Full Moon at 21 Degrees of Capricorn Today, July 13th

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Today, July 13th, 2022 a Full Moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn 21 minutes culminates. A directional change is required. We’ve come as far as we can go in our current direction. It’s time to bring something more emotionally balanced and sustainable “back into the equation.” A heightened state of awareness with regard to our current situation is required. We might need to call upon some deep reserves of timeless wisdom to find the best way forward. It’s unlikely the entire path forward will be revealed. It’s more likely we’ll only be able to see a few steps in front of us. Using that information we’ll adjust and determine where to go next.

This is a full Moon that requires some deepe-level soul-searching. What we’re attempting to sustain – through sheer grit, a single-minded focus, and the kind of unwavering self-discipline Capricorn is famous for, needs to be called into question – or examined at a deeper level. It’s time to do what it takes to shed some light on how you’re actually feeling. Withdrawing from current circumstances if possible is a good idea. Alone time might be critical.

For most fear is associated with connecting to unmet needs, sadness, or underlying soul-yearnings. It’s just easier to put one foot in front of the other and continue doing what you’ve always done.

The blessing and the curse for Capricorn is his ability to work tirelessly for extended periods of time and to sacrifice too much in service of achieving an important goal. But the risks are higher than they might seem. Your future self might imagine looking back and wondering how you ended up with financial security and everything you need – except the critical connection to your own heart – your essential internal guidance system.

It’s time to acknowledge what’s actually true. Then it might be time to change course. With regard to relationships this could be especially challenging.

Fortunately Uranus sextiles the Sun. A willingness to disrupt the current “flow” is well-supported. It requires some challenging action on your part that’s likely to end up working in your favor. Juno, the asteroid of commitment trines the Sun. This is an excellent time to discuss and adjust the terms of a commitment – and to be pretty certain it will end up working in your favor – in everyone’s favor.

Chiron squares Mercury. There’s likely to be pain involved in stating the truth. Neptune’s square to Venus makes it tempting to continue to “live a lie” or to ignore your own relationship needs.

Changing your life in a positive direction is very possible under this full Moon. It’s noteworthy that every aspect to the Sun and Moon are strongly supportive of strengthening your authentic sense of identity – and your emotional stability. Reconnecting with your essential self – and your original intent for your life – looks promising. Today is an opportunity to “rebalance the scales”.


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