Horoscopes Week of December 12th – 18th

Things are starting to move again.  Areas of life that felt old, repetitive, frustrating, uninteresting, or just stuck in neutral will now shift into a higher gear breathing new life and a degree of excitement into your life  Most would say “it’s about time.” There’s a new moon in Sagittarius on Thursday.   Mercury begins its own journey through Sagittarius changing the mood of our thinking from deep and sometimes dark to optimistic, free, and more concerned with the big picture than details.  Venus finishes her foray through Scorpio and accompanies Mercury into the realm of the archer (Sagittarius).  We expect more freedom within relationships and may be tempted to spend extravagantly.  I’m sure retailers are thanking the Cosmos for that well-timed gift.
I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays and finding some inspiration as the year draws to a close and we look forward to 2013.  If I haven’t made it clear, I’m expecting the world to survive the December 21st, end of the Mayan Calendar, and “end of the world” predictions. 🙂
Your career and public image is deeply affected by the degree to which you’re able to control your impulses in order to attain the levels of support and cooperation you need.  You may be dealing with a high degree of risk, power struggle, and insecurity about who to trust.  But as the New Moon refreshes your perspective and gives you a new look at the big picture you may feel more confident in where you’re headed, what you need to do, and more importantly, what you need to say (or hear) in order to expand your opportunities.  Someone, most likely a woman of foreign origin, may offer you lots of support, understanding, and access to opportunities you previously believed were out of reach.  For better or worse you now must move forward publicly expressing the more unique, somewhat eccentric, and brilliant aspects of who you are.
Some deep insecurity over whether or not you’re seeing all there is to see in your partner or within your most important relationships is related to the Universe undermining some of your previously held beliefs and some hesitancy on your part to change in order to open up to new ways of relating to others.  The New Moon in your solar 8th house refreshes your perspective on the support you receive, the power struggles you deal with, and issues of intimacy.  Generosity, sharing resources and control becomes easier for you by Sunday.  You begin to relax some in this area of life opening yourself up to deeper levels of love and a more expanded capacity to receive what you need.  In those hidden areas of life that only you’re aware of, things are changing.  Intuitively you’re beginning to recognize that for you, this could be really good.
Some level of insecurity requires you to cling to your work environment, co-workers, the need for constant self-improvement or difficult health routines.  Your focus on this area of life is intense and connected to the level of support you feel, control issues, and the ability to access the deeper levels of love you need in order to sustain health and happiness.  Frustration reigns, but this week the New Moon in your 7th house of relationships, partnerships, and the unconscious parts of yourself gives you a glimpse of the bigger picture and the opportunities that exist for you within relationships.  A gift is in store for you this week that increases your flexibility, your ability to enjoy others, and to relax in their presence.   For the sake of authenticity, finally the more eccentric, humanitarian, and brilliant aspects of your true self and your associations begin to express openly.
Feeling secure lately may involve clinging to childhood, children, exuberant self expression, and some partying.  There is some intensity in your life regarding feeling loved, creative, enjoying children, and some aspects of your self-expressive ability.  The intensity is connected to the need to change some aspect of your most important relationships, the way you relate to others, and the amount of cooperation that exists within your life. The New Moon this week offers you a new perspective and a big picture vision of your responsibilities, your health, and areas for self improvement that can support your desire for more love and joy.  Maybe someone offers to take on part of your load this week so that you have more time to enjoy being who you are. Maybe it’s time for some much needed relaxation. Your life may take a turn toward requiring more freedom within relationships, and publicly toward more authenticity, brilliance, humanitarianism, and uniqueness.
Clinging to early conditions of your home, family, and roots provides some security for you now and this area of life requires your intense focus.  The hesitation you feel about dealing with control issues within your work environment, your health routines, service to others, and your lack of flexibility are very connected to your early conditioning. These are high risk “make or break” issues for you which will require major difficult changes over the next couple years.  But this week a change in your perspective supports the bigger vision that will carry you through.  Children and love put a different light on everything, deepening your understanding and making you more receptive to changing  your more traditional beliefs in the direction of something more unusual, unique, and authentically you.  Some unusual act of kindness could melt your heart this weekend and change everything.
Clinging to your immediate environment, something that was said, an encouraging conversation, or a particular mindset provides some much needed security for you now.  An intense focus on controlling your thoughts, controlling the conversation, siblings, neighbors, or your immediate environment is connected to a hesitancy to transform the way you express love for others, yourself, your creativity, and child-like tendencies.  Over the next couple years you will make much needed changes in this area of life.  The gift this week is a New Moon in your 4th solar house putting a new light on the unchanging aspects of life that have always sustained you giving you a glimpse of the much bigger picture and an inspired vision for yourself.  An unusual act of kindness, generosity, or support comes your way this weekend clarifying that you’re not alone in your journey and giving you new ideas for how to approach power, resource sharing and intimacy issues.
This week you may be clinging to security through money or a relationship. An intense focus on finances, improving self-worth, and changing values to reflect the life you want relates to the past, your home, family, roots, and early conditioning.  Control issues and a hesitancy to change your role within the family or an undermining attitude toward the past is connected to your financial condition.  Major changes will have to be made over the next couple years. The New Moon this week changes your perspective highlighting new areas of opportunity that exist for you. Within your immediate environment, through siblings, neighbors, a new mindset, or something relayed within the context of a conversation you recognize new possibilities and a refreshed vision for yourself.  A woman may provide support for you that boosts your confidence and gives you the courage to change
You may find yourself clinging to your relationship with yourself, your physical body, and thoughts of starting anew to provide much needed security.  You will need to completely transform this area of life over the next couple years and the difficulty you have is directly proportional to some inflexibility within your immediate environment, within your mindset, the need to control information given and received, siblings, neighbors, and, in general, the way you get from one place to another. The New Moon puts  new light on your resources, talents, financial issues, self worth, and priorities. The big picture and visualizing financial security can greatly enhance and relax you into a better relationship with yourself.  An act of generosity or an opportunity or idea for increasing income will most likely come to you.  Loosening up your criteria for what constitutes appropriate work, self-improvement, and health may take you out of your comfort zone and into freedom.
An intense focus on the power of mind to determine behavior, changing subconscious conditioning, opening the self to intuitive guidance as well as investigative activity and selfless service consumes you now.  This area of life will require drastic change over the next couple years and is connected to your self-worth, your financial condition, the proper use of resources and talents, as well as values and priorities.  Something just beneath the surface of consciousness or someone from behind the scenes surfaces this week enabling you to see the love, support, and kindness that surrounds you.  The New Moon provides a new perspective on the relationship you have with yourself.  It also provides the perfect timing to start some new project or to introduce some new aspect of yourself to the world as you continue to embrace previously disowned parts of yourself.  Creativity, freer expressions of love, and a child-like enjoyment of life kick into a higher gear.
Intense focus on your position in the community,  status as an insider or outsider, equality, and the ability to see yourself climbing the social ladder hinges on the amount of flexibility you have to change your relationship with yourself.  Self-imposed limitations restrict your freedom to move into the upper echelons of society.  Your own treatment of others based on their social position requires more awareness. In these areas of life that you will undergo a complete transformation over the next couple of years. The New Moon increases your awareness of your essential dignity, poise, and complete lack of inferiority as you function competently behind the scenes.  Secret messages or your own intuitive thoughts promote a kinder more accurate assessment of who you are and increase your confidence about how you deserve to be treated. This week marks the beginning of rejecting what you’ve accepted about your limitations and self-imposed social inferiority.
After months of experimenting with revealing more of yourself through what you communicate in order to get noticed, to achieve your dreams, and to feel more authentic,  you’re now more confident and ready to take some necessary but risky steps.  Honing and deepening your creativity and practicing your techniques now gives you some very practical advantages for making new inroads with communities, friends, and groups who may be very receptive to what you have to offer.   The New Moon freshens your connections in this arena and gives you the potential to expand your reputation and to dream big. Venus’s transition into your solar 11th house brings love, support, and opportunity on a grand scale.  Be organized and act with confidence as the landscape of your life moves in the direction of your dreams.
An intense focus on securing more freedom for your self by changing some beliefs, moving into unfamiliar territory, and expanding your options is intricately tied to responsibilities you feel toward friends, those who love you, your social position, and the groups you associate with.  A complete change in these areas of life will take place over the next couple of years.  The New moon this week gives you a glimpse of new opportunities for changing your life direction, your career, or public reputation in some way.  Inspired visions of yourself freely directing the course of your life deserve some indulgence.  New philosophies and support presented to you this week by someone for whom you have great respect opens your mind to new opportunities and makes everything easier.  Inventive or long-awaited solutions move finances and self-worth issues in a freer, more positive direction.

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