Horoscopes for the Week of Jan 23rd-29th

The Sun in harmonious alignment to Jupiter fills the world with hope, enthusiasm, and confidence that plans for expansion and progress will actually take hold.  Life is a little easier and fortunate opportunities present themselves with greater frequency this week.  Since October of 2012  the need to rethink our plans, shore up foundations, and solidify our confidence has delayed plans for expansion in some area of life.  This is the final week before things start flowing again and progress can be made.   


Having been pressured over the past few weeks to look at your psychological conditioning and lack of trust, and to make some changes, you’ve emerged transformed…a force to be reckoned with within the public sphere.  It’s time to take the authority you have and wield it wisely.  You may be challenged to work with or within a diverse group of individuals where needing to take everyone’s opinion into account is important.  So is getting to an outcome that benefits the most people in the best possible way.  You can ensure that outcome by becoming the gentle leader, finding common ground, making sure everyone is heard, and making your ideas known.  Using your influence to keep everyone moving in a positive and productive direction is important.  You’ve matured and can now assert yourself in more subtle ways, coaxing cooperation rather than insisting upon it.  You’re more effective now and using your effectiveness to advance the highest good for the greatest number of people reflects the challenge of our times.
As you’ve been pressured to face an ordeal testing your beliefs about relationships, commitment, compromise, and balance over the past few weeks your beliefs have changed.  It’s like all the old tracks have been thrown up in the air, jumbled, and laid back down in a different pattern.  You’ve been transformed in some way and now the challenge is where to go from here.  What is your life direction?  I don’t know, but it probably has something to do with squaring your beliefs and your life purpose with your relationships.  Can you be the person you’ve become, fulfill your life purpose, and fit all that into your current relationship?  That’s what you need to figure out.  If you have no current relationship, how has your relationship with yourself changed and how do those changes make what you need in a potential relationship different from what you used to need.  Don’t be afraid to assert your beliefs.  You’ve become somewhat of an authority over the past few weeks.
As you sift through the ideas you’ve had lately about future plans, group associations, friends, dreams, and humanitarian actions, you may be called on shortly to change your life direction in large or small ways to be able to put your ideas into action.  Your beliefs run along humanitarian lines.  As the age of Aquarius takes hold emphasizing brotherhood, the power of groups to move the world forward, the importance of every individual unique contribution, and the common thread between all humans regardless of their social status and position, you’re already on board.  You always have been.  It’s time for you to assume your most natural position within the broader, more progressive scheme of the universe.  The world is catching up to where you are and your beliefs don’t seem so strange anymore.  Make some decisions and take some small steps toward the end of the week to assert your ideas.
It’s not just about your security anymore, your feelings, and your need to protect.  Not that you’ve been thoughtless of others, but it’s time now to put a concerted effort toward thinking about what actually serves the best interest of the greatest number of people.  At this point you might have no idea about the needs of the masses, but this week you’ll begin to piece it all together.  As the age of Aquarius unfolds and humanitarian ideals take hold, Cancers are in the best position to sense collective needs, to know the best ways of caring for the many over the few, to protect emerging ideals,  and to draw on their roots to know how to move forward.  New progressive ideas about sharing power and resources, developing trusts, and working with groups to selflessly serve humanity stimulate the deepest recesses of your being.  You make some connections inwardly about your future direction and it all feels exciting on a very subtle level.
This week the emphasis is on relationships – your personal relationships and how enlightened those are as well as your relationship to groups or a specific group.  Sometimes attracting applause is difficult to accomplish on your own.  It takes a group and your cooperation and more importantly, your imaginative leadership.  Moving a group forward toward a solution that benefits the many over the few can be a tricky process.  Leos are particularly well equipped to come up with the creative ideas for how to do that.  Simply asserting that you’re entitled to be king handing down decrees that everyone must follow is ineffective, but even worse, it’s unimaginative.  Knowing and taking into account the specific personalities and needs of each group member stimulates the creative process and, for you, gets the juices flowing. In the scheme of the universe this is your starring role and one of the most important ones you will ever play.
The work/health/mind/spirit sectors of your life have just ignited.  You’re probably very busy fulfilling your responsibilities as competently as you always do, but something about your health and a tendency to pay little attention to it when there’s work to be done may become a problem.  Now you have the opportunity to understand how your mind affects your health.  If you’re thinking that you may not meet deadlines or that your work may not be good enough this will affects your health in negative ways. Respect for your body, understanding the sensitivity of your nervous system and the mind/body connection is an opportunity for you this month.  Raising your awareness and sensitivity and noticing how your body reacts to your thoughts and mental stress is an opportunity this week to head off illness.  Some time alone with your spiritual self is also important.
You’ve accomplished a lot in the area of creative output this past month and have earned the right to assume the role of a creative authority in some capacity. Your creative ideas are especially exciting now as you work with groups for the benefit of the many over the few.  You may be using your creativity to benefit others in humanitarian ways and this is where your opportunities lie this month.  Its time to promote your creative ideas with confidence.  They are as good as you suspect they are and need to be brought to the attention of those who can support and further their implementation on a broad scale. Insecurity about your creativity and ideas and how they will be received is of little consequence compared to the powerful positive influence they could have on the groups direction and the lives of many.  Asserting your creative authority is important this week.
Home/family relations may be improving now.  Fear, frustration, and old wounds have required that you exert tremendous efforts to control yourself rather than succumbing to the urge to control others. You’ve waged the battle silently and made some significant breakthroughs over the past few weeks.  You’ve emerged transformed as a communicator, and as someone who is able to use the power of the mind to move events in a promising direction.  You are particularly vulnerable now to feeling like an outsider which is difficult for you and colors every aspect of your life. Communication is the answer.  Honesty balanced with self control within the realm of home and family communications is tricky and fraught with hidden landmines, but Scorpios live their lives on the edge or they’re not living.  You are the enlightened family member who sees the possibility of achieving the greatest good for everyone involved…well, at least the majority.
Brilliant ideas, the ones humanity could really use at the moment, flow like water over a waterfall through your mind this week. Always an innovator with a mind that works a little differently, you may have developed the bad habit of assuming your ideas aren’t really that great otherwise they would be more universally accepted. Sagittarians are the lightening rods when it comes to shaking up the status quo, speaking the truth, and coming up with the plan that will actually stimulate some progress. But they have a reputation for “sticking their foot in their mouth”. The better interpretation is that the masses simply don’t like to be thrown off their stagnant game and resent the intrusion of something fresh and honest in the form of your unexpected comments.  My message for you is to start respecting your ideas by understanding your role in the bigger scheme.  Develop your ideas and communicate them as though the world depended on them, because it does.
Capricorn’s unwavering strength of purpose makes him a force to be reckoned with.  He is being severely challenged by those who feel uneasy with such a force in their midst.  His (or her) existence is a challenge before he opens his mouth or acts.  Emotional turmoil swirls around him as his essence challenges the unsubstantial and transient.  He is the rock, but he is also human and his sense of security may have been shaken over the past few weeks.  As expected he is emerging transformed but with questions about the nature of commitment.  Walling off emotions is his easiest route through the maze, but it results in an unsubstantial and transient resolution, something Capricorns  reject.  A balanced approach is wise approach and time is on your side.  Stabilizing for the long haul is ultimately a private process that is incredibly individualistic and outside the realm of mainstream solutions. Mental outlook and the company you keep is key.
Aquarians tend to feel grounded when the Sun, and in this case, Mars and Mercury enter the sign of Aquarius.  For this month at least the world is making some sense and Aquarius is catching up with where his life is headed.  Chances are you’ve been through some inner trial testing your inner strength and balance and have emerged victorious and in a better place.  This has freed you up to take decisive action as your career and life direction unfolds.  The world is in need of and receptive to the message you were born to deliver – tolerance, friendship, equality, brotherhood, the power of high minded groups moving toward humanitarian objectives, and decisions made with the main consideration being the highest good for the most people.  This week favors communication and some action toward integrating your ideas and plans into the larger community.
This week your inner life is highlighted and stimulated.  All emotions may be amplified giving you the opportunity to see what may be motivating you to move in directions you’d rather not take.  Most likely your actions toward groups, friends, and the community within which you find your self is one of keeping the lid on and controlling outcomes.  There is a possibility that you’re stuck with some friends, associates, and groups that are unhealthy and undermining to you, but letting go is very difficult.  There are much healthier and supportive influences waiting to replace the old, but letting go of the old first is required.  This is not as cut and dry as it appears on paper.  Friends are deeply embedded into your way of life.   This week you will understand clearly why you choose what you choose and may no longer find it necessary to cling to associations that diminish you in any way.

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