inconvenient, require consideration and accommodation.

Having walked through the fire, we may feel strengthened this week to address some important personal goals have been put “on hold”.  We continue to be presented with opportunities to expand deeper into ourselves, aligning with the authentic version of who we actually are, and expressing that more forcefully.

Passion fuels some highly individualistic, courageous, and maybe combative expressions.   It’s time to make our lives bigger in ways that contribute to the advancement of civilization.  Fearing powerlessness gives way to fearing the backlash of some powerful moves we may be contemplating. Careful consideration is required when wielding power, but “caving” is beginning to feel  more like a betrayal of the self.  We are fast approaching a time when the brakes will come off and we have the opportunity to feel what it’s like to bend the world in the direction of our own personal vision.

At once there remains a powerful conflict, both personally and globally,  between protecting and defending old structures and destroying them for the sake of more humane progress.   This monumental struggle is ongoing, remaining in effect from June 2010 – Spring of 2016.  It is creating enormous amounts of physical energy and tension that can be used to generate creative output or to destroy whatever feels threatening and limiting.   We’re still in the process of figuring out what can stay and what needs to go. This week as Mercury aligns with the North Node, we get a clearer image of the future we’re barreling towards if we don’t intervene.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week it’s time to work hard to make some progress toward setting yourself free and to make the connections you need to make. A concerted effort to be unpredictable, independent, somewhat of a wild card, or an agent for change feels like the responsible approach to following your desired life direction. Wise moves that shock some, calculated strategies that undermine the powerlessness you’ve felt, cautious, yet courageous approaches to financial stability and independence, and a resistance to emotional interference conspires to make you especially effective. Actions you take may not align with your usual style, but there is something to be said for long range planning, patience, foresight, and careful calculations that protect your interests.  Relationship decisions are facilitated.  As ambition replaces emotional turmoil, it may feel as though you have found your way.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week it seems critical to sort out what it is that you – an independent, free thinking person – desire for yourself.  What you want and need to keep yourself emotionally satisfied and happy may seem to conflict with the commitments you’ve made, especially those involving family.  There is a way to resolve this but it requires that you expand your mind in ways that allow you to consider a greater array of options for yourself.  In fact, you may have to take some well considered and somewhat courageous action to expand your options and to make new connections.  This may be as simple as asking for more time to explore, to experiment, and to put yourself out there.  Your life has become too small in some ways.  Taurus can tend to be very conservative, but this week it pays to befriend the “not like-minded”, to listen to something that might initially sound outrageous, and to follow your heart toward something that makes you come alive.
GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week it’s all about making decisions for your future, creating something that beautifully reflects you, figuring out how to be a part of a partnership that allows you maximum freedom to maneuver authentically while still cooperating, and finding, on a daily basis, surprising new things to love about yourself and another. Consider the possibility of moving to the very edge of your comfort zone, and a little past it, to expand your options.  Moving away from what you and others would expect of you allows for the integration, at a very critical time, of those aspects of yourself that are truly unique, mind-bending, ground breaking and futuristic. Or maybe it’s an all new exercise in discovering something  unusual outside of yourself that could resolve the conflict between commitment and indulging your deepest desires.  It’s time to expand the boundaries you’ve set for yourself, to move beyond your designated niche, to write a new chapter and tell a new story.
CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Cancers may now be cautiously addressing the realities of their relationships.  Being sensitized to the limitations involved allows you more freedom to discover some unusual, outside-the-box options. This week Cancers get an unusually clear glimpse into the future they’re headed towards and the power to make some courageous decisions that give them more control over personal goals and life direction. This is the week to consider what you sacrifice in terms of happiness, soul satisfaction, indulging what it is you truly love, and a life experience that’s joyful,  in exchange for “material security.” But your situation has actually changed over the past couple years.  You have, most likely “lightened up” and stepped back from heavy responsibility and obligation.  You are using resources very wisely these days. This week you may begin to imagine a future beyond the limitations that used be in place.  Your priorities can change.  Your desires can be satisfied.
LEO (July 21-August 21)
Leo’s may be feeling like they have dodged a bullet, come to the end of some grueling experience, or that the worst is behind them.  This week’s astrology would verify that.  It’s time to relax and enjoy, to do what you most love to do, and to bask in the glow of something rejuvenating and inspiring.  This is a week, if ever there was one,  to tone it down, to slack off, and to take a much needed rest as you plan something fun for the weekend.  That will most likely revolve around your home and family. Make sure it is something you would truly enjoy, some activity that allows you to show off, to be on stage, and to entertain.  Soon enough it will be time to take on additional responsibilities and for the work to resume. Reverting to your usual M.O. of obsessive work and worry is not advised, however,  and will be less likely if you use this time to relax and recover. This week is preparation for a much needed, new approach to work and to your health.
VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
This week problem solving abilities may feel enhanced, and thoughts may be clarified, particularly where relationships, the future, and finances are concerned.  Perceptions may be “spot-on” and new ideas, especially the truly useful ones, may flow easily from a mind that feels renewed.  It is possible that decisions, long delayed due to confusion and missing information, may now be made.  Options and opportunities related to financial security may gravitate toward you. Communication may be clarifying as well, especially those discussions related to your future. You may now be willing to consider unusual arrangements and life style options that fly in the face of traditional approaches and what others expect of you.  It seems that the universe has in mind a more unique arrangement than you may have initially been willing to consider. Your mind is craving something freer and more interesting. This week you may figure out how to satisfy it.
LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This week there is the need to balance a wide-eyed, child-like approach to life that opens doors to limitless possibilities and potential.  While protecting this kind of innocence in children, adults, for themselves, tend to lose the ability to see life as they prefer to see it. On the other hand, this could be a bad week to skim the surface of what you hear.  It could be especially risky to take an empty headed, non-discrimminating approach to “overly optimistic” information when the wiser approach would be to carefully question and sift-through its contents. This is important for reasons that transcend the avoidance of bullshit. It is possible to adjust your commitments in ways that free you up to be less self-sacrificing.  This week you can remove the interference that keeps you from indulging yourself in whatever brings you the most joy and satisfaction. Interference may be related to unrealistic commitments designed to protect innocence – yours or an others’.
SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)
This week communication is highly activated by confrontational Mars in reality-based Capricorn.  For you, this could make for some really incisive discussions, honest admissions, breakthroughs in overly-controlled responses, and stultifying mindsets. It could also have you setting limits for neighbors and siblings that are long overdue or destroying, in a split second, fantasies and lies that prevent healing and progress.  I doubt that you’ll engage in any of this now, though.  Venus is encouraging the nicer, more understanding aspects of your personality to shine through.  Fearful of consequences, Saturn is demanding that you continue to control your style and approach as you easily find ways to showcase your creativity, your children, and/or your talents.  It is likely, though, that as you support and encourage others, your commitments keep you from grasping what it is that you most desire.  This week there may be some major breakthroughs in that regard.
SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Emotionally what stirs beneath the surface may feel disturbing and negativley affect your sense of self-worth. This time of year is always a time when you feel that the way you present yourself has little to do with how you actually feel.  This year that feeling may be intensified.  There is more hidden questioning spanning a wider range – everything from your future, your relationships, old patterns, and your life’s work may be up for review and currently, from your perspective, the picture may not seem pretty.  But something is gestating beneath the surface that is preparing you for a major rebirth in a few weeks. This week it seems wise to focus on the uncensored version of what it is you truly desire. Asking for some guidance from Venus may clarify what needs to be restructured and how you can do that. The boundaries between you and Venus have softened presenting you with the option of receiving some critical information concerning your happiness.
CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This week your business interests may have received a “shot in the arm.”  Discipline, patience, hard work, and important connections are being rewarded. Essentially “Karma” seems to be benefitting you this week in ways that provide support and abundance.  Expanding your power and influence seems to be something the universe feels you deserve.  There is the suggestion that you have not attempted to skip steps or to deny difficult realties in order to land in this sweet spot. Relationships, however may be a different issue. There is a degree of inflexibility that hangs on in the form of an insistence on adhering to old styles and approaches, overpowering others, and obsessively protecting old ways that may be sucking the life out of your most significant relationships.This week it’s time to seriously consider uprooting old psychological conditioning and resolving the past in ways that free you to be more emotionally relevant and responsive.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week it may be time for Aquarians to assert their authority more authoritatively. There is the likelihood that you have magnetic appeal, power, influence and the creative know-how to achieve what, up until this week, may have seemed too frightening to attempt. There are things you want to say to break through old mindsets, challenges you want to take on that once seemed overwhelming, and risks that could bring you face to face with a threat to your reputation. This week may feel like your moment to” jump off the cliff” in order to keep yourself alive and relevant. Actually you’ll do it all as cautiously as possible without watering down the message, but it will feel like the heroic act of courage that it actually is. This week is an opportunity to step into the leadership role you were destined to play – the role that finally exposes you as the brilliant revolutionary and humanitarian you’ve always been.

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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This week’s astrology is like wind beneath your wings.  Soaring above it all, gaining new perspectives, and gliding through the most potentially difficult scenarios is highly likely this week.  Feeling your way through is your forte and taking the easy route is advised.  The only challenge appears to be that given your higher perspective and “see forever” view, you may feel passionately that it is the right time to heal old wounds through actions that may feel unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone.  It may feel like the need to be honest about something very sensitive – something you’ve known for awhile but tip-toed around. Most likely it involves a significant relationship, a poorly kept secret, a situation that has been distorted and confused by something that, at first glance, seems unrelated. As you enjoy the freedom of soaring above it all the truth can only add to the freedom you already feel.



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