Horoscopes for the Week of September 17th – 23rd

“The Unconscious at Work”  Sonia King (Mosaic Artist)

Pluto changes direction this week (next Tuesday) from retrograde into direct motion. If you ‘re unfamiliar with the effects read this article posted at Mosaic Astrology last Sunday.  Together with Mars recent transition into the fiery sign of Sagittarius, taking action might feel easier.  A phase has ended and breakthroughs have been made on very deep levels. It’s time for a re-alignment of outer circumstances with inner realities. That could be intense as this is Pluto we’re talking about.

The New Moon on Wednesday, September 24th actually occurs on Tuesday at 11:14 PM on the west coast.  I hate it when that happens 🙂  I’ll consider it in this week’s horoscopes.

The Sun moving into the sign of Libra next Monday is a major astrological event intensifying the need to balance and beautify some specific area of life. Because Libra is a cardinal sign, things begin to move, to take on a new shape, as we make progress toward some specific goal.  As a result the air signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) experience a new ease and flow of energy and feel more confident as blockages are removed.

Mars in Sagittarius makes a harsh and challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  Anger can reach “out of control” proportions, Over indulgence in mind altering drugs is a risk as the urge to escape from meaninglessness intensifies. On the bright side our actions are motivated through deep spiritual connections and we find hope through the muses.  Immersion into the world of art, music, and style expands perspectives.

I’ll elaborate, as usual.  If you find yourself wishing for more elaboration call or email to schedule a personal reading.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
As Aries enact big decisions, come to terms with their future, their beliefs, and the “realities on the ground,” they are wise to take into consideration their connections to vague feelings that whisper them in the right direction.  In fact, even smarter is scheduling  “time outs” to check in with feelings and information that could easily be missed.   Old relationship patterns may pull you in the opposite direction of freedom and independence and there is the suggestion that rather than allowing frustration and doubt to creep in, you handle the urge to “fall back” with great sensitivity and respect, finding a place and some time to understand and to gently integrate a more humane approach to yourself.  Avoiding any punishing “push back” toward yourself may feel new and different, but much more effective in getting you where you want to be. In fact, the highest take-away from this week’s challenges is the realization of how an inhumane approach to anyone or anything, including yourself, is not only unkind but consistently ineffective, tending to move the situation in a destructive, and ultimately untenable direction.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week Taurus is encouraged to take a closer look at their need to belong, to have a “place at the table,” to contribute to group goals, and to match their natural talents with a more fulfilling role in the community.  Venus’s transit through Virgo is sharpening your mind in ways that allow you to see the “error of your ways” when it comes to developing talents, and creating, with abandon, a life that brings you joy. .Taurus’s always seems to be having the most fun when they’re working hard on self-improvement of some kind, being useful to others, highly effective in endlessly creative ways, and making themselves and other’s (especially children and lovers) healthier and happier. With Virgo  ruling your 5th house, however, there is always the danger of feeling that you never quite get it  “right.” When comparing yourself to your peers and friends, you usually conclude that you’ve come up short.  It’s all related to some old wound that makes you try too hard to “fit in” at the expense of abandoning what makes you unique, happy, and able to take on your most natural role in the community, The tail appears to be wagging the dog in this case. Venus is giving you the key to your happiness this week in the form of some critical insight into old wounds that are now ripe for healing. Turning things around is now an option.
GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week Gemini’s may be feeling, on some vague level, like they are being forced to integrate some aspects of themselves that defy integration. Parts of themselves and conflicting needs seem so diametrically opposed that on any reasonable level, the choice seems impossible. It may have something to do with a highly sensitive, very public professional role, your commitment to material security, and some creative ideas or loving connections that, if not balanced by some unforeseen miracle,  threaten to topple some already shaky “house of cards.”  It’s a complicated mix that can leave you feeling disheartened, irritated, and somewhat sorrowful.  It may seem like whatever move you make will produce the opposite of what you intended. As Pluto changes direction look for something previously hidden to surface, bringing out into the open the missing link that can resolve what feels unresolvable. Courageous action may be required, but not of the kind you’re familiar with. In fact old patterns are breaking apart leaving no room to rely on what’s worked in the past. In summary this is a major turning point where higher awareness propels you forward on your true path.
CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week there is some forward movement within your most important relationships, finally brining new awareness to the surface that breaks through the darkness of what has felt relentless and crushing at times.  The worst part may have been the feeling that the puzzle couldn’t be put together because some pieces were missing.  This week Pluto begins to move in direct motion after five months of what appeared to be stagnating conditions. Beneath the surface things were anything but stagnant for you  The unseen area of your being was highly activated. Old issues were violently stirred and what went on privately could be compared to circumstances below ground during an earthquake when tectonic plates shift and thousand year old structures are forever changed.  Surface reality now either has no choice but to change drastically, or these new foundations find more subtle and hidden ways to support what had previously been in place.  It is likely that your commitment to your own emotional happiness and independence will determine what needs to happen next.  It’s a turning point, and despite all appearances something significant has been set in motion.
LEO (July 21-August 21)
On Monday the Sun transits into the sign of Libra highlighting efforts to beautify, balance, and romanticize within  your immediate environment.  Coming into play may be newly ordered priorities and financial realities that need a more supportive foundation.  It is up to you now to figure out how to create the beauty and ease within your daily routines that will enhance your overall health and well-being especially where relationships are concerned.  Where you have previously been the selfless servant it may now be necessary to create circumstances that allow you to do what you do best – to entertain, to infuse joy, to create with abandon, to nurture the child within, and to show the world and your partner, through example, how much fun it is to be alive.  Waning is a month of endless hard work, oppressive worry, and heavy responsibility.   It’s time to address what’s been neglected in relationships and to find the time to indulge what you love. On the cusp is the impending birth of a whole new approach toward work, health, and responsibility.  This week may remind you of the importance of balance in the scheme of life. Essentially, for you, it ensures a brighter future.
VIRGO (August 21-September 21)
Financially Virgos may find themselves between a rock and a hard place.  Attempting to stabilize by strengthening old values and priorities they’ve outgrown, there is confusion and a loss of confidence created by the side of yourself that remains hidden and mysterious.  Taking the path of least resistance, Virgos give their power away to partners who seem indispensable, sacrificing their own independence and avoiding the courageous actions that could set them free.  While they have the urge for more freedom and a bigger life, it has been difficult to find their way through the haze and to see clearly enough to know which way to move.  As the Sun moves into Libra, new light may reveal a path forward.  The opportunity for a “return to balance” is possible this week through changes that occur on a soul level. New and deeper connections to yourself are fortified through some mysterious process. What you’ve always suspected may be validated and finally it seems possible to connect the two halves of yourself. You may feel whole again, or for the first time, or at least moving in that direction.  It’s a type of healing that stabilizes, filling you with confidence and new hope.
LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libras are facing the fact that they have taken a “method of madness” as far as it can go and now it’s time to release and move on.  This may have to do with a micro-managing  approach to relationships, specifically those with friends, lovers, or children. As the week begins Venus in the 12th house exactly opposes Chiron in the 6th indicating the need to make the spiritual physical and the physical spiritual in order for significant healing to occur.  There is some “backward, double-reverse switch” taking place that is difficult to interpret but I’ll take a stab.  Maybe it’s time to do less in relationships, to let go of your end of the rope in some ongoing “tug of war.”  At the same time it may be necessary to do more, on a regular basis, to address the hidden festering wounds that keep you committed to ineffective relationship strategies and a direction that moves you further away from yourself. As you let go of old ways more energy is available to change your beliefs, to speak the truth, and to relax into relationships that actually reflect balanced give and take.  The physical practice of Yoga comes to mind as a way to find balance through release.  Impending new beginnings would be better served with a less is more approach.
SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)
Scorpios are now in the ending stages of community and group involvement or possibly a friendship dilemma.   Something needs to be resolved to make room for a professional transition and rebirth, or a change in life direction. This may involve dissolution of the old, a painful loss, an acknowledgement of anger, and expanding perspectives. Bubbling beneath the surface is all kinds of monumental change. Old ideas about relationships, old patterns of relationship behavior, and old relationship goals are losing the power they once had to determine your actions.  Old wounds related to children, the child within, or childish dependencies, enter into the mix.  It is important to take a practical, balanced, and discriminating approach to offset any confusion about how to end what needs to end.  As Pluto, your chart ruler, teeters on the brink of direct motion, breakthroughs into a higher levels of awareness are probable.  It will become possible to see the truth, to speak the truth, to correct distorted thinking where power issues are concerned, to draw appropriate boundaries, and to create the kind of emotionally satisfying future you can actually look forward to.
SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians react to a burst of energy this week that comes in the form of impatience and the fiery urge to break through restrictions especially those applied through relationships.  Sagittarians are demanding a recovery of the territory they’ve lost and then some. They need more space, more interesting surroundings, something that fuels curiosity and involvement.  Challenging all that energy is the urge to “run away from home” to escape responsibilities, and to avoid expanding perspectives where career, goals, and the past are concerned. Sagittarians may feel like drinking more, burying their head in the sand, or betraying their principles.  They may also fail to contain their anger unleashing destruction in all directions. Only through conscious acts of self discipline are they able to move relationships back onto the right track while keeping independent actions in the direction of expansion thoughtful and coordinated.  The upside is that as they have the opportunity to get reacquainted with themselves, to tell the truth, reveal who they are, and set themselves free. Complications related to financial arrangements and values move into a new phase.
CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn’s themselves are on the cusp of a change in direction, of style and approach, and attitude toward relationships. Somethings is stirring beneath the surface that changes old structures in ways that gives them more room to maneuver. There may be a noticeable breakthrough this week as the urge to be free of some burdensome responsibility is brought to the surface. Financial partnerships, support, trust, and old psychological conditioning regarding the need to control is re-aligned. Complicated friendships or group involvement may be resolving in ways that facilitate this general re-alignment.  Feeling freer to cooperate and share power may be a welcomed development even though it may, at the same time, feel foreign and somewhat risky.  While emotional commitments in relationships may clash with crystalized and inflexible strategies for achievement,  that conflict opens the door to new, more effective approaches that take into account your need for success and your need to feel emotionally connected. No longer does it need to be an “either-or” proposition. This month you will see clearly how to take the lead in grounding new relationship arrangements toward something more stable and sustainable long term  If new symptoms alert you to some physical problem get those checked out.
AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarians have decided to tell the truth where friendship, group involvement, and community connections are issues.  Tired of feeling locked in, angered by restrictions set in place, Aquarians are taking a stand for truth, fairness, equitable give and take, and the freedom to decide. Relationships, in general, are subject this week to Aquarian intrusions and influence.  Whatever feels unfair, and unnecessarily restrictive come under scrutiny and may be unceremoniously uprooted and left in a shambles.  Aquarians have been pushed to their limits and now their usual “live and let live” controlled style is out the window. What really matters to Aquarians are their high principles. Personal integrity comes into play as they’re pushed too hard or for too long in a direction that touches and offends their “reason for being.”  Aquarians ignore minor details preferring to stick with a higher minded approach.  But they notice the details and eventually the accumulation mounts to a tipping point where exploding the status quo seems not only justified, but deeply satisfying.  What could derail this necessary process is the urge to escape financial responsibility, to remain overly dependent, and reliant upon another’s resources.  It’s time for that to end for the sake of the freedom to wield power against stifling relentless injustice.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
This week their is an impatience with restrictions imposed through your professional life or chosen life direction.  You have the urge to push through some things that have previously held you back.  More financial freedom may be the impetus that forces a more energetic approach to goal achievement.  Standing in your way maybe a physical lack of energy, heavy responsibilities surrounding relationships, and uncertain or unreliable access to the resources you need you to uphold your end of the bargain, or possibly another’s end as well. The Mars/Neptune square figures prominently into your experiences this week.  Things are likely to unfold one of two ways.  Either you use your keen intuition and naturally artistic approach to to channel angry, impatient energy in a way that advances your goals, improves your reputation, heightens your social status, and balances relationships or you self destruct through indulging addictions, escaping responsibility, avoiding the need to set boundaries, and playing the victim. The determining factor seems to be whether or not a self-disciplined approach can be accessed through a long range view that puts into perspective the importance of well considered actions this week for the sake of the future.


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