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Self-knowledge is the inner compass.  It assists in answering the navigational questions of life. Should I marry or stay single, major in math or music, have children or simply enjoy my nieces and nephews, live overseas, become a veterinarian, accept chemotherapy, move to New York or live on my boat, retire early or work till I can’t work anymore.  The decisions we make determine our potential for a deeply satisfying life… or the opposite.

There are many ways to acquire self-knowledge. Some possibilities include; spending extended periods of time alone in an introspective state, immersion in psychotherapeutic counseling, dream analysis, completing an adventure that challenges survival and strips away all but the “essential you”, or living with someone who relentlessly challenges the “essential you”. Sitting for an hour with an accomplished astrologer, discussing the meaning of your natal birth chart produces an abundance of information about you. None of these methods is better than the other. Astrology’s advantage is simply speed …and objectivity.

A ship’s compass placed too close to a survival knife gives false readings. This can result in navigational errors that are only slightly off, making them especially dangerous. Nobody notices. Life’s navigational errors occur when inner compass readings are distorted by disowned parts of the self and unhealed wounds.

An astrological reading can pinpoint an initial distorting wound, the area of life in which it occurs, and, in the absence of self-knowledge, the probable navigational errors that have or will occur. Self-knowledge is the key to course correction. Astrology can provide that very quickly, but it is the client who decides whether or not to change course.

Most astrologers are not therapists. Just as a radiologist is trained to interpret X-rays, not to perform brain surgery, the astrologer is trained to read symbols, not to apply the best therapeutic techniques or to ask the timely question that will lead a client toward change and balance. Brain surgery relies on radiology for its success. The practice of therapy, relying on trained professional astrologers to improve outcomes, is in its infancy, but its potential is extraordinary.

Astrology cannot predict future events.  It can, however, predict the timing of future challenge, periods of opportunity, when strong self-assertion is advised, and when it’s best to wait. Timing is critical and astrology gives you that edge.

There is little doubt that the professional interpretation of your natal birth chart in combination with the therapeutic expertise of your therapist is the emerging gold standard for current treatment. Giving your therapist and professional astrologer permission to consult with one another on your behalf is well worth your consideration.

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