Healing Hangout Broadcast Tomorrow at 12:00 Noon PDT- “The Intersection of Astrology and Energy Healing”

Tomorrow I will be hanging out with my friend and amazingly talented energy healer, Anna Holden.  She is based in Seattle and has been instrumental in my own healing.  Having worked through some fairly serious health issues over the past year, engaging a whole team of traditional and non-traditional practitioners, I would have to say that Anna  was the key to providing the most profound healing influence over not just the physical imbalances I was experiencing, but over my entire life.

A serious health challenge has a way of requiring you to reconnect with the parts of yourself that are most essential and unchanging in order to access your own healing potential.  Astrologically the placement of the Moon defines fairly well what that part of yourself looks like.  For me, my Moon in Sagittarius had me searching for higher meaning, a broader perspective, better understanding, and something that would keep my life from becoming small and confined. I wanted a new and different experience. I wanted to learn.  And most of all, I wanted to get well.  Accessing optimism, enthusiasm, and humor  was critical to stabilizing me emotionally and physically.   I also had to fight my natural “know-it-all” tendency,  my urge overdo everything, and the ever present desire to want to move to some exotic foreign country immediately.

anna holdenWhen I contacted Anna she felt tuned in to my essential nature from the start. It felt as if she designed the entire healing experience in ways that continually brought me back to my essential roots.  She nourished me with a healing journey that was both highly effective and enchanting in ways that profoundly transformed the way I viewed the world and myself.  She saw right through me, literally, and described in loving detail the images of woundedness, illness, and early signs of healing. What she saw felt mysterious, ancient, and accurate.  Her style is deceptively light-hearted, unassuming, and gentle given the profound impact she is able to deliver.

My body was not my best friend at the time I first met with Anna.  I felt betrayed by it, mistrusting, and defensive. In response I disconnected from it as much as I could.  In describing how my body felt about that strategy, Anna elevated my understanding, triggered my compassion, and slowly reconnected me to the organs most in need of my attention, energy, and love. She focused me on moving forward. Her confidence in my ability to heal was contagious.

Anna directs healing energy in ways that feel very grounding and deeply personal. The images she saw and described for me were bathed in specific colors. She encouraged me to imagine the colors sparkling.   I could feel the different vibrations of each color and imagined those amplifying the healing process.  She took me back to periods of time I had forgotten and reconnected me over and over until the scattered pieces came together into a cohesive mosaic.  I began fairly quickly to feel better than I had before I got sick, more energetic, and definitely more integrated. I felt stronger and newly optimistic.  And many pieces of the puzzle I had been missing forever easily fell into place.

I was fully engaged in experiencing the process Anna introduced to me. She encouraged my participation and questions. I was relaxed, intrigued and mesmerized.  It was easy not to feel like a know-it-all as she guided me through foreign territory in ways that often made me laugh and sometimes cry.  It was a world that felt light years away from anything I’d previously experienced and, at the same time intimately familiar.

In hindsight I think Anna should have been my initial contact.  It would have been to my advantage to contact her soon rather than later as her stabilizing and healing influence was fast, profound and almost instantly life changing. She unblocked my own healing abilities quickly in ways that have made all the difference.

To learn more about Anna and to schedule an appointment sign on to www.annaholden.com.

Tomorrow, April 17th at 12:00 noon, PDT, the video hangout will appear here

April 17th: The Intersection of Energy Medicine and Astrology for Healing

The Intersection of Energy Medicine and Astrology: A Comprehensive Pathway to Healing Energy Medicine and Astrology are often seen as healing modalities to be used only after other, more traditional methods, have been exhausted. In this 30 minute hangout, learn why the opposite is actually true and how energy medicine, astrology and other alternative healing methods can be excellent places to start. Join me while I speak with Anna Holden as she shares how astrology assists the process of energy work to provide a solid pathway to health and healing. In this interview, we’ll cover: 

  • Basic introduction to Astrology and Energy Medicine as they apply to healing
  • How the two healing modalities intersect to provide a broader context for healing
  • How astrology provides more detailed information about knowing the Self
  • How energy medicine makes accessing our astrological and spiritual information easier
  • Our personal experiences of healing through these modalities
  • Free gifts for YOU!


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