New Moon in Scorpio/Total Solar Eclipse Nov.13, 2012 (2:09 PM PST – 5:09 PM EST)

Tuesday’s Scorpio New Moon and total eclipse will, like all total eclipses, be accompanied by a power surge that disrupts energy flow. In life this is often felt as a sudden event that abruptly changes and concentrates attention.  Scorpio, the sign of powerful transformations arising from the depths, can make life feel intense and dramatic. Already we’re within its zone of influence.

Judging from the fact that the last total eclipse in Scorpio occurred on October 24, 1995, seventeen years of pent up Scorpio energy could potentially strengthen this eclipse effects.  Add that to the fact that the new moon in Scorpio makes no major aspects (connections) to any other planet, and you have the potential for a life changing event.

If you’re unfamiliar with Scorpionic subject matter, keep in mind it encompasses material most would rather not think or talk about. During the last  Scorpio total solar eclipse world events conspired to bring to public attention nuclear annihilation of the human race, homosexuality, transvestitism, sexual identity issues, marital rape, domestic violence, fear of the unleashed power of oppressed black men, and the abuse of power by the FBI.

In October of 1995 the Million Man March took place in Washington D.C. Over 800,000 black men participated. Lorena and John Bobbit divorced, and Victor/Victoria opened in New York City.  At the same time Polish physicist Joseph Rotblat won the Nobel Peace Prize for attempting to diminish the threat of nuclear war. He was initially part of the team developing the atomic bomb (The Manhattan Project) but quit for moral reasons. The FBI, fearing negative publicity, accused him of spying for the Russians and threatened to arrest him if he divulged his reasons for quitting. They banned him from entering the U.S.

This week the revelations of General Petraeus’s hidden affair and the fact that it was uncovered by an FBI investigation of the CIA is about as Scorpionic as it gets.  Petraeus and Paula Broadwell are both Scorpios born Nov. 7th and Nov 9th respectively.  On a personal level, depending on your natal astrological placements, the surge of Scorpio power may expose secrets and dredge up old death and intimacy fears. Abuses of power, mind games, sexual issues, humiliation, revenge, suspicions, betrayals, and struggles involving the sharing of resources may  seem more intense.  Emotional toxicity will be on display.  Anything from mild discomfort to excruciating pain, to overwhelming passion, to obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions will surface.  The next five months will involve emotional purging and an intense healing phase.

If keeping painful emotions submerged has dulled your senses, if years of struggling for control over your fears has depleted you, if inner peace remains elusive, and if, amidst vague feelings of loss, the meaning of life escapes you, this Scorpio eclipse will bring you back to life. Don’t be surprised though if it seems to be exactly the opposite initially. Be prepared for a siege if you direct your energy toward maintaining the status quo.

Scorpio heals by putting your survival, on some level, at stake. Expect to be brought face to face with whatever threatens you most. You may need to muster every last ounce of strength, drawing on resources you forgot you had, focusing intensely to be able to transcend emotional turmoil and, in the process, be willing to live on the edge for awhile. The intensity of the eclipse and the area of life you feel it most depends to a great extent on your natal chart placements.

If you’re reading this post, you have the advantage of foresight.  I plan to set intentions to channel this powerful energy in the direction I want it to flow.  For me the eclipse falls in my natal 9th house of deeply held beliefs, foreign territory, expansion, freedom, publishing, and teaching.  I plan to spend some time visualizing and feeling the energy empowering me to finish a recent article I’ll submit for publication. I’ll imagine myself free to move into foreign territory as a speaker and teacher after the article is published.  I’m focusing on relaxing and releasing anything that blocks energy flow and not wasting energy judging myself harshly for the toxic garbage that may emerge.

If it sounds like divination and magic, human potential expanding into the realm of controlling energy fields, and the best possible use of astrological information, I would agree.  All cosmic signs point to the need for humans to step it up a notch in their attempts to tap previously untapped potential. People used to be burned at the stake for this kind of stuff as well as for expounding that the earth revolved around the sun. It’s time to move forward.

Please feel free to share your adventures with this eclipse in the comment section below.  Thanks for reading.  If you’re not used to working with the moon and eclipses you might be interested in reading Staying Connected to the Moon and Re-enchanting Your Life.


  1. Peg:

    Petraeus born Nov. 7, 1952, and Broadwell born Nov. 9, 1972, so both Scorpios. I am thinking Saturn having moved into Scorpio has something to do with the whole drama as well.

  2. Admin:

    Interesting that Broadwell is a Scorpio too. I think Saturn in Scorpio is definitely involved as symbolic of tough lessons learned through undercover activities 🙂

    I think Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries symbolize the the government and military rulebreakers. Saturn is now aspecting both through an inconjunct. Good point Peg

  3. Michael:

    I know that this eclipse fell in my 11th house and I have been feeling the urge to get involved with the anti-nuclear movement. I feel that even stronger since the eclipse. What is the meaning of the 11th house?

  4. Admin:

    That’s pretty interesting Michael. The 11th house is the house of friends, groups, and community activism. Causes and movements fall in the 11th house. Since the eclipse was in Scorpio you would be drawn to a cause addressing something intense and life threatening like nuclear power…as opposed to something like a book club or Yoga on the beach.

  5. Admin:

    My experience with the eclipse was unexpectedly amazing. A Reiki master friend from Europe offered to do a treatment from a distance directing a special energy called Deeksha to me at the exact time of the eclipse. Deeksha works with cell memory, emotional memory, past lives, and clearing Karma. If you know a little about astrology, the fact that the eclipse fell in my 9th house of foreign countries and long distances…well, it was all pretty incredible.

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