Horoscopes for the Week of July 23rd – 29th

Yesterday the Sun entered the exuberantly self-centered and creative sign of Leo. On Monday Uranus turned retrograde, moving us into a five month phase of inwardly developing and integrating the most unique and rebellious parts of ourselves. On Friday, after many months in Libra, Mars (the warrior) enters Scorpio territory, dredging up whatever’s been festering beneath the surface. Our urge to protect, initiate, and assert ourselves strongly intensifies. On Saturday the new Moon in Leo provides us with a blank slate on which to write a new, more creatively expressive life story.

In summary, this week Cosmic energy changes significantly. Saturn, now headed direct, and Uranus, now moving retrograde, gives us some mixed signals. It can feel like driving with our foot on the gas pedal and brake at the same time. We may not, after all, be quite ready to charge “full speed ahead.” Deep within we sense there’s more than meets the eye. Our most individualistic, freedom-loving, and nonconformist characteristics are beginning to seep through the oppressive structures and boundaries that have defined our life for awhile. Going forward, we sense the need for a life structure that is less personally confining and realize that creating it, in ways accommodate who we are becoming, may take some time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

Aries approach a significant change this week as Mars moves into the sign of Scorpio and more psychologically complicated territory. Aries may feel the need for more intensity in relationships, deeper intimacy, and challenges that feel more personally meaningful. Sex may be explored at deeper emotional levels. Decisions made over the past seven months, within the realm of relationships, now require some grounding and solidification. Workable financial collaboration, trust building, and doing the work to effectively transform old, conditioned responses, is now required. Whispering in the background is a voice that tells you not to take short cuts that simplify in the short run, but fail, in the long run, to accommodate the most important parts of who you are becoming. As you think ahead about restructuring your life, you may need to figure out how to arrange for more personal space and freedom of movement. That may cause conflict within as well as meeting with other’s resistance. Everyone’s vulnerability is heightened now, especially yours.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Recently Taurus has felt the need to express their feelings, particularly concerning relationships, and have most likely found a compassionate, understanding ear in the form of a friend, group affiliation, or community offering. Relationships are always complicated for Taurus where their role seems to be that of “the one who simplifies” and provides a degree of “much needed” grounding, while neglecting their own psychological issues, especially when those would make “already murky waters” murkier. Taurus is being challenged now to create a new role for themselves in relationships, one that requires a more honest evaluation of what they actually need to feel satisfied and secure. Arranging inspired, experimental, private time, (less fueled by anger and fear and more by a desire to create a life they can love), may require a direct confrontation with the neglected parts of themselves that have always taken a back seat to their habitual preoccupation with keeping relationships stable. Life is now presenting you with an opportunity to include yourself in any future relationship equation.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Gemini may now find themselves dealing with “higher octaves” of feeling in their lives. Shouting at them is the need for financial security and a more creative use of resources. Whispering is the need for a more courageous expression of the non-conforming, rebellious “genius within.” As you seek to move forward with your work, your may sense that excluding from expression something potentially personally disruptive, something that does not seem to fit within the safe structures you’ve tried to create, may no longer be the wisest approach. As Uranus, the higher octave of your solar ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde, an honest evaluation of your need for creative freedom is required. Activist tendencies may need to be unleashed, but first an inner change, healing and integration is required so that you can feel confident and supported on deeper levels. You have five months to make this happen, but this week “sets the stage” for your future ability to be receptive to what is, essentially, your true calling.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week Cancer may be feeling especially happy and hopeful as they anticipate some future opportunity for relaxation, rejuvenation, and deep healing. The past may be intricately involved in some “happy way”. Communication and reunions heal, support, and provide a new perspective. The new Moon, in your 2nd solar house, “sets you on fire” regarding creative use of your resources, expression of your true values, or initiating some collaborative, income-enhancing, approach that holds considerable potential for growth. This week you may find yourself challenged to create more self-sufficiency and a life you love through a more introspective approach to what holds you back. A deeply “conditioned” response to relationships, rooted in childhood, may be triggering something reflexive, inflexible, and controlling that undermines material security. It may be worth examining for the next couple months as Mars in Scorpio gives you an assist. An investigative, courageous approach to uncovering what’s been suppressed may hold the key to sustaining a happier, more secure existence. It begins this week.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

Leos are making huge adjustments now that could be making them moody and irritable. Transitioning from a year of introspection back into the limelight can make them feel exposed initially and longing for the protection their privacy afforded them for the past year. Leo is a fixed sign. Transitions don’t flow with ease. Last year they were sensitized and connected to their own feelings. Now they may be sensing the vulnerability that comes with Mars transition into Scorpio and the direct challenge it presents to them. The “warrior’s” move into their fourth solar house stirs up the past and pushes their buttons where emotional security and trust are issues. Financial collaborations, sexual complications, and the need to transform the foundations of their life places a heaviness over the new beginnings that are now unfolding. Releasing something from the past may be an issue. Festering conditions need to be brought out into the open, exposed to the sunlight that disinfects, heals, and transforms. Pride may stand in the way. Ego may deny the need for a more courageous approach. But hanging in the balance is their ability to create a life full of joy and the return to their rightful central place within the scheme of the universe.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

If you’re tuned in, experiencing a new Moon in the solar 12th house, as Virgos are about to experience, is always interesting and somewhat unsettling, in nebulous, mysterious ways. Accompanying it is the vague sense that something incredibly powerful and deeply submerged has shifted, and along with it, the potential to change everything. Ancient emotional tracks, laid since the beginning of time, are being lifted and reset along different configurations, infusing you with the sense that things have changed in profound ways, but with little evidence of that on the surface of your life. What’s changed is your greater access to inspiration, your re-connections with ancient artistic roots, and powerful invisible guidance. New, healthier, inner alignments have the potential to unleash what has always felt like suppressed or inaccessible personal artistic genius. You may feel more hopeful. Or you may fear the work required to bring this new creative potential into full manifestation. An honest examination and transformation of your inflexibility where communication, thought, and beliefs are issues is required.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

Libras are facing a dilemma this week as Mars stirs up the most potentially toxic area of their life. Entering into the solar 2nd house, Mars highlights insecurity, poor self-worth, misplaced priorities, lack of trust, dependency, and power struggles of all kinds where money and material security are issues. While Libra may prefer to keep whatever mess exists here hidden, it’s intricately connected with the condition of their most important relationships – a central Libra concern. The Cosmic message seems to be, in this area of life, it’s time to courageously expose and transform whatever has become entrenched and stealthily undermining. At the same time, affecting relationships and your role in them, Uranus turns retrograde in your solar 7th house. An internal process of integration has begun. Initially this may be felt as a heightened awareness of the need for more independence within relationships, more freedom, and the urge to rebel. As you make progress integrating what you previously suppressed, much needed “outer change” becomes a possibility. This is a five month process that begins this week.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

Scorpios may feel exposed this week by the need to take action, to make decisions, to face fears, and to forge ahead in some way. It’s all happening while internally you may feel the weight of overwhelming psychological complications. It’s hard to appear confident when the timing doesn’t feel quite right. As you feel the need to present yourself in ways that project competency and strength, make sure you continue to present yourself to yourself honestly. Admitting that you feel vulnerable, exposed, fearful, overwhelmed, and rushed will simplify your life and keep you connected to the intuition and guidance you need. This is a new beginning that may feel exhilarating – a chance to infuse more of the “real you” into your work, specifically the “genius healer” part. This week begins a five month long process of integrating what you had previously suppressed – the urge for more independence, freedom, and a tendency to rebel against standards and expectations. Five months from now you’ll know, more specifically, what you want. Experimenting with various roles in the meantime is important.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

This week Sagittarians are infused with the powerful, fiery, creative energy of the Sun. Envisioning the future you’d like to create, especially if it involves more freedom to express your beliefs, broaden your perspective, or enroll in higher education courses is a great use of currently available cosmic energy. Challenging you this week are hidden sources of toxic energy, possibly operating just beneath the surface of awareness. Mars is stirring up, for the next couple months, what you’d prefer to keep hidden – remaining remnants of old wounds, fears related to security, self worth, and/or powerlessness within the physical realm. If you can, avoid excessive drama, pride that overshadows honesty, over-the-top self indulgence, or intense pre-occupation with the lower self. Any of this can block the deep transformational process that is taking hold beneath the surface. As you deal with the muck that emerges, remind yourself of your vision for the future you want to see unfold. “Becoming the change you want to see” are words that come to mind.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

This week, Mars is stirring up some a power struggle between your freedom to create and build some authentic expression of yourself and the needs of the community. Friends, power brokers, and carefully cultivated connections all come into play over the next couple months. Careful navigation is required as this terrain is filled with hidden land mines, behind-the- scenes maneuvering, old debts, political ambitions, and classic “toxic sludge” in many forms. It’s a world with which you are familiar, but now, and for the next couple months, things get personal. Keeping your hands relatively clean and fortifying a detached perspective could feel very challenging as you’re now in the process of integrating a desire for more freedom, independence, and a chance to express your rebellious leanings. These seem to involve your home, family, roots the past, and the essential foundations of your life. Saturn, your solar chart ruler, is doing his best to keep you playing your most natural position- that of the “competent, authoritative leader.”

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

This week Aquarius begins a five month period of acknowledging, and inwardly integrating, those parts of himself that are most distinctive and essential. Aquarians possess a level of genius that is “ahead of its time,” threatening to entrenched interests, freedom loving, and boldly rebellious. His main concern is the betterment of conditions for humanity and his earthly role is to remove the blockages that stand between the status quo and progress in the direction of something more humane for everyone. Now, as Uranus moves retrograde, it’s becoming more difficult to suppress your true nature. Anger may surface as feel more acutely the claustrophobic effects of restrictions you’ve placed on yourself forever. Internal changes are taking place over the next five months that allow you to grow into yourself first before unveiling, in your daily life, the more authentic version of who you actually are. You may experiment, in the meantime, with courageous “mini-revelations” that warn the world of your impending emergence.

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PISCES (February 21 – March 21)

A new, bold infusion of enthusiasm and exuberant energy has been unleashed in your 6th solar house of work, health, and domestic routines. All of these areas of life may be feeling the effects. The desire to be famous, or at least, better known, for the amazingly creative nature of your work, or your bold and courageous approach, intensifies. It’s time to do what it takes to expand your reach, to expose yourself to those who can “spread the word,” and to courageously highlight your competency and reliability. A new launch or “coming out” party may be fitting. You’re now more capable than ever of dazzling and delighting your audience and generosity accompanies all that you do. One caution is to be aware of any tendency toward excessive self-centeredness, pride, presumptions, or making “over-the-top” promises that would be difficult to keep. Another is to be aware that Mars is stirring up old, toxic material in your 9th solar house of beliefs. What may continue to hold you back will be fear of future unknowns as well as “inherited expectations” that make much of what you want seem “outside the realm of possibility.” It’s time to stop feeling victimized and to replace current beliefs with more empowering ones.

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