Manifested visions reflect the holistic health of the visionary.  Herbs can improve health in many ways  because their mode of action is holistic, smart, and compatible with life.

In written record, the study of herbs dates back over 5,000 years to the Sumerians who created clay tablets with lists of hundreds of medicinal plants.  Chinese Medicine is the second largest medical system in the world based on herbal treatments and acupuncture.  Ayurveda is the third largest herbal medical system.

Herbalists treat and prevent disease through the use of whole plants having medicinal properties.  Many modern day medicines are derived from whole plants, but only the medicinally active part of the plant is used.  As a result, undesirable side effects often accompany the use of modern day pharmaceuticals.

Alan Keith Tillotson, an herbalist and author, wrote the One Earth Herbal Source Book.  He says the following; “Centuries of observation have led to general agreement that herbs nourish, warm, cool, reduce pain, detoxify, stimulate, sedate, and so forth.  The language of herbalism is constantly in a state of evolution from its humble roots.   Rather than discarding the teachings of the past and replacing them with modern science, herbalists are continuously balancing and restructuring the wisdom of their elders through their own experiences.  These observations take on new power when science adds its perspective to the echoes from the past.  Those who ignore the teachings of the past do so at their own peril.”

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