Taurus Full Moon Monday

As I remember, the Taurus Full Moon is visually stunning… a gigantic sepia globe lying low in the sky casting its warm  glow over the harshness of landscapes and life. A Taurus full moon always offers the opportunity to soothe life’s rough edges, and this one’s no exception.  But this time, Saturn in Scorpio is playing the role of gatekeeper. (Saturn opposing the Taurus Moon.)  He’s exacting a price in exchange for soothing the edges of an energy draining psychological wound you may have forgotten exists.  It takes a lot of energy to stay crazy and Taurus is all about energy conservation.

Saturn is the task master who does not abide any life strategy that involves skipping steps, and, when it comes to healing wounds,  Saturn suspects you’ve skipped a few.  The Scorpio Sun, his traveling buddy, urges you to dive beneath the surface to explore where in your past you may have wanted a resolution to painful circumstances so badly that you were willing to skip steps to be able to move on quickly.  (Sun Sabian Symbol  “Deep Sea Divers.”)

In this Taurus full moon chart there are clues that point to the culprit being relationship betrayals.  (Venus in Libra, ruler of Taurus Moon,  conjuncting 7th house cusp, Squaring Pluto in Capricorn). Those tend to be particularly painful, traumatic, and disorganizing.  Who can be blamed for wanting to move on quickly.

But leaving unhealed wounds somewhere buried in your psyche distorts your most natural way of being making you prone to navigational errors.  You end up becoming a war hero when you really wanted to be a veterinarian,  working in a slick position for the “bad guys” when you were meant to be a transformational leader, marrying and having children when independence fed your soul, or playing supporting roles when your most natural position was to be center stage.

It’s possible to lock unresolved trauma out of the conscious mind as if it never happened.  The problem is that keeping it there uses up too much energy,  distorts your true nature,  can make you physically sick, and is ultimately unsustainable.  Pay attention to the clues you’ve received over the past week and may receive this coming week.  If you find yourself reminded of old hurts, dreaming of difficult periods from the past, feeling especially tired, unable to sleep, or more aware of an inner emptiness, you may be intuitively grasping the full moon’s message.

If you never cried until you were done, never asked for help, never acknowledged the damage, or failed to intellectually grasp the full implications of the fears, cautions, and distortions it has introduced into your life, it’s time to go back and take the steps you skipped. The Sabian Symbol for Chiron, the wounded healer, implies that taking the time now for self-improvement and healing will be powerfully supported by an invisible energy flow. (Chiron in Pisces trining Sun/Saturn and sextiling the full moon).

Body work is ruled by Taurus and could be a highly effective way of dealing with old wounds that are vague memories, or maybe no memory at all.  Psychotherapy seems especially relevant now.  Saturn in Scorpio supports deep introspection and will do so for the next two years. An astrology session can pinpoint old hurt, the area of life and the time frame in which it occurred.  Talking to a friend and giving yourself time to indulge the emotions that you failed to allow could also be very healing. Beware of Sun/Saturn’s dark side which is willfulness, thinking that you can handle everything yourself, and believing that psychology is garbage for whiners. (Sun/Saturn in Scorpio opposing Full Moon in Taurus).

Phollus, a “second centaur planet,” reminds us of our responsibility to protect our psychological health. (Phollus’s Sabian Symbol “Tiny Children in Sun Bonnets.”)  Uranus reminds us not to underestimate the power we now have to heal what relationships may have damaged. (Uranus trine Juno and opposing Venus).

The Full Moon is a time of decrease.  As the light of the full moon decreases over the next two weeks, so will whatever you intend at its culmination.  An example of an intention appropriate for this full moon would be a statement to eliminate all resistance to healing old wounds.  The Full Moon time is 12:51 PM PDT, 3:51 PM EDT Monday, October 29th.  For more direction read “Re-Enchanting Your Life” and “Staying Connected with the Moon.”

Here’s to taking care of yourself, conserving energy,  and protecting your true nature.


Holly RePenn

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