Gemini Full Moon December 17, 2013 1:28 AM PST & 4:28 AM EST

Gemini is interesting.  He has lots of questions…as many questions as his opposing sign, Sagittarius, has answers.  This is not to imply that Sagittarius is a know-it-all, but Sagittarius actually can be pretty irrationally sure of himself regarding what he believes to be true… and this can be a stumbling block for him.  If Sagittarius recognizes that his beliefs are not supported by Gemini facts, he may cling to them anyway at the expense of making himself pretty unhappy.  Sagittarians make sense of their lives through their beliefs, so it’s understandable why they would be reluctant to change them. We all have Sagittarius someplace in our charts and, along with it, the tendencies just described.

As Gemini enters the picture, he undermines some of our beliefs with a few important, and possibly inconvenient, facts.  Because the Sun in this Full Moon chart falls very close to the galactic core of the universe, and because the galactic core implies a deep and infinite soulful influence, this Gemini Full Moon touches a deep and essential personal chord.  It encourages us to make some kind of change that has the potential to move us in the direction of our soul’s intent. For many, that change has been a long time coming.

Human’s resist change, but that may be overwhelmed, at this time, by the fact that Uranus, the great awakener and impetus for pioneering breakthroughs, changes course after five months in retrograde motion.  On the exact day of this Full Moon, Uranus begins its direct motion, increasing the momentum for us actually implementing a critical change we’ve been contemplating for a few months.

If you need a push in that direction, allow me to scare you for a few paragraphs.

Mars entry into Libra, accompanied by Venus’s impending retrograde motion, complicates any decision to “stay the course”. Mars is now stirring up conflict, activating what we fear may be a meaningless life direction,  filled with hours of meaningless work, accomplished by some inauthentic and powerless version of our true self, because we continue to believe something that is essentially undermined by the facts.

While Mars is stirring up and intensifying fear,  Venus retrograde is intensifying our longing for work that we love as a means for connecting with the soul’s original intent.  It may all comes to an unnecessary, ugly, demoralizing climax, in the form of a psychic train wreck,  on New Years Day…the day specifically designated for optimism and renewed hope.

This is avoidable though.  One good first step, at this Full Moon, would be to acknowledge that we don’t know everything about how to get from where we are now to where we’d love to be, and that something fervently believed flies in the face of emerging facts and information, or maybe a well-intentioned piece of advice born of wisdom and experience.  In fact, as Uranus stations, before it begins to pick up momentum, this acknowledgement could qualify as a very shrewd first step.

If an opportunity peaks your interest or you begin to have second thoughts about an initial reaction, making an inquiring phone call,  asking lots of questions, signing up for the workshop, rehearsing a different approach, or taking some action that is historically “unlike you” signals to the universe a new kind of personal openness.  The energy field you’ll be entering, as a result, officially qualifies as   “foreign territory”.

Stepping into “foreign territory” is a distinctly Sagittarian activity.  It requires that an abundance of Sagittarian energy be channeled in the direction of supporting your personal “new adventure”.  This makes it much less likely that you will use available Sagittarian energy, released at this upcoming Full Moon, in the direction of upholding and defending some shaky, but “status quo protecting” belief…one that most likely limits you, encourages sameness, and prevents you from merging with your soul’s path…what you most value, and what you truly love.

Listen carefully, follow where your curiosity leads, remain “light on your feet”, capable of quickly changing direction should the right opportunity arise.  Question your beliefs, where they came from, and if they’re supported by the facts.  All of these activities honor “the twins” whose nature provides the checks and balances for a deeply meaningful life.  He’s drawing attention to himself now for our ultimate benefit.

The Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol:  “Winter Frost in the Woods  The significance of interruption, temporary loss or delay, the upsetting of plans or the smooth flow of things.  The suspension of normal activities, a sudden freeze in forward motion, the need for a changed perspective.  A moment of wonder and time for appreciating the magic and splendor to be found in the fulfillment of cosmic purpose.”

Thanks for reading.


Gemini Full Moon 2013

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