Horoscopes for the Week of August 13th – 19th

Mosaic by Carol Shelkin

Venus’s transit yesterday into the sign of Leo moves her loving, creative influence into a different “field of experience” for you. Gifts are bestowed, relationship roles change, and your own “creations” are taken very personally. Venus in Leo sees, in whatever realm of life it influences, magnified reflections of herself. Depending on your situation, you may feel more vulnerable and exhausted, or fully energized as you step onto a larger stage under a brighter spotlight. Venus, as benefic as her reputation is, in Leo, can express destructively. Selfishly focused, this Venus can manipulate, dramatize, and engage in spotlight grabbing games. Exaggerating her own wonderfulness, her heart closes as she fails to notice her impact on others. Feeling entitled to her own comfort, she avoids hard work, becomes increasingly disconnected from herself, a lonely actress on stage, a legend in her own mind, disingenuous, craving love.

Mercury moves into the sign of Virgo this weekend. After a couple weeks of feeling your imagination soar, it’s time to come back down to earth to do the work required to bring some of your amazing ideas into full manifestation. For the next couple weeks it’s time to focus on the details, healing, organizing, and doing some difficult mental work.

Leo and Scorpio energies dominate this week. Normally they’re not friendly, both fixed in their ways, incredibly strong willed, unwilling to compromising. The opportunity is to combine the transformational power of Scorpio with the imaginative creative power of Leo. This could be groundbreaking and life-changing in some much needed and very positive ways.

These Horoscopes attempt to personalize the energy for each sign.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

Aries appears to be in a “pressure cooker” type situation that steadily intensifies through mid September. Now there is opportunity, regardless of the relentless nature of ongoing struggle, to renew your faith in yourself. Jupiter in Leo, the placement capable of inflating the ego beyond all recognition, is exacerbating the most painful and inflexible aspects of current conflicts. What needs to be inflated instead is your belief in yourself, your creative ability, your imaginative know-how, your love for yourself, and your children. Your life is much bigger than the small sliver now pre-occupying your thoughts. Spending time reviewing your past, your ability to overcome difficult challenges, the creatively unique ways you addressed limitation, and what you were able to accomplish against overwhelming odds, invites a less distorted view of yourself. It opens the door to believing in yourself again. And, this week, it doesn’t require as much effort as you’re anticipating.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taurus is at the beginning of a new creative endeavor that fortifies your link with the most foundational and unchanging aspects of yourself. Children may be involved, as they always serve to reconnect you with yourself, but it may be the uninhibited child-like aspects of your own nature that are growing and changing. At his core, Taurus is forever linked to creating a comfortable home, abundantly stocked with the sensual things he values most. Abundance is key. Taurus is not a minimalist. He needs to have more than enough to share with family, friends, and society at large. And now his priorities and values are being clarified. Current conflicts, however, may revolve around a partner’s fear of scarcity and therein lies the challenge. We attract in others what we do not acknowledge in ourselves. It is now possible for you to completely transform any scarcity fears and beliefs you harbor, opening the door to a much bigger life and a much bigger contribution. Find help if you need it, and expect your partner’s fears to subside as your own melt away.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Gemini’s may be approaching an ending of some kind, feeling the loss, and anticipating the hard work that lies ahead. This may be related to a relationship and intensifying passions. Gemini’s passion for their work and healing in general, may be blocked in some way by a partner unwilling to change his ways or beliefs. Jupiter’s current placement in Leo attaches ego to beliefs. This makes it more difficult for beliefs to change without an accompanying ego crisis. As Mercury moves into the sign of Virgo by the weekend, it’s time for you to once again “come home to yourself.” Under conditions of loss we all revert to our essential nature defined by the 4th house cusp. For you this always centers around the need to heal, to focus the mind, to integrate, to work harder, to let go, and to open to the flow of spiritual inspiration and guidance. Coming home to the self is profoundly renewing to the very deepest levels of your being and, cosmically speaking, you need this realignment.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week the opportunity to expand your life in more adventurous and interesting directions presents itself powerfully. A grand trine involving Vesta, Juno, and Neptune, encourages you to let the boundaries that restrict your life dissolve. There is an unusual ease and flow as you consider this idea. It will never be easier and Cancer’s seem to sense that. Rapid growth last year profoundly changed your overall style and approach to life. Now, as you try to solidify those changes, current passions and unyielding desires clarify the challenges you face and the limitations you must accept in the absence of an willingness to step out of your current framework. New actions must be initiated. It appears that cosmic forces will take up where you leave off, catapulting you into something unfamiliar but more closely aligned with your changed style. Your will is strong and will need to be as there will be resistance from others who benefitted from you “keeping it small.” It’s not in the cards this week for you to make others comfortable at your own expense.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leo is taking very seriously their role as an outstanding provider in all senses of the word. They are attempting this week to personify prosperity and security and to protect their interests as they express toward others compassion, generosity, and a practical down-to-earth attitude when it comes to dealing with present circumstances. It’s a high-wire act though, full of drama and potential for conflict as “the unexpected” seems inevitable. Because old fears appear to have dissolved to some extent, Leos are now performing at exceptionally high levels and enjoying immensely their own show. This week, though, they may need to stretch the limits of their imagination and creative know-how in order to keep their current “show” running. Their focus turns to “financing it all” and they may have some initial doubts regarding their capacity. Their “ace in the hole” is their creative talent and the ability to innovatively use the resources they have to maximum benefit.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Virgos are on the cusp of a new beginning that appears to be, no surprise, an effort to perfect your skills, to improve your style and approach, your appearance, or to further develop your capacity in relationships. This week there will most likely be lots of work involved as you prepare to solidify the amazing artistic inspiration flowing through you, the imaginative ideas and plans, or romantic potential emerging first through the deepest recesses of your mind. Focus and concentration is mandatory as you seem to have chosen a new path or creative undertaking. As always your willingness to “do what it takes” ensures success regardless of whether or not you attract any support or luck. Artists, alternative healers, photographers, victims, and the ethereally beautiful inspire you consistently and fuel your efforts to manifest what is currently still in the gestational stages.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

As Venus enters the sign of Leo and your solar 11th house, your perspective changes. Old scenes that appeared natural and familiar have been replaced by something that feels “upside-down,” strange, and disorienting. This week there is an urge to be still, to wait, to familiarize and re-balance yourself, before taking action. A “suspended in time” feeling may take hold. Old patterns and assurances seem to no longer apply as you feel ill-equipped to make your way through new, mysterious landscapes. “Clearing the fog” may entail a change in your approach to the world toward a focus on “the greater good” as old personal concerns fade and no longer seem valid. This may feel like a week of sacrifice or martyrdom as you release what you were – old habits, patterns, and responsibilities – to make room for something more enlightened, but as yet, formless. In tarot, the hanged man symbolizes your “state of affairs.” It may be worth meditating on his image to find your way.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

This week represents an opportunity to open yourself to a new role rooted deeply in tradition. It may involve being a spiritual teacher or a mediator of some kind. Through some powerful means of communication and focus, you may be tasked with the job of uniting a lost and confused human with their divine nature. Not unlike the traditional role of the priestess (or priest) their is an element of magic and a “higher calling” involved. But the priest, unlike the magician, is willing to take someone by the hand, to walk them through the steps, to help them understand, to escort them over some critical divide so that they can access the vital nourishment they desperately need. Interestingly, your “right of passage” is to first be willing to be guided through those steps yourself. If you’ve already done that, this week you walk forward confidently, feeling intricately connected to the ancient priestess archetype and to all the power that comes with that connection. Or, you may be on the threshold, challenged by some personal situation, to begin the liberating process.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

This week your beliefs, your perspective, and the “facts on the ground” are highlighted. There is some challenge involved in reconciling the two and a good chance that you’ll succeed. What seems to be felt is an underlying need to prove yourself to yourself when you’ve actually already done that and are now in the process of reaping the rewards. Old beliefs about hard work and success incline you to minimize the abundance that is now flowing your way. You may feel that you have to accomplish a few more things before you can feel deserving of the “accumulating evidence” of a life well lived. The truth is that you have, in the past, made consistently wise and courageous choices, when there were other, easier, options available. You stuck to your principles and are reaping what you’ve sown. The trick now is to update yourself so that your life makes more sense to you. It is no accident that you’ve landed where you have and it’s important to acknowledge that you did have a hand in it. All that’s left to prove is your ability to recognize and enjoy the rewards of the life you created.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

Capricorns may be in the process of proving to themselves that the “chains that bind and confine” are actually self-imposed. There may be new insight into the realm of restriction, that while limiting, can also feel familiar and comforting. This week, though, you may be advancing toward a more enlightened way of living, choosing your area of focus and releasing old patterns that keep your range and scope small, and stiflingly predictable. Even baby steps now open your world to more satisfaction. Capricorns are flexing their muscles as they choose their focus rather than relying on conditioned response to make their choices for them. It is within the realm of relationships that the most noticeable differences can be felt. Reflected back to Capricorn, through their new approach, are partnerships that feel more secure as a result of a concentrated effort to deliberately choose a more nurturing approach. Capricorns have the opportunity this week to bring under control things they previously felt uncontrollable.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

Aquarians are now diligently working on a new style and approach to their relationship with themselves. This new relationship involves a more focused concentration on developing unique talents for the purpose of ushering in more enlightened ways of living. This week you nurture the parts of your nature that cannot tolerate old, inhumane, and ineffective ways, trusting your progressive instincts, even when they seem likely to alienate. Aquarians are in the process of embracing their true calling to play a critical, but difficult role, challenging the status quo, standing apart from established norms, and forcefully leading the world in the direction of justice, brotherhood and love. A concentrated effort is made to avoid second guessing your unusual methods, relying on those more for the power you need to reshape the world. While it feels uncomfortable to acknowledge the magnitude and importance of your role, you discipline yourself to do it for the sake of the “greater good.” A degree of isolation may be necessary to reshape your relationship with yourself and gather your strength.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)

Whatever age you are, this week may feel that you’re just beginning to, more seriously, make your way in life. Restlessness and turmoil may predominate, but it’s time to move ahead anyway with new plans in a fresher, healthier direction. Many will not be happy with your choices, but it’s time to re-align with your essential nature, and to surround yourself with those who are supportive and encouraging. What seems especially important this week is the ability to discuss thoughts, plans, strategies, points of view, and ideas for the future. You have a lot to learn from expressing yourself openly to another, especially when it comes to filling in the details of ideas that remains sketchy and formless. Finding an ally who has already blazed the trail you’re headed down is especially helpful. Finding those willing to make this all much simpler for you is easy this week. Reaching out and being willing to benefit from the experiences of another is all you have to do.

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