Sagittarian Full Moon with Partial Eclipse; May 24th 9:24 PM PDT and May 25th 12:24 AM EDT

This week we experience the third of seven exact Pluto/Uranus squares (over a three year period) as well as the Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse.  The Sun transited into the sign of sparkly Gemini after a month through the practical, but often sluggish sign of Taurus.  The pace of life quickens for everyone as a result.

The third exact Pluto/Uranus square (Monday May 20th) plays out on the world stage (Oklahoma tornado) and in our personal lives.  Tremendous social change, the intensity of which has not been seen since the 1960’s, is in progress until the year 2015 when things will settle down a little.

On a personal level, Uranus, the great liberator, is challenging the existence of an ongoing, grinding type of torment in our lives (I’m being only slightly dramatic here). Despite a great desire to alleviate some persistently painful situation, our best efforts may have not seemed good enough… yet.

Part of the equation now is the need to create, amidst great uncertainty,  safety and healing for ourselves.  We need to dig deep for answers and are willing to sacrifice comfort and time in order to get the job done.  We’re willing to be persistent and to follow all leads as we recognize that there is a window of opportunity when we can actually make some progress in freeing ourselves from some difficult circumstances.

The full moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday/Saturday is, astronomically, a pretty pitiful excuse for an eclipse.  Barely a shadow is created at the most intense eclipse point, and that makes sense astrologically.  We’re not completely in the dark.  We just feel that something is being obscured partially…a vital piece of the puzzle that could foil our best efforts.

Because the eclipse falls under the sign of Sagittarius it provides optimism, faith, emotional freedom, and a complete intolerance to feeling “fenced in.”  Under the influence of Sagittarius we might feel more open to an adventure that takes us into foreign territory in some area of life,  and we operate with an unusual amount of confidence given the fact that we know we’re not seeing the total picture.  In fact, some “facts” we assume to be true, may not be.

It’s a heroes journey we’re being asked to undertake, facing the unknown with faith and optimism, a journey more intense for some than others, but for most, the likelihood of success, given the current timing and our commitment, is actually very high.

As the pace of life quickens, expect lots of new faces, new information, and rapidly changing circumstances.

Here’s to Sagittarius and his fiery, passionate, faithful and confident nature.  He can lighten things up with his amazing sense of humor. This week expect the makings of part of a wonderful and inspiring story you’ll be telling several months from now.

The Sabian symbol for This full moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius is “An Old Owl up in a Tree”  representing wisdom, discrimination, maturity, and confidence.

love, Holly

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