Horoscopes for the week of Dec 19th – 25th

The Winter Solstice happens on Friday December 21st.  Cosmically it’s a momentous occasion every year, but this year, according to most historical timelines, after approximately 25,000 years spent traveling through the age of Pisces,  we now officially moving across the threshold and into the age of Aquarius.  The Winter Solstice chart is essentially the birth chart for this new age.  The Winter Solstice traditionally has represented rebirth…a time when the Sun lies lowest in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest darkest day of the year just before the days begin to lengthen again and the light increases.  It’s a time of hope celebrated in various ways around the world. I’m using the winter Solstice chart to write horoscopes this week.

You’ve worked hard this month to move your life and career forward.  As the Sun and Juno move into your 10th house this week you may receive some recognition for a job well done. You may share the recognition with a partner, announce marriage plans, or raise your profile as you find yourself in a position to make a very strong impression.  Or you may simply be way more creative as you develop some very practical ideas for continuing advancement moving. The condition of the relationship you have with yourself is becoming very important particularly as it relates to your reputation, profession, and life direction. Being honest with yourself is very important this week.  Moving beyond the lies you tell yourself about who you are and what you believe opens doors and brings you to the brink of achieving what you want most in life. Your hidden strength is your sixth sense and strong feel for your next best move.
Venus expands good feelings surrounding shared efforts, financial support, and feeling closer to those you love. Opportunities to partner with someone who works behind the scenes – a genius, innovator, eccentric humanitarian, or lover – may present this week.  Or maybe you have hidden in reserve unusual incubating ideas or breakthroughs in long standing personal limitations that are now reflecting positive changes in your life.  There is an indication that facing facts and dealing dispassionately with financial issues could have a very positive effect on how you view yourself as a partner and your attitude toward life in general.  Highlighted on Friday will be the extent to which the condition of your relationship with yourself limits or expands potential in your relationship with others.  Come clean with the lies you tell yourself about your self worth and notice how that changes everything.
The condition of your relationship with yourself is highlighted now in the area of life that deals with power sharing, feeling supported, honesty, and intimacy.  If those areas of life are going smoothly your relationship with yourself is most likely in good shape.  If not then consider some of the ways where your presentation of yourself is not totally honest and correct that.  Presenting yourself more authentically could also relieve some of the tension you feel in the workplace.   Overall your relationships seem interesting and exciting and could present you with an opportunity to start something new, most likely toward the end of January.  Sharing power and resources and giving and receiving enhances you career and life direction in some way. Christmas day may not go as planned with friends acting unpredictably or group efforts running amuck in someway.  Your basic generous attitude keeps things fun regardless.
Your boss may unexpectedly express appreciation for you and your work.  Your career may advance or your life direction may be enhanced as a result of  your harmonious and supportive relationship with co-workers, your obvious love for your work, or your generous attitude in the workplace.   Behind the scenes though you may feel tension that you have difficulty resolving. Your imagination is running in high gear.  If you haven’t had the time to create something artistic this season, taking some time to indulge your creativity could go a long way toward relieving some of the stress you feel.   As the Sun and Juno move into your 7th house on Friday your awareness of how your relationship with yourself affects your partner and partnerships in general is highlighted.  Christmas Day brings unexpected disruption from a boss or someone in authority but it’s not disruptive enough to keep you from enjoying the day.  A break from normal responsibilities is just what you need.
By Friday your attention swings toward work, responsibility, and the relationship you have with yourself in regard to work issues.  You may be receiving a good amount of support from others now for the work that you do.  Your reliability and business- like attitude is highlighted.  Christmas day may unexpectedly and suddenly introduce circumstances that could temporarily overwhelm you within the realms of work or health but its affects are short lived. You may be working hard by the end of the week but your ability to enjoy the festivities remains unusually high. Children and loved ones are a source of great joy.  Some previous limitation has been removed and your life feels freer, more expansive,  like someone just opened a window letting fresh air blow through your life.
Unexpected support or a partner’s generosity makes time at home with family unusually enjoyable.  While your life direction and future career plans remain somewhat “up in the air” through the end of January, conversations with family members helps to clarify your options and opportunities. You now have time to notice the amount of love you’re feeling for yourself these days and how that affects your love life, your children, and your creative output. Your attitude toward this area of your life may feel business-like, loaded with responsibility, and  made more difficult by uncertainty.   Invisible support comes to you intuitively through compassionate partners or former partners offering encouragement for you to take advantage of favorable circumstances for healing and renewal.  Remaining flexible on Christmas day is important because others may unexpectedly drop the ball leaving you to adjust and rearrange.  You can do it.  The important thing is remaining mindful of how you treat yourself.
Lots of work and responsibility is indicated within the realm of your home and family. For better or worse you may feel married to your home and family by Friday – completely committed.  Ongoing renovation of your home,  emotional life, or your finances reach high intensity over the next week. Something about emotional balance needs to be addressed.  Somehow in the process of creating stability within your relationships that part of your life has become a little inflexible.  Emotionally you still need to work on creating balance. Conversations with partners about creating more freedom to maneuver can be stimulating and maybe even enjoyable. Difficult conversations are easier now because you have the ability to express yourself beautifully.
Creating something beautifully artistic that expresses your love connects you with the spiritual parts of yourself that never change.  This is important as your presentation of yourself to the world -your style is undergoing some major renovation. Second guessing what you say, how you appear, and how you act in various situations reflects some cosmic undermining of your old style.  Something about your approach needs development.  You are especially gifted now in expanding and using your resources wisely.  The ability to support yourself financially and emotionally empowers you, but more support from others is coming your way very soon. Mars in Capricorn in your 3rd solar house implies that you’ve worked very hard on the communication part of presenting yourself to the world as a capable high achieving person. By the end of the week you will see the results of your efforts.
There is a spiritually healing influence within your home which may be reflected in art work, compassionate family members, or an atmosphere that makes you feel connected. Maybe just thinking about your roots comforts you. Whatever the situation you have an amazing ability to attract what you need now.  By Friday the Sun progresses in the sign of Capricorn highlighting the financial/security/resource sector of your life. You may feel “married to” your financial situation and what you own. Or your partner may become very involved with managing resources.  Speaking of relationships, if you can you simplify the issues you have with your partner rather than dramatizing them they’re easier to solve.
Answers to the questions you have seem unavailable, vague, confusing, or just hard to hard to pin down.  You may be required to read between the lines, guess, or sensitize your 6th sense to know what’s going on.  Fortunately you’re pretty good these days at feeling your way through a conversation.  Friday marks a new beginning, a rebirth of sorts when the Sun moves into Capricorn.  Events that have been put on hold the past month now swing into high gear.  It is obvious to everyone now that you are a strong decisive leader committed to a solid relationship.  Interestingly you benefit now from your accurate communication instincts and your willingness to try to understand. Mars, the planet of passion and action completes its journey through the sign of Capricorn this week.  There is a sense of urgency to finish your work, express your passions, and to start whatever needs to be started.
Resources may be dwindling as you struggle to achieve prominence within your professional field, to improve your social status, or to solidify your life direction.  Resistance reigns as you struggle to give birth to your gifts, but only temporarily.  Your aversion to doing what you most need to do will soon fall by the wayside.  You will be moving into an incubation period this week where your creativity smolders and exuberant self-expression lies dormant.  You’re in the planning stages for an endeavor that will take hold toward the end of January.  Spending time alone thinking, daydreaming, and visualizing is time well spent.  Think of this week as the beginning of a clearing phase where everything that’s outlived its purpose and holds you back can now slowly be released.  Your relationship to your spiritual self is highlighted on Friday.  Meditating then to gain some clarity about what might be holding you back is advised.
The moon in Pisces accentuates sensitivity, art, romance, empathy, visionary tendencies and the mysterious. These are your most natural qualities, the things you do best, your gifts to the world.  As you start a new emotional cycle and begin down a new path consider the benefits to making sure that your new direction includes these most authentic parts of who you are.  The Sun moving into the sign of Capricorn this week highlights your relationships with friends and your connections to groups. Connected to friendship is your struggle to break out of old limiting molds and pre-programmed ways of making sure your world stays smaller than it needs to be.  There is a resistance to releasing old beliefs but eventually you’ll give in.  At that point it will seem like someone opened the door letting a fresh breeze  blow through your life.

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