The Gemini New Moon Influence

It may be time for a major change in perspective, a move to higher ground, different circumstances, a break from familiar surroundings, a new scene altogether. The wisdom of Gemini is “lightness of touch.”  Naturally inclined to broaden rather than deepen his experience, Gemini is prepared to change direction quickly – to adapt to changing circumstances at a moments notice.  Physiologically Gemini’s nervous system is notoriously revved up and highly sensitive.  His senses are acute.  The sign of the twins is the least likely of all signs to be taken off guard when his current situations begin to change.   He’s highly attuned to specific cues warning of a situation in flux that may threaten his security or spirit.  On an instinctive level he welcomes it because he needs change, mental stimulation, variety,  and to regularly flex his highly developed adaptability muscles.

Every new Moon “seeds” some specific energy patterns for the month that follows.  The potential is shown in the new Moon chart.  The overall theme seems related to reestablishing ourselves in a different situation under new circumstances. Jupiter aligned with the new Moon is symbolized by the Gypsy Emerging from the Forest optimistic and ready for a new experience and adventure.

Today the main event is the Gemini New Moon. (For a more personalized explanation read this week’s horoscope for your sign)  The New Moon sets the tone for the following month defining opportunities, challenges, and their meaning.  While Gemini deals with information, Neptune deals with what’s hidden.  On the grand scale we learned this week of the extent of widespread secret surveillance.   On a personal level we may experience the failure of information to provide the security and direction it used to provide in our lives.   We are being pushed into depending more on intuition and experimentation with accessing higher forms of knowing.  Neptune, now traveling in retrograde motion, encourages us to engage what’s normally hidden and previously too subtle to detect.  Neptune also encourages surrender to larger forces that are encouraging the reestablish of the self on higher ground, in a new situation, under different circumstances.  There is the suggestion at this new Moon that we are at peak ability to bring about whatever results we desire as we tune into an intuitive awareness of what needs to be done to restore a situation to health and wholeness.  While we may feel nostalgic about sticking with “tried and true” answers and old methods, difficult and persistent life circumstances and an intense urge to express what’s truly unique about who we are severely challenges the old ways of informing ourselves. This month is truly a new beginning as we experiment with networks, refine our nervous system’s capabilities, and open ourselves to moving forward.

Here’s to higher ground and the exhilaration of engaging with subtler but much stronger hidden forces for good.

Holly RePenn

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