Astrology – Extraordinary Potential

“We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and season in which we are born.  Astrology does not lay claim to anything else”.  -Carl Jung

As a practicing registered psychiatric and addictions nurse for over 30 years I am acutely aware of treatment strengths and weaknesses within the field.  Having worked in a variety of clinical settings, I have yet to find a practicing facility that did not claim to provide holistic, client centered, individualized treatment – in most setting, because of the limitations of current assessment tools, a virtual impossibility.  My interest is in integrating the responsible use of astrological information to improve outcomes.  The American Holistic Nurses Association lists astrology among its healing modalities.  I have found it to be of tremendous value in my work with clients.

Most clients are intrigued with the information astrology provides, though obviously there are those who reject it for religious and social reasons.  Astrology claims no interest in replacing any belief systems other than the one that rejects, out of hand, the unfamiliar and unknown.  Like science, astrology is a powerful system that has the potential to be used wisely or foolishly.  In the hands of a competent professional astrologer it can be a wealth of information and healing potential, underutilized at a time when widely accepted conventional assessment tools remain inadequate.

Using astrology to improve outcomes is controversial but it’s potential is extraordinary. The relapse rate for addictive and emotional disorders is disgraceful and unnecessary.  Accurate assessment is key to positive outcomes.  In Europe astrologers are used to assisting counseling psychologists to uncover emotional conflict and spiritual distress.  To my knowledge this is done only with the permission of the client, as it should be.  Similar set-ups exist in progressive clinics across the United States, but astrology’s modern day therapeutic usage is in its infancy.

Within the realm of the physical body, allowing for individualized treatment is an array of blood testing, toxin level testing, scans, X-rays, and monitors.  But the nature of psychological, emotional, and spiritual problems remains guesswork.  Astrology provides symbolic images of those hidden areas similar to a CT scan providing multiple, cross-sectional, informational images.  The Radiologist interprets the images to clarify the condition of internal organs, bones, and soft tissue for the treating physician.  The Astrologer interprets the birth chart, its symbols, angles, and placements to clarify individual psychology, emotional need, and spiritual health making individualized treatment an actual possibility.

The astrological chart reflects the client’s internal compass, and from this perspective, is truly client-centered.  The most natural way an individual gets his needs met, his most natural time for integrating wounded aspects of himself,  most natural strategies for problem-solving, relating, creating, loving, working, and parenting, are all clearly defined within a birth chart.  The emphasis on the natural is an holistic idea that equates the natural with empowerment.

In the course of continuing assessment, strengthening the client’s internal compass by providing self knowledge is incredibly powerful.  It saves time, money, agony, and, most importantly, humanizes treatment options.

Protecting the spirit by respecting and reinforcing individual growth cycles humanizes care. In the interest of pragmatism, the controversial nature of astrology should no longer be a barrier to helping millions achieve better outcomes through authentic, holistic, client centered, individualized options.


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