Gemini Full Moon with Eclipse Nov 28, 2012 6:47 AM PST, 9:47 AM EST

A Full Moon with an Eclipse falling in Gemini is interesting in that it combines emotion with thought and heart with mind.  Gemini represents pure thought and the moon our emotional nature. The experience of this full moon suggests an opening of the mind that accompanies an opening of the heart – an emotional experience that forever changes a previously entrenched mindset.

The “forever” nature of the change reflects the action of an eclipse.  We experience it as a turning point where we’ve traveled as far as we can in one direction and now the course changes.  The new weekly horoscopes that I will post tomorrow attempt to explain, based on Sun signs, in what area of life you may be experiencing a change of heart and mind.  Never as accurate as an exact birth chart, it should nonetheless give you a general idea of how this Full Moon Eclipse may be affecting you.

Stephanie Austin stated that “…a lunar Eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis (this one) highlights where we need to question our assumptions, remember who we are, and live the truth of our soul.”  Questioning assumptions is a good idea because our assumptions about who we are can drastically limit potential. Assumptions are usually based on nothing other than a belief we accepted without question, often passed on to us as children, and not rooted in fact. The Sabian symbol for Mercury, this full moon’s ruler, is “A Parrot Listening Then Talking.”  The symbol represents regurgitation – a non-discriminating acceptance and repetition of what’s been heard.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “An Old Fashion Well.”  A well symbolizes the source of all life and the process of renewal, nourishment, and revitalization.  The Moon widely conjuncting Jupiter adds an expansive openness to our emotional nature now. We may be more willing than usual to feel the fullness of our emotions and to flow with a cosmic current that’s flowing in the direction of renewal.

The Sun opposing the Moon, as it always does in a Full Moon chart, is in the expansive sign of Sagittarius further emphasizing the need to break out of old molds and limiting definitions to experience the freedom of being more fully who we really are.  The Sun in Sagittarius speaks to opportunity and boundless potential.  The Sun may finally expose possibilities previously hidden from your visionary field.  The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is “Cupid Knocking at the Door.” Diana Roche interprets the symbol as follows: “The image of cupid knocking on the door symbolizes a call or an invitation to experience that which quickens the heart and soul.  The emphasis in this symbol is on the willingness of an individual to change his attitudes and behaviors, or even his style of living, if necessary, in order to attract those kinds of relationships that will bring him happiness and help him come alive and grow.”

There is an emphasis on healing what has been damaged by long held false beliefs and self-imposed false imprisonment.  This Full Moon Eclipse makes a highly stimulating aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer. Its symbol “Officers on Dress Parade” speaks to the need for self-discipline, commitment, and an investment of time and energy in “debriefing” and bringing oneself “up to speed,” fully self-confident.  A program of affirmations, constant awareness of thoughts, and the willingness to confront your old ways may be necessary to rid yourself of familiar mindsets.

The theoretical opposition point to Chiron is 5 degrees of Virgo.  It’s Sabian symbol is very straight forward- “A Merry-Go-Round.”  If you remember, like I do, being on a merry-go-round and wanting to get off, you have to wait for it to stop. Sometimes it takes way longer than you want it to.  This Eclipse is stopping the merry-go-round briefly. You can safely jump off if you want to, or stay on for another ride repeating old cycles for another indeterminate amount of time. Actually the next Gemini eclipse does not occur until the year 2020 so that could be an eight year ride.

The Full Moon represents culminations and endings. Setting intentions a little after the exact time of this Full Moon Eclipse is a powerful time to channel the available energy in the direction you choose.  Read “Staying Connected to the Moon” and “Re-Enchanting Your Life” if you’re new to working with the moon.

Here’s to a whole new spectrum of opportunity, a revitalized life, and maybe a visit from Cupid. 🙂


Holly RePenn





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