New Horoscopes for the Week of June 25th – July 1st

This week I’m using the New Moon Chart to write horoscopes to determine its influence for each sign. Moons in Cancer are always powerful and this one is no different. Venus has recently moved from the slow moving sign of Taurus into the more “light on its feet” and easily adaptable sign of Gemini. Mercury, in retrograde motion since June 6th, turns direct on Tuesday, July 1st. That should get things moving. Mars and Uranus are at odds again, but this is their last best shot to get the balance right, to settle the boundaries, to decide who to please, who will be the boss, who will win, and who will give in. Mars wants to keep it fair (as long as he wins) and Uranus wants to keep it real even if (or especially if) he can blow the whole thing up. We continue to negotiate between the two, feeling the whole drama play out on the stage that is our life, but this is the beginning of the end.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)

If you’re tired of the struggle to find some balance, some workable compromise, some freedom, and some peace, know that it’s about over. Behind the scenes of your life old wounds are being repaired. What was once shattered is being made whole, and once-severed connections are being restored. Your life is finding itself on new footing, supported by something different, stronger, and healthier. This implies and necessitates that relationship roles, contracts, agreements, and assumptions must change in the interest of keeping it fair and keeping it real. In the fall of 2012 when you decided use self-discipline and focus to transform your life, to go through the pain of releasing attachments, to undo entrenched psychological conditioning, and to risk trusting when you trusted no one, you set all this all in motion. Whether or not your relationship can adjust may now be the issue. You did what you had to do and you may now be approaching the time when it’s fair to ask a partner to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

This week Venus, speaking softly, urges you to design a new routine to include more things you love, to soften your mindset to allow you to receive more love, and to beautify, in some way, your communication style. Venus is asking you to be be committed to using the power of thoughts and words to advance her interests which are always balanced, peaceful, and satisfying. The problem is that Venus isn’t insisting, waving the red flag, or forcing the situation in any way. She can be easily ignored in the short term. The Moon is giving you a clean slate and a fresh page on which to write a new chapter in your life story. The opportunity exists to rid your life of habitual frustrations and unsatisfying routines, of old mindsets, and a communication style that keeps others at arms length and relationships unable to grow. This New Moon needs your environment to be a more soulful expression of you. And Venus is whispering reminders that for Taurus, it’s all about love.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

This New Moon lays the groundwork for you to be able to make a more soulful and satisfying contribution to the world. What is being clearly reflected back to you now is the extent to which your immediate environment, routine priorities, mindset, communication style, and beliefs allow you to express your true essence. Most likely there is a discrepancy that has felt frustrating for some time. Now is your chance to close the gap and to correct the misalignment. Clarifying your life’s purpose and identifying what most needs to change within daily routines will seem easier now. Venus, now intensified in your first solar house, is softening your style and approach, your mindset, and the ways you communicate. She is making you more receptive and more adaptive in the ways that can most benefit you and the world. After weeks of repairing lost connections at the soul level, Venus now emerges for “phase two.” This is essentially a rearrangement of reality to allow for a more natural flow of your most soulful and valuable contributions. Pay attention 🙂

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

Obviously, this New Moon has the potential for greatest impact in the lives of those born under the sign of Cancer. It is a message of ease and a flow and a warning not to be sidetracked or hurt by resistance from others as you ground a new, more natural, emotionally connected, and soulful approach to life. What’s being merged now is your innate creativity, self-confidence, entertaining, high spirited, fun-loving self with your deepest, most sensitive and familiar self. It’s an amazing combination that empowers and deeply satisfies you in ways that may feel threatening to those more familiar with your old expressions of insecurity and tentativeness. Gestating now are visions of a new kind of social role for you, softer and more confident, entertaining yet sensitive, combining leadership with acute receptivity to your followers, and creative methods that allow for adaptation. What you’re combining are the elements of fire and water (Cancer and Leo) to create a steam that penetrates and melts the hardest of hearts. This is how you get around those who prefer the old you, refuse to budge, and create roadblocks. You’ve always melted hearts, but now you’re doing it in ways that protect your own.

LEO (July 21-August 21)

What’s being created, behind the scenes, is a “new home” for your deepest feelings and connections. It is a place more adequately suited to house and protect the most vulnerable and valuable aspects of your essential self. It’s a place that gives you the means for expressing, in showy and dramatic ways, the most sensitive parts of yourself, those that remain most connected to your roots, most aligned with ancient sources of wisdom, most entwined with your life’s purpose, and most reflective of the emotional needs of the masses. The emergence of this “new house” is supported by many who held the power in their hands to make or break its creation. Their cooperation was nothing short of a magical transformation and coalescing of power designed to push you over the finish line. If ever you feel more self-congratulatory than grateful, there will always be this time to remember the kindness of the universe toward you and how expressions of gratitude can now most powerfully be displayed by your efforts to protect what’s newly protecting you.

VIRGO (August 21-September 21)

Ongoing has been an analysis of where your real home lies within the social scheme of the universe. Re-assessing and reconsidering the best circumstances for asserting your natural authority, connecting with the like-minded, demonstrating your competence, and achieve your goals has been an intense focus for the past three weeks. Seeming to complicate the issue has been a blind spot, a partner, partnership, or balancing act, with its own conflicting needs. But this New Moon seems to be asserting an influence that is grounding your place in the world. In a magical turn of events, whoever or whatever once seemed to block access to your “real home” and a solid sense of belonging, has now dissolved into something much more supportive. Feelings of alienation and being unwelcomed are being replaced by the comfort of something much more familiar and aligned with your most soulful self. The door seems to opening to new opportunities that rejuvenate your soul, encourage you to express compassion, love, and the more feminine, receptive, aspects of your personality. A long period of feeling alone, in the wilderness, is now over.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)

As you reassess and reconsider what gives your life meaning, what makes you feel optimistic and enthusiastic, and the strength of your faith in the future, it seems that current working conditions, or your health may be lowering your expectations. It may be time to consider costs and benefits, whether what you’re tolerating is absolutely necessary, and how you can end what appears to be messing with your image of yourself as a knowledgeable and competent person. Venus, the goddess of love, support, balance, and all things beautiful, just, and dignified, is demanding a place at the table, a louder voice, and an end to her oppression. She’s finessing you into taking sides by reminding you of how good it feels to be enthusiastic, full of meaning, faith, and purpose, with big visions and expectations for the future. This New Moon lays the groundwork for those feelings to be able to grow and prosper. Through more comfortable professional relationships, more respect, a better alignment with your feminine nature, personal goals that align with professional goals, and the freedom to assert your authority, you give Venus a home and yourself back your enthusiasm for your life.

SCORPIO (October 21-November 21)

Mars and Uranus appear to be facing off for the last time now as clashes between the unpredictability of your health/work environment and your fight to keep yourself mentally and spiritually balanced begin to dissolve. Something was pushed too far forcing a resolution. You may feel somewhat disoriented or possibly relieved as the challenge subsides. Where to go from here may be the question. What motivates you to keep yourself internally balanced now? This week it appears to be a feminization of your commitments in partnerships, a desire to be more receptive, more respected, more expecting of support, and more insistent on asserting and protecting the value of the feminine point of view in all partnerships. Recent experience has made you wiser. The New Moon lays the groundwork for a home for Venus in your future, a place where she’s protected, nourished, and valued. As you think about where you’re headed, there seems, at this time, nothing more important than creating a future that provides a bigger more protective space for the uncensored expressions of Venus.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)

Over the past year, Jupiter, your chart ruler, has blasted through the past, forcing your hand in ways that pushed you past your limits, opened and healed old wounds, brought you face to face with death on some level, challenged your ability to survive, and landed you in a much stronger and more confident place. You may now be willing to play a role in partnerships that once seemed too threatening. In a sense, Jupiter has paved the way for the grounding influence of this New Moon. Your ability to trust yourself more has given you the freedom to solidify relationships by throwing your lot in with another. This New Moon provides you with a “new home” big enough for two, able to nourish and shelter a true partnership rather than just your own needs. Gestating is the smart and adaptable Venus archetype, giving you the ability to sweeten your words, sharpen your ideas, and express yourself beautifully for the benefit of a partnership. She knows that what speaks louder than words is not perfection but the willingness to remain light on your feet and willing to adjust for the sake of a bigger vision.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)

This week, your disciplined, conscientious, and consistent approach to friends, groups and the community supports what you feel is missing in your knowledge base and skill level. Interestingly the deficits that have forced you to rely on others have opened doors to relationships that you will cherish in the future. What is exerting less of an influence is the unpredictability and instability of your home environment which had a corrosive effect on your self-respect, achievement of financial goals, and legitimate sense of authority. This New Moon strongly influences relationships and marriages, in the direction of providing a safe and protective environment for their future growth and development. Venus is waiting in the wings, but her presence can already be felt. This week may entail some adjustment in your approach to accommodate her insistence on a place at the table. She is the soother, the beautifier, the comforter. Through her ability to paint pictures with words, to interject intelligence, to adjust quickly, and to generate many innovative ideas, she will push you to recognize her value and be willing acquiesce your authority when its clear that would be the most intelligent thing to do.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)

Old wounds in the financial area of your life that have festered for years are now being healed as you face your fears, take some risk, trust another, and make or contemplate making some valuable contribution of personal resources to a joint financial venture. The issue is the willingness to give up some control in the hopes of achieving deeper levels of satisfaction and security. This New Moon appears to be laying the groundwork for that new security that will protect the connection between your work and the ancient spiritual sources that guide it. It will protect and nourish, as well, a more balanced mind/body connection, a more enchanted way of life, and a more spiritually driven use of natural resources. Gestating in the wings is Venus in Gemini, on the verge of making her presence felt over every aspect of this New Moon’s grounding work. Prepare for some connections with like-minded people, some deeply satisfying conversations, poetic expressions of love and kindness, a stronger, smarter, creative influence, and the need to beautify the new, more secure foundations that this Moon is setting in place.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)

This week marks a new beginning as hard work and responsibility combine with love, romance, and joy to set you on secure and fertile ground for the unfoldment of dreams into reality. This is a magical time when child-like enthusiasm and uninhibited immersion in the creative process can take hold. Through your creative projects you begin the process of solidifying and reflecting, in concrete form, who you are at a very essential level – fortifying foundations, preserving the past, cherishing your roots, and anchoring your essence in something beautiful and lasting. As you’re challenged by rules and regulations, “powers that be,” and practical realities that may seem cold and unfeeling, know that you can afford to go with the flow, to be adaptive, responsive, and endlessly resourceful as you put your personal stamp on the world. In fact, flowing around challenges, and finding different ways to express the same feeling, only serves to enhance the beauty of your project.

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