Princess Diana, her son Will and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge  are all archetypes as well as individuals. In other words, the Universe projects it own dreams, hopes and mysticism onto all three. Note also that Diana, William and Kate are very strongly identified with the sign of Cancer, which rules motherhood, fertility, tradition, the moon, and history.  The moon also rules vessels and containers, so perhaps it is apt that these three carry our hopes and dreams.

Diana of course was a Cancer, born July 1st, 1961 with her Sun at  9 degrees Cancer in the 7th house.  She was known for being a really good Mom and also as a nurturer to those who were in need. With her Moon in Aquarius, she was both strong and loving, showing no hesitation to embrace those with AIDS when it was an unknown.

Her Cancerian maternal influence is reflected in the chart of her son William. Born June 21, 1982  during a Solar Eclipse as well as the Summer Solstice Prince William also has Sun in Cancer in the 7th house.  His Moon is at 4 degrees Cancer, and the North Node also in Cancer in the 7th house. If the Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice birth date did not denote him as special enough, his Sun and Moon in Cancer, both in trine to Jupiter at the Midheaven, clearly indicate a chart fit for a king. His birth, just 10 days before his Mom’s 21st birthday, was a gift not just to Diana and Charles, but to the nation.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was born under the sign Capricorn. Equally strong in her chart is the sign Cancer.  Her Midheaven at 10 degrees Cancer, equating with Diana’s Sun degree.  The Midheaven is what you show the world and is equally as important as the Ascendant, Sun and Moon. Kate’s  Moon is in the sign Cancer (just like William’s) conjunct her North Node, both in the 10th house.  Diana would have loved her. When Will met her he must have found her energy very familiar in a comforting and magical way.

Given all this Cancer energy, it seems entirely appropriate their firstborn will be a Cancer. While a date for the birth has yet to be announced, I am guessing it will be between the 13th to 15th of July. Another likely guess is the 21st, with a Mars Jupiter conjunction in the sign Cancer. Very regal.

The first set of dates gives Moon in Libra, which Kate has as her rising sign. On the 21st the moon is in Capricorn, her sun sign. The Mars Jupiter conjunction is very close to Prince William’s moon in Cancer, while Saturn is trine his moon at the same time, signifying a happy outcome and new responsibilities.
As a side note, there is lots going on with Mars Jupiter, which astrology equates with birth. On the 16th of July the Sun by transit is equal to the Mars Jupiter midpoint in Kate’s chart.

On the day Kate and Will wed, there was a Mars Jupiter exact conjunction in Aries in house 10. In June-July 2013, the Moon in the wedding chart is equal to the Mars Jupiter conjunction by progression.

Going back to the theme of archetypes, no one has expressed this  better than Nicholas Campion on Diana as an archetype.   See for an analysis by Nicholas Campion of Diana’s chart and life, and a short but fascinating reference to William’s christening and its relation to the monarchy, or the archetype of the king.

“Yet  what most people had forgotten was the omen which occurred at Prince William’s christening, and was noticed as such by Sir Laurens van der Post, his godfather. Sir Laurens was a close friend of Jung, the man who did more than anyone else this century both to give astrology a twentieth century relevance and provide us with a philosophical framework for the understanding of omens. After William’s Christening, Sir Laurens related the following curious story, which was published in a South African magazine in 1983:

‘”It was a very simple ceremony – and a remarkable thing happened. The windows of the music room were open, the sun streaming in – and then the sky went grey, as a great storm gathered. Just as the Archbishop of Canterbury handed over a lighted candle, a violent gust of wind blew through the windows. The candle flickered – but did not go out”.

Sir Laurens recalled how his friend Jung once had an important dream, of standing in a great storm holding a lighted candle – how vital it had been that the candle should not be blown out, and how, when he awoke, he took great comfort from the fact that he had managed to keep the flame burning.

When I asked him whether he had told Prince Charles about Jung’s dream, Sir Laurens said: “Oh yes, of course. He understands these things.”‘ “

To Campion the candle flickering in the wind represents the Monarchy.

Another of my favorite astrologers, Bernadette Brady, also discusses the meaning of Will’s birth time in her book “The Eagle and the Lark” published in 1992. William was born on the eclipse that is part of Saros Series 2 Old North. This cycle has been associated (by years of observation) with finishing. So, will Prince William be the last king of Britain?

Brady  writes at page 234:

Prince William was born into Saros Series 2 Old North. We know that, given his social position, he is not fated to have an ordinary life and that events in his life are now, and ever will be, intimately bound to the history of Britain. If there is a drama in his life, particularly in adulthood, there is a good chance that there will be some drama in the Monarchy.

She goes on to say that this series is one of separation and endings. She points to year 2036, when the cycle ends, as a key year for Prince William. Note the series started in AD 792, around the time the Monarchy in Britain began.

On a related note, one of the first persons to raise the question of whether Prince Charles would ever be king was an astrologer, who wrote the following in 1951:

“Prince Charles, born in 1949, has a wonderful chart. He may never come to the throne, but he will grow into a strong, vivid personality, with an intense understanding of social problems and a deep kinship with his people.”

(See page 76, Outrageous Fortune, by Myra Kingsley)


  1. Cornelia:

    Perhaps one of the finest astrological websites I’ve seen. Fascinating information regarding Princess Diana, Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, all cardinal signs. It’s been predicted many times that Charles will never be King of England.

  2. Maria:

    I feel it important that Astrology now be represented by persons who have studied this deep and fascinating subject who also possess the ability to communicate simply to the public what it symbolizes and means in layman’s terms. This website does the job so well.

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