Taurus Full Moon Today at 4:15 AM EST and 7:15 AM PST

The Taurus Full Moon culminates today at a time when Saturn transits through its opposing sign, Scorpio.  You could say that Saturn has “taken up residence” in the sign of Scorpio as its current stay extends from October of 2012 – September of 2015.  Saturn provides our lives with structure and stability, which seems nice, but generally we don’t experience Saturn as nice.  We experience the “god of time” and the “great teacher” – in Scorpio especially-  as the bastard who brings us face to face with the limitations of our power and control.  No matter how hard we try to bring some desperate situation under control, applying our smartest strategies and most diligent efforts, in Scorpio, Saturn tends to bring us repeated failure… until we surrender to the natural flow of things.  Astrologically that means integrating into our lives the opposing sign, in this case Taurus,  the shadow, the reflector, the missing matching piece that makes us and our situation more whole.  Until we do, we remain frustrated, angry, and disheartened.

The Taurus full Moon illuminates for us the missing piece and, in the process, settles us down.  The Taurus Moon Goddess brings us a message of peace after Saturn has brought us to the brink. Perhaps less is more, simpler is better, and allowing the natural cycles of time to unfold, the way they always have, and always will, will resolve our most pressing current dilemma.   And maybe allowing some pleasure into our life, despite the apparent wreckage it has become, could relax us in ways that allow the universal underlying rhythms to heal and repair that which we cannot. Perhaps the “music of the spheres” is more powerfully harmonizing than anything we could invent or execute. In our effort to make something different, perhaps we underestimate the tendency of all organisms to gravitate toward equilibrium by naturally adjusting their life processes…without human intervention.

Taurus embodies a type of wisdom that teaches respect for natural processes, that patience is essential, and pleasure is indispensable. Scorpio provides the passion that makes it all very healing.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve indulged in the sensual, paid close attention to what your body craves and given in, immersed yourself in the beauty of an untamed natural setting, truly enjoyed a spectacular meal, or allowed yourself to deeply absorb the peace of a satisfied lover, the Taurus full Moon is here to remind you that this is not optional.

Mars in Virgo is emphasized in this full Moon Chart.  At 20 degrees of Virgo, its Sabian Symbol ” An Automobile Caravan” speaks to man’s ability to broaden his horizons, to make things easier for himself, and to move forward into more exciting adventures and more satisfying situations.

Taurus is the key that can get the ball rolling for us if we reject the futile notion that hard work and hyper vigilance is always more effective than respecting and enjoying the sensual world and its intrinsic wisdom.  The demoted Goddess, as usual, shows us the error of our masculine-dominated ways.

Here’s to relaxing into the natural flow and watching things magically, over time, work out better than you could have envisioned.

Have a sensually enjoyable Sunday,


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