Category: Manifesting

Symbols for Zodiac Degrees Explained

Each of the 365 degrees of the Zodiac are assigned a symbolic meaning.  If you were born on February 8th, for example, the Sabian Symbol for your Sun is “A luminous dove circles and descends, bearing a message.”  The symbol […] 

Manifesting – Zen’s Beautiful Bags

There was an online “Manifesting”  forum held at about this time last year.  A woman whose screen name was Zen contributed her experiences attracting what she needed and it made the most sense to me of anything I’ve lately on […] 

Staying Connected to the Moon

If you’ve ever felt as though your out of sync, swimming upstream, or just a little late to the party, and haven’t been in the habit of observing new and full moons, you might want to reconsider.  At the exact […] 

Re-Enchanting Your Life

Carolyn Casey, the Visionary Activist Astrologer, says that whatever makes us passive is toxic and whatever makes us active is tonic.  Ritual can keeps us active when we feel depressed, or we’re not quite sure what to do next, or […]