Total Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 16, 2022

Under Full Moons – and much more powerfully under a full Moon eclipse – we’ve come as far as we can go in our current direction without some kind of significant change. It’s possible a clarification will promote a re-assessment or re-balance, most likely within the realm of relationships. A change involving your relationship with yourself may be especially significant.

It’s possible there will be an effort to better align emotional needs with your life purpose. It seems important to embrace who you are as you release what’s contrived or foreign to your true nature. Further development of some natural talent will likely be well-supported.

Saturn in Aquarius demands a move in the direction of authenticity – regardless of the cost or how inconvenient that might be.

Scorpio and it’s dual rulers, Mars and Pluto, are highlighted. The best of Scorpio involves an enlightened transformation that empowers you. The worst of Scorpio is a deliberate misrepresentation that obscures your true motivations. Underhanded tactics can be tempting and disempowering.

The last Lunar eclipse occurring at 25 degrees of Scorpio occurred on May 16th of 2003. George Bush was giving his “Mission Accomplished” speech. At the time the mission was not accomplished.

In May of 2003 Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France. It was later revealed that for years he’d been involved in a massive doping scheme that involved race officials, fellow bikers, doctors, and friends.

2003 was a “banner year” for financial scams and fraud up until that point in time.

On May 9th of 2003 the U.S. armed services committee votes to lift a 10 yr ban on the research and development of nuclear weapons.

Paul McCartney arrived in Russia in 2003 to perform for 100,000 people in red square.

What’s unfolding now is a continuation, improvement, or correction of what was set in motion at the time of the last Scorpio eclipse on May 16th 2003 – personally, socially, and globally. It’s possible now to manifest an artistic vision so powerful that it draws people in.

A point of self-acceptance and stabilization involves “living into a clearly visualized personal myth with lots of joy, drama, and personal pride associated with it.

Thanks for reading. Horoscopes for each sign will be posted tomorrow.


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