Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

This Full Moon in Scorpio is accompanied by an Eclipse which always intensifies it’s effects.  The Full Moon culminates on April 25th at 12:58 PM PDT and 3:58 PM EDT.  Depending on where in your chart this eclipse falls will determine its probable affects.  The following is an explanation of the basic theme.
The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon Eclipse is “A Gold Rush” implying an intense search for gold that lies hidden beneath the surface.  This Full Moon Eclipse begins to uncover seeds of potential within ourselves that we’ve neglected to fully develop.  Through some unexpected and most likely unpleasant realization, we are forced onto a new developmental track.   Traumatic realizations are a possibility followed by healing and the discovery within ourselves of something very valuable.  Because Saturn is reality, positioned in the sign of Scorpio, directly aligned with this full moon, changes we make could take place deep within while taking some time to manifest outwardly.  Saturn will test the structures of our life for strength and durability.  If you feel that you’ve hit a wall, radical change may be required.  But Saturn, traveling with the moon, encourages emotional control, a resistance to hysteria, fear, desperation, and hopelessness.  This is not the time for collapsing into a heap. Cooperation with this higher calling and the rare opportunity to recover something you’ve missed requires that you grab a shovel and start digging.
Mars opposing this full moon gives us the courage to fight . Venus in Taurus gives us a solid place to land after we’ve fallen through all the false floors and imaginary safe havens.  A beautiful and supportive grand trine involving the Moon, Neptune, and Ceres (more widely Chiron and Saturn) loosens our grip on emotional resistance, opens the floodgates to spiritual energy and our ability to imagine something whole and healthy. The trine feeds a part of us that has been neglected for too long.  It may well bring a hidden talent into full flower.

This eclipse has a six month trajectory as the eclipse point will be highly stimulated at the beginning of November.  It is over the next six months that we jump onto a fast track of challenges designed to empower, restore, and completely regenerate a very influential part of our life.

If you wish to set intentions for this full moon do so a short time after it’s exact culmination.  For West coasters that would be a little after 1:00 PM, for the east coast, three hours later.  If you’re unfamiliar working with lunations to enhance your life see Reenchanting Your Life  and Staying Connected to the Moon.

Here’s to finding your gold!

love, Holly

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