New Moon In Cancer June 28, 2022

June 28, 2022


Black Moon Lillith is profoundly resentful in general as a result of long ago being rejected and relegated to “second-class status.” She has no stake in the status quo, the system, rules, or norms. and is therefore free to disrupt and scandalize the rule-followers. She harbors an enormous amount of anger and welcomes any opportunity to “act out” or refuse to cooperate. She’s associated with the witch, sorcerer, alchemist and black magician archetypes.

It’s hard not to associate the recent Supreme court ruling regarding with the dawning of a challenging new era for women, their freedoms, and bodily autonomy. The Cancer/Black Moon Lillith combination is associated with fertility, nurturing, childbearing, miscarriage and abortion. (But this does not mean that you will necessarily experience an abortion or miscarriage. Only that it will be a focus.

The Cancer Moon trines Vesta in Pisces while squaring Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is associated with judgements, courts, legalities, beliefs, and justice. But Jupiter in Aries can be fanatically driven to impose his will on the world.

Vesta is pure devotion to a cause – a spiritual mission or guiding principle. Protecting the cause to which one feels deeply devoted to feels non-negotiable. It can serve as the “bottom line” that guides every decision. Personal freedoms can seem un-important when compared to what’s ethical in the eye’s of “the experts, those who know better. and those in positions of authority.

Metaphorically speaking “poking Black Moon Lillith with a stick” is a dangerous game. Outcomes are unpredictable or the opposite of what was intended. Black Moon is empowered under adverse conditions especially when freedom and survival issues are at stake. Black Moon is intensely focused on undermining the authorities when her freedom is threatened. Anger is a powerful motivator.

On a different note you might feel that it’s time to break away from an old way of dealing with home, family, children, and your own physical body, Upgrades and a move in a healthier direction for you could feel right. Something more balanced within the realm of husband/wife, boss/worker/ or leader/follower relationships is timely.

Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde today. What has been hidden is revealed. It’s likely to be ugly and possibly shocking. But it’s also likely to be motivating. What’s clarified may be the specific adjustments you need to make.

We’re on the cusp of a new era.


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