Re-Enchanting Your Life

Carolyn Casey, the Visionary Activist Astrologer, says that whatever makes us passive is toxic and whatever makes us active is tonic.  Ritual can keeps us active when we feel depressed, or we’re not quite sure what to do next, or we can’t seem to chose, or our life is just not moving.  The solution is never to contemplate “how” or “which way”, or worse, to become paralyzed with fear. The solution is to write down a very clearly define statement of what you want – what you intend to have happen.  Often there’s some internal resistance to doing this,  but intention is the seed that allows what we want to grow from the inside out.

Setting intentions is powerful. The act of writing them down makes them even more powerful.  And doing something creative with what we’ve written down is off the charts.  Casey gives many examples of simple rituals in her book Making the Gods Work for You.  One is to verbally state your clearly defined wish, to write it down, burn it, and take the ashes away to scatter over a moving body of water.  This will set a stagnant life in motion as  ritual attracts to you opportunities aligned with your clearly stated wishes.

Timing rituals with new moons is best for wishes intended to increase something in your life.  If you’d like better health, or more love, more confidence, or money,  as the light of the new moon increases over the following two weeks so will whatever you intend.  Timing rituals with wishes for decrease is most powerful under a full moon – wanting less confusion, less pain, less body weight, or less resistance to change.  As the light of the full moon decreases over the following two weeks, so will whatever you’ve designated.

If you want to make housework, or work of any kind feel less like drudgery and more like enchantment imbue it with meaning.  As you sweep the floor imagine that you’re sweeping out the past, as you water the plants, you’re nourishing your growing business, as you scrub the sink your removing built up resentments, as you organize files, an exciting creative plan begins to take shape.

Magic is very effective.  It’s also fun.  Re-enchant your life and entertain possibilities.


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