Aries Full Moon Eclipse October 18, 2013 4:38 PM PDT & 7:38 PM EDT

Lunar eclipses break deadlocks, reset and reroute energy channels, and change forever habitual behavior and emotional patterns. Eclipses are powerful interrupters of the status quo. They stop us in our tracks and prevent us from progressing further along some promising road without a major change in format.  It’s sometimes difficult, without the benefit of hindsight, to trace major life turning points back to an eclipse.  But with time and a broader perspective, a specific lunar eclipse will inevitably mark the beginning of the end of an old way of life.  Eclipses differentiate the lines between major life phases.

In approaching this Aries Lunar eclipse somewhat obliquely, the underlying thread that must be identified, in order to unravel its meaning, appears to be a missing piece of information. (In the eclipse chart Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces). For months there’s been an unsettling uncertainty surrounding the inability to obtain a definite answer that could clarify, for us, a way forward.  We’re stuck in some nightmarish (or very inconvenient) liminal state…betwixt and between, neither here nor there.  The uncertainty of outer circumstances and the feeling that we’re missing something important results in diminishing confidence in our ability to act effectively.  Many are experiencing a scarcity of promising options and frustration.

But being the adaptable creatures we are, we’re adjusting to this “new normal” by going within, deepening our relationship with ourselves, living more in the present moment, attempting to make connections with the part of us that’s unchanging, and just paying more attention.  Increasing our awareness, so as not to miss the answer if it arrives in some disguised form, may also be part of a new emerging pattern. The effort to uncover and integrate hidden parts of the self is time well spent.  That will soon be evident.  Obviously there is the promise of  tremendous opportunity as well as ongoing challenge.

Another piece of the backstory involves Venus in Sagittarius squaring Chiron in Pisces.  Any square requires a new type of action that feels frighteningly unfamiliar.  To attract the joyful enthusiasm that accompanies confidence that our actions are the right ones,  Chiron is demanding that we heal our connection to spirit and our reliance on intuitive guidance.  The centaur is suggesting that we take a more artistic approach to life, surrendering to the creative process in expressing our talents as a method of transcendence.  He is encouraging us to remember and record our dreams and to find their messages, to take the time to immerse ourselves in nature and something bigger than ourselves regularly,  to connect with ancient sources of strength (ie., gods, goddesses, and their myths), to shine a healing light on wounds we’d hope to deal with at some later date,  and to free the part of us that we’ve divided, spliced, toned down, or imprisoned to keep from upsetting another or to “fit in” in some way.  Chiron is suggesting that we respond to ourselves with compassion rather than impatience and that we surrender our need to control in favor of our need to be whole.

Shortly, when we have more answers,  we will need to make some decisions about what to leave behind and what to pursue.  Upon what criteria will we base those decisions?  What inner laws and guidelines do we follow when weighing our options? (Sun in Libra)  The promise of this eclipse is that there will be a re-alignment and the formulation of new inner laws based more on the courage of inner conviction and protecting the integrity of the self.  Aries highlights the strengthening of the whole self as fundamental to the success of any collaborative, supporting effort.  It’s the symbolic essence of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac.   (Full Moon Eclipse falls in Aries)

Conforming under pressure, staying motivated by externals, and diminishing the self  in hopes of gaining acceptance and assistance are options that will not carry you far in the new directions you’ll want to take.  The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon Eclipse is “A Man Posses of more Gifts than He Can Hold”  The challenge in this symbol is learning when and where to set limits on the demands of others so that competency, talent, independence, and an insatiable desire to develop all of the self’s potential can be freely pursued.  Letting that sink in may be the best use of your time as Mercury retrogrades for the next several weeks.

The next eclipse comes on the heels of this one.  On November 3rd we experience part two of the “grand re-alignment” in the form of a total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.   At that time we’ll have some new information and a broader perspective.

Here’s to joyful new directions that strengthen the self as they move the world onto a more enlightened path.

Holly Repenn RN., MS., C.A.P.

Consulting Astrologer

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