Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse Sunday November 3, 2013 4:50 AM PST & 7:50 AM EST

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Despite the heaviness and complexity typically associated with Scorpionic energy, this eclipse chart seems to suggest movement toward a lightness of touch, psychic sensitivity, insight, and effervescence.  A truly fortunate infusion of opportunity, easily available to the “tuned in,” appears to accompany this potentially life changing “energy reset.”  The last time a solar eclipse occurred at this exact sign and degree was on November 3, 1994. In the Scorpio area of our lives, it’s time now to take to the next level what we’ve learned over the past 19 years.  It may be interesting to think back to what you were involved in then.

Glittering directly over the eclipse chart’s ascendent, Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo,  strongly influences today’s   energy in the direction of the magical.  Spica was one of the Behenian fixed stars.  Among a group fifteen stars considered amazingly useful for magical application, Spica is considered a source of magical power for Mercury and Venus – bringing into our awareness the exact information we need to move us through a “rite of passage.”   If we “tune in” by setting a mood, lighting a candle, following our heart, listening to intuitive guidance, and reflecting, we will be gifted with information that moves us in the direction of our greatest potential – in the direction of our most natural and fearless life direction.  Spica is considered one of the most fortunate of all astrological influences. Her gemstone is an emerald, her plant, the sage, should you wish to design a traditional ritual to accompany your New Moon intentions.

In this 11th month, with the New Moon and Sun aligned at 11 degrees of Scorpio, and Scorpio’s traditional ruler Mars placed at the 11th degree of Virgo, it’s interesting to note that the number 11 traditionally represents a mysterious threshhold, a passageway, a door.  The unconscious information we’ve always known, information embedded within our DNA, becomes easier to bring into awareness because of this Scorpio Solar Eclipse. Buried within the unconscious is the key that allows us to cross over an important threshhold.  Making the unconscious conscious and then acting on this new awareness is the process now being triggered.

Scorpio is, if nothing else, powerfully transformative. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, North Node, and Saturn in the eclipse chart’s first house intensifies the already intense power available to us. Pain is known to accompany most transformative processes.  The trigger that sets transformation in motion is the willingness to release something old and toxic we’ve become very attached to – a pattern of behavior, a symbol of security, a relationship, a life direction, a long held dream. The South Node in Taurus gives us clues as to the quality of what we may need to be released now – inflexibility, over-simplification, stubbornness, risk aversion, or insistence on controlling others and external environments to avoid mastering inner realms. Crossing the threshhold may require that we step into dark, deeply forested terrain…a potentially threatening prospect.

In my practice as an astrologer, I usually assume that a Scorpio has lead a life of continual loss, a long series of mini-deaths and amazing rebirths that make them especially familiar with the depths of emotional pain.   But, inherent within the makeup of a Scorpio, is an easier route that, at times like these, emerges.  Scorpio, through heightened awareness and practice, learns to recognize and manipulate energy in ways that short circuit pain and easily promote healing for themselves, others, and the world.  (Of course Scorpios walk a fine line when tempted to use their power in vindictive ways, but that’s by no means inevitable).  Essentially a Scorpio quality is learning to form relationships with higher sources of information and power.  That seems to be the opportunity we’re all presented with during this Scorpio Solar Eclipse.  The world is now in desperate need of fewer “successful people” and more healers.  Especially now, telepathic, clairvoyant, and alchemical pathways are opening for many and the survival of the world depends on our courageous response to what emerges.

Harnessing and directing energy appears to be a Saturn function. Placed now at 13 degrees of Scorpio, its Sabian Symbol is “Telephone Lineman at Work.”  The image of telephone lineman refers to the process of linking people, places, and experiences, transcending time and space, connecting with intuitive guidance, and overcoming impediments to the free flow of information.

A particularly enlightened approach to linking with others and with our own abilities and guides can be found in Hedy Schliefer’s “Encountered-centered Couples Therapy” which I found to be of much broader application than simply healing relationships with a partner.  Following is a link to her Ted talk:

For raising awareness,  mythmatician Michael Schneider’s book  “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe”  opens the door to heightened awareness and recognizing symmetry and synchonicity in all of nature.

Alchemist/Astrologer Carolyn Casey famously encourages us to “Believe in Nothing” and instead to “Entertain Possibilities.”  Her book “Making the Gods Work for You”  is a practical guide to learning from the “true experts” about harnessing and directing energy in healing directions.

Here’s to rising to the next level, mastering inner realms, and more enchanting and courageous adventures!

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

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    Wow! I am continually in awe of your work Holly ! You are a truly gifted writer, teacher & healer. Thank you my friend.

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