The Impending Grand Cross – Its Personal Impact

Much has been written on the global effects of the rare impending Grand Cross. It’s set to be exact this week (April 22nd-23rd). It’s the signature of the time period extending from 2008-2016… the climax and the beginning of a period of massive, rapid change.

A Grand Cross in Astrology is simply four planets at a 90 degree angle to one another in the sky, forming a closed square and pressure-cooker-like conditions. The aspect is rare and involves Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. The Sun, in the birth chart of the United States, is intricately connected to this highly charged, conflicting energy pattern. The US Sun sits on top of Jupiter, the planet at the bottom of the image with the symbol that looks like the number four. Some suggest that sudden revelations or a dawning awareness bring the country to a very challenging “moment of truth.” Our most cherished and self-protective beliefs about who we are and what the country stands for may be seriously undermined. As a result we have no choice but to grow up quickly and to embrace a broader sense of what it means to be our brother’s keeper. Being severely challenged is the status quo way of operating on both global and personal levels.grand cross

On a personal level, Jupiter’s trek through Cancer, over the past year, has focused us on emotional growth and dealing with the past as the result some significant threat to our usual mode of operation in some specific area of life. When stripped of the supports we’ve always relied on, we’ve witnessed ourselves becoming who we are at an essential level…and it’s an eye-opener. There’s a dawning awareness that we may not be who we always thought we were, and our desires may have changed.

In short, on an emotional level, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, but, most likely, the current life we’re living hasn’t completely kept pace with our rate of growth. As Mars reaches the 13th degree of Libra, this week triggering the Grand Cross, we begin to make decisions that change and update our lives. It’s essential that you set in motion a process of alignment with the person you’ve become if you expect to discover meaning, renewed passion, and a life you love.

Answering the following questions may clarify where you stand:

What have you outgrown but continue to hold onto as circumstances seem to conspire against you?

What are the agreements you’ve made in the past that you can no longer uphold without damaging your integrity?

What relationship behaviors do you continue to fall back on that no longer feel right?

Where are your expectations for yourself too low?

What are your dreams for the future, and how do your daily activities move you closer to or further away from actualizing those?

To what extent do you trust your instincts and intuition, relying on them to guide you in the right direction at the right time?

Which area of life, for you, lags the furthest behind, remaining stagnant and growing toxic, because you haven’t been able to overcome your fear of doing what needs to be done?

In this week’s horoscopes I will analyze the grand cross’s probable effects for each sign, taking into consideration the upcoming eclipse in Taurus and the meaning of strategically placed Chiron. Those will be published on Wednesday (April 23rd) and immediately sent to you if you are a subscriber.

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