Manifesting – Zen’s Beautiful Bags

There was an online “Manifesting”  forum held at about this time last year.  A woman whose screen name was Zen contributed her experiences attracting what she needed and it made the most sense to me of anything I’ve lately on the subject.
She defined the basic problems people have with setting intentions and trusting the universe to deliver.  The first is the problem of anxiety over lack of required action.  Almost no one expects to get what they want without doing something first. The second is a total release of control once the intention is set.  Leaving your wishes in the hands of the Universe while you get out of the way, relaxing and waiting feels unnatural, particularly if the things you’re wishing for are things you really need, like money, or a job.  Zen’s solution?  Make up your own manifesting rules.  She explained that she had heard an idea from a manifestation teacher who advocated assigning roles to the Universe (or manager) and roles to herself. Her are the two examples and explanations she gave.
“…  I wanted another computer in addition to my old one, preferably a lap top. I had already written out having a well functioning computer. Then I decided my job would be to bring my broken lap top to a store for disposal, and it would be the Universe’ job to bring me a new computer. I do my job and the Universe will do its job. I would not trouble myself with the Universe’ job or wonder how it would be done. So I did my end of the deal that morning. In the afternoon, a friend called to offer me an old lap top he didn’t need anymore. The next morning another friend called to offer me extra computers her estranged husband left behind”.
Here’s the second example she gave.  “I finally received some money due me, but needless to say I was in a financial hole.  Meanwhile I had learned much about LOA (Laws of Attraction).  One day I went to my favorite discount outlet and picked up a little $80 bag I really liked and walked around further in the department.  There suddenly I saw a black version of what I had admired before in gold.  It was beautiful, very good quality and would be very useful to me.  It had been discounted down to $200 from the original $700 which I later verified online.  It was still a little hard to justify at such a time.  After some deliberation, I put back the first bag and took the black one to the cashier after I made a new manifestation rule: every time I buy a bag I love that fits all my criteria of style, quality, function, and price, it will bring me money.  I brought this beautiful bag home and admired it with much joy.  I imagined it would bring me good fortune, even figuring out how much cash it could hold (half a million dollars).  I used it the very next day to see my manager who had called me for a meeting.  To my total surprise, she handed me a bonus cheque for $1000!  I stared at it for a moment in amazement, not as much for the money as for how my new rule worked out.”
I’m guessing that this would be a very reliable way of manifesting as long as you assign meaning to whatever actions you take. Reciprocity – giving something in order to receive something – seems fundamental…  and the Universe loves being included in your life.

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