The new pope was born on December 17th, 1936.  He is a Sagittarian with either a Capricorn or Aquarian Moon.  I don’t know his birth time yet so I can’t determine which.  If it’s Capricorn he would have natural leadership and executive ability.  If in Aquarius, he would be a natural reformer. His North node conjuncts his Sun indicating a powerful influence over the future.  His Mercury is in Capricorn harmoniously aspected to Saturn in Pisces indicating he is a cautious traditional thinker and that his ideas comply with the way in which he’s structured his life, his spiritual ambitions, and his responsibility for acting compassionately. He is cautious with words. Venus falls in Aquarius indicating a highly developed social conscience but squares Uranus in Taurus indicating conflict and a push within himself and outwardly to reconcile monetary and wealth issues with justice, fairness, and equality. His reforming tendencies may center around inequal distribution of wealth and support for the poor.  Mars in Libra emphasizes his aggressive push to form relationships and alliances.  Jupiter in Capricorn magnifies his status quo supporting tendencies, traditional leanings, business and leadership talents, and ambition. In harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus, this is one lucky man monetarily and in terms of accomplishment. He’s had some very lucky breaks.  Neptune in Virgo stresses his humility, his desire to serve, and health interests.  Pluto in Cancer indicates a powerful ability to sway the masses where the interests of family and women are concerned.  Pluto widely opposes Venus, so it doesn’t look overly promising for women given this aspect and his traditional leanings. As for the sexual scandals, Pope Francis has black moon Lillith in the sign of Scorpio at 9 degrees.  This Sabian Symbol is interpreted as repair, restoration, and rehabilitation as well as a talent for fixing things.  There is nothing superficial about Scorpio so maybe his solutions will actually address the root cause.

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