Solar Eclipse in Taurus 19 degrees 31′ May 9th 5:28 PM PDT and 8:28 PM EDT


The Solar eclipse on Thursday falls in the sign of Taurus at 19 degrees 31 minutes.  Chances are we are already feeling its effects. A brief review of the effects of solar eclipses reminds us that,  for just a moment,  the light of the Sun is blocked as the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.  This manifests as a reset, a recalibration, a time when life patterns and processes are interrupted and new formations take their place.  It’s a time of new beginnings and new perspectives, a time when what was released during the last full moon may now be replaced with higher forms of energy and patterns.

Life may look very different after a Solar Eclipse depending upon how the eclipse affects your own specific astrological chart.  You may feel it intensely if you have important planetary placements between 14 and 24 degrees of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius)

Belonging to Saros Series 15 South, (a category of Solar eclipses), this eclipse represents a “release of tension”  while at the same time bringing to consciousness a sense of loss.  For example, an inheritance which may solve many problems is accompanied by the loss of a loved one or a long awaited job promotion will require more time away from home and family.  If you’ve been waiting for some good news, this eclipse may very well deliver it to you.

Eclipses at 19 degrees of Taurus occurred on May 11th of 1975 and May 10th of 1994.  If you remember what happened during those times, this could well be a continuation of that theme with a different and possibly much better outcome.

In this release of tension there is the potential for a huge power shift. Powerful elitists and charlatans may experience steep demotions while the hard working and more humble suddenly find themselves in positions of great strength and power.  The trick is to figure out how to use the gift of power wisely if you find yourself in the second group.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon Eclipse, Wind Clouds and Haste, speaks to the importance of staying centered in the face of sudden change and crisis as well as to a talent for recognizing and seizing  opportunities that are stirred up by excitement.  Negatively, the symbol can represent the inability to accomplish anything of long term value as a result of a tendency to get lost in superficial details. (Sabian Symbols Diana E. Roche)  The opportunities stirred up by change will most likely be those that present us with the option of facing something we’ve avoided facing for a long time… or something that has been hidden from our awareness.  A refusal to be conquered by fear by taking the necessary steps to eliminate the source of fear is what stabilizes us through this eclipse and long after.

Mercury, representing our nervous system, is placed only 2 degrees away from this new moon.  The Taurus stellium (many planets falling in the sign of Taurus) emphasizes that staying calm involves the appreciation of the beauty of the moment, the ability to make ourselves useful by tending to simple things that others can appreciate, and allowing a natural unfoldment to the point of culmination.   Avoiding hasty judgements,  jumping to conclusions, and rushing the resolution point is Mercury’s message throughout this eclipse.Eclipse Taurus 5:9:2013




Pluto opposes Ceres and sextiles Chiron.  Translation:  Ceres represents nourishment and Chiron healing.  Paying attention to nourishment as a potential healer as you release (Pluto) whatever prevents you from being properly nourished, is important. This could be spiritual nourishment or physical nourishment.  Because we’re dealing with an abundance of earthy Taurus planets, my tendency is to feel these represents the physical.

Detox is a process that fits this astrological configuration.  An essential cleaning and clearing allows for the breakdown of disease making room for new life.  Because Mercury is intricately involved at this time,  the health of the mind and nervous system may be particularly receptive to healing through a detox type of process. Finding the gold under layers and layers of dirt and debris is a very Taurean concept.

And finally, two asteroids, Lillith and Pallas Athene, are exactly aligned with this new moon eclipse.  Lillith is eccentric, cares little about appearances or offending the status quo, while Pallas is a great strategist. These two give us tremendous flexibility going forward.

We have little to fear if our ideas for moving forward are unusual and do not not follow normally prescribed methods.  Our ability to strategize kicks into high gear with this eclipse.  Blazing new paths that truly represent our own way of doing things…something that arises naturally and organically from our depths…something that we have the patience to allow to unfold in its own way, in its own time,  is ripe for manifestation.  Cleaning up, clearing out, and calming down is now essential.  There really is no rush when the universe places so many planets in the sign of Taurus.

If you feel so inclined, this would be the perfect time to embark on a detox program, under supervision if you’re not an expert.

Neptune and Chiron are placed in the 12th house of the new moon chart re-emphasizing the need to bring from the unconscious into awareness toxic emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that have the potential to make us sick.  Remembering dreams, making an appointment with a psychotherapist, or finally admitting to another what it is you’ve been avoiding for so long (if it’s within the realm of your awareness) could release you from physical problems.

Setting intentions for going forward in your own unique way, facing fear, staying calm, being physically healthier and more secure, while operating with a brilliant strategy, (possibly way outside the box), are all possibilities and potentials that could unfold during this New Moon Eclipse. Setting intentions a little after the New Moon ensures that you are setting intentions as the power of the new moon unfolds, not as the old moon fades in influence.

If you’re unfamiliar working with Lunar energy read Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-Enchanting Your Life.

love, Holly


  1. hi,
    Would you say that where you might have a natal Taurus planet or cusp might be significant too ?

    thank you.

    • Admin:

      Yes, definitely. That planet or house is being highly stimulated now bringing up and intensifying all the issues that the planet planet or house represents for you.

  2. Lee Gosson:

    My Sun is 19 degree Taurus. How would this solar eclipse show up for me?

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