Pisces Full Moon Sept.19, 2013 at 4:13 AM PDT & 7:13 AM EDT

Any full moon is a time of harvesting what we’ve sown, celebrating, appreciating, or feeling disappointed based on what we receive and what we were expecting to receive. A full moon marks the end of a cycle that contains the seeds of new beginnings.  We have come as far as we can in a particular direction and there is now the need to change course.  After the culmination comes the release.  We are given two weeks before the next New Moon, and our official new beginning, to let go of remnants of the old cycle.  Because the moon is our focus, the remnants are barriers that do not serve our sense of wholeness and connection…emotions having to do with the past, our roots, our security, our conditioning, our inheritance. And because this particular full moon falls in the sign of Pisces it speaks to connections with the oceanic depths of our being…the strong underlying currents submerged just beneath our awareness, mysteriously directing our course and connecting us with the feminine, our source of emotional nourishment, with each other, and with all that is.

What we see in every Full Moon is a glowing refection of the Sun, in this case a Virgo Sun with its ruler, Mercury (the messenger) in the sign of Libra. There is something about this mysterious full moon that implies incompleteness and the need for a message or messenger guide to unite us with our mysterious submerged “other half.”  Virgo’s influence implies the need for a personal sacrifice in exchange for reward.

Another important clue to the meaning of this full moon is the dwarf planet Salacia. Aligned exactly with this full Moon, Salacia, in Roman mythology, was worshipped as a divinity, the goddess of salt water who presided over the depths of the ocean.  She was Neptune’s wife, a beautiful nymph dressed in royal robes with seaweed in her hair.  She is the personification of calm sunlit ocean waters.

According to the myth, Salacia was in awe of Neptune who was desperately in love with her and wanted her for his bride.  As a Goddess she was reluctant to give up her virginity because it represented her sovereignty over herself.  She gracefully slipped away from Neptune and into the dark ocean depths.  Neptune was devastated by the loss and sent a dolphin to look for her to bring her back to share his throne.  Salacia was eventually found,  persuaded to return, and agreed to marry Neptune.  He was so happy and grateful that he awarded the dolphin a place in the heavens, where he now forms the well known constellation Delphinus.

Salacia bore three children.  The most famous was Triton, whose body was half human half fish.

To have access to the emotional nourishment and wholeness that we crave (Moon) we need a method, a practice, a discipline, (Virgo) that can deliver us (Mercury) to that submerged love and source of all life (Pisces) that completes us (Libra).

The submerged source is the powerful feminine that has been degraded for so many centuries but is now struggling to re-emerge. It can be felt personally as the woundedness and imperfection we have hidden from view and failed to embrace as essential materia prima. It can be our numbness to the inspiration that fuels creation, the secrets that we keep, the subtle whispers of intuitive guidance we dismiss, the nagging urges we suppress, the selfless service we withhold, a resistance to the the rising tide of compassion threatening to overwhelm us, the music of the spheres we can’t hear, and the rhythm of life we can’t feel.

Anytime we are able to override our conditioned resistance to the emergence of feminine energy we assist in healing ourselves and the world.

Here’s to the full moon and our ancient memories, to Salacia and her personification of this lunar message, to dolphins, the oceans, and completeness.

love, Holly

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