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There is no more creative placement for the moon than the Leo placement.  Issues surrounding this moon will most likely illuminate your personal creative impulses and all issues surrounding creativity.  Wherever Leo resides in your chart (in your life) is where your creative impulse will be especially strong.

Traditionally intentions set during a full moon are those designed to bring you less of whatever stands in your way. This full moon brings the opportunity to decrease or eliminate through intention whatever blocks or diminishes creative flow.

Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve noted that “With every born human, a poet – an artist – is born, who dies young and is survived by an adult.”  That sentiment can sometimes be depressingly accurate.  Fortunately the Leo part of us is never really an adult  – at least not in the grown-up, serious, colorless way we often think of adults – unless something has gone terribly wrong.

For most of my life I’ve had the good fortune of being surrounded by Leo suns (those born between July 21st and August 21st). My father and my oldest son are strong Leos, my son born while five planets were passing through the sign of Leo. He’s a super Leo by anyone’s definition.

It’s been instructive (not to mention incredibly fun and sometimes exasperating) to observe up close how Leos survive and thrive. They employ a natural strategy for living that ensures a life of unimpeded creative flow. They trust the world despite its untrustworthiness.

My Dad was a successful in business, an artist, an athlete, a vocalist, and magician with a strong creative drive that defined for me, more than anything, who he was. He was formidable in his public life, but always a great example of how not to allow an adult role to interfere with the life of the “child within”.  He had his share of disappointments but he knew instinctively (as all Leos do) that to keep himself from losing trust in the world (and suffering the fate that Sainte-Beuve defines) he had to joyfully immerse himself in vibrant artistic self- expression regardless of how it might be received. The more exuberant the better.

I have many examples of how he did this. This is one.  When I was about 7 years old my mom enrolled my sister and I in tap dancing classes. We loved everything about tap dancing…the tap shoes, the music, the dancing, the recitals, the costumes, and basement practice time. At some point my Dad bought his own pair of tap shoes to fit his size 12 feet. He suggested that it would be great if my sister and I could to teach him a few steps so that he too could learn to tap dance.

We loved the idea of teaching my dad.  During practices we slowed down, broke down the steps for him, corrected him, encouraged him, but he didn’t have much patience for practicing.  Being a student doesn’t feed a Leo soul. Apparently he could envision himself a tap dancer without knowing most of the basics.  So, in the midst of a practice, when he started to feel the music, he’d branch off into his own crazy version of tap dancing, making up steps, disguising his lack of technique with some dramatic spins, exaggerated leg lifts, and sudden changes in direction. He threw in some confusing arm pantomime for additional distractive and entertainment purposes.  He was a classic Leo study in unselfconscious hilarious self-expression. To say there was a method to his madness belies how instinctive and necessary the strategy was for him.

Symbolically, Leo is ruled by the sun. All planets including the earth revolve around the sun. As above so below. It’s natural and necessary for a Leo to feel the world revolves around them. Protecting and nurturing creative flow requires an “I am the center of the universe” type vision. The needs of others fade into the background in very un-adult-like ways.  The Leo part of the personality has plenty of room to revel in and celebrate the ego.  This too is an instinctive Leo strategy that reinforces trust in the world.

When my super Leo son was young I remember becoming impatient with his ill-timed exuberance.  I asked him if he’d noticed that there were other people who needed things besides him?  Never at a loss for words, he had no answer for me. He drew a blank. He was thrown by the question. He was too young and unsophisticated to explain.  But as a Leo, if he’d been a little older, he might have said that to consider himself one among many was, for him, totally foreign territory…territory that would interfere with his ability to thrive as a “poet and an artist”.  He’d explain that yes, he does notice that there are other people in the world, but assumed they were there to be his audience not to have needs… that he would gladly entertain them while at the time instinctively doing his part to care for himself.  (As an adult, my son Andrew is full of love. He writes beautifully, entertains all of us, and, like most Leos, he has more talent than he could possibly develop in one lifetime.)

At the time of this full moon the following questions might be important for forming intentions. How does fear make me too adult-like?  How can I take my Leo place in the world by eliminating some of my obligations to others?  Who is my audience and how can I entertain them in ways that are incredibly fun for me?  How and where is it possible for me to exuberantly and unselfconsciously express myself despite there being no guarantee of a positive reception?  How will I explain my behavior when it seems to others that I’m thinking the world revolves around me?  (Maybe confused silence isn’t a bad idea).

Consider the following powerful ritual. It involves filling a spray bottle with water and labeling the bottle with words like love, creativity, trust, and flow.  If you’re familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto you know that the label will change and charge the molecular structure of the water. Add a fresh pine needle for additional strength and spray the water over your creative work-space, around your house, over yourself, wherever you want to cleanse the atmosphere of potential blocks to vibrant self expression. Doing this at a little after 1:54 pm PST on February 7 synchronizes your intentions with the universal flow of energy.

Wishing you all the joy that accompanies your free flowing creative spirit.

Holly RePenn




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