The Solstice

At 3:51 AM PDT today, the Sun (in relation to the earth) reached it’s highest point in the sky, creating the longest day of the year at the North Pole. From now until the Winter Solstice in December, the Sun will begin to appear progressively lower in the sky (in relation to the earth and its “tilted-axis” nature). In the Northern Hemisphere the days will get shorter. This marks a shift in direction and a turning point. Solstice means “sun-standing.” It’s the pause or stand-still just before reversing course. It’s the exact second the Sun transits into the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning it takes action to move toward something. The ball gets rolling. There are seasons for gathering thoughts, developing strategies, becoming more self-aware, looking at life from different perspectives, and solidifying. This is not any of those. We’ve already done all that. This is a time when we declare a new allegiance and take action to establish ourselves in a new direction. As today’s Sabian Symbol explains, our ship now sets sail under a new and different flag flying from the mast.

Ancient astrologers had a particular reverence for Cancer and the Solstice. They believed it represented a time when “the gate was flown wide open.” The “gate” was one that marked the dividing line between an unconscious approach to life and self-awareness, between the “herd” mentality and thinking for oneself, between free floating, directionless relationships and the ability to consolidate power by attracting like-minded individuals committed to a common purpose. From the ancient’s perspective, the Summer Solstice was the easiest possible time to make the transition from the darkness of confusion and disempowerment into the light of your own personal truth.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. It’s a fast-cycling dynamic sign, devoted to family, helping one another, making the home into a beautiful oasis of harmony, and structuring relationships for maximum beneficial impact. It’s a sign that’s driven to achieve it’s goals of initiating new beginnings on higher ground.

The Solstice represents a time when we can more easily step into our authentic role – the one that was pre-destined to help the world transition from a negative Aries “war-like, violent, every man for himself” orientation, into a more settled and caring way of being.

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