Month of May Begins on this Note

May 1, 2022:

Today Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. A beautifully transcendent/magical vibe is harmoniously aligned with what it is you want to acquire or achieve. Something you’ve aspired to can be made real.

Neptune in Pisces squares Ceres in Gemini. This is a harsher aspect that can dissolve what you’re attempting to cultivate through communication. What you’re trying to nurture along or “mother” by talking, listening, writing, or attempting to discuss is challenging. A “fear factor” is involved. What you need to say – or refrain from saying – conflicts with your ultimate goal. Opinions or beliefs can overwhelm and shut down what you’re attempting to cultivate. It’s difficult to gage the amount of force or effort that would be effective. Miscalculations are hurtful.

Vesta (what you’re deeply devoted to) squares the South node (the past) and the North Node (the future.) Today the planets that rule the nodes (Venus and Pluto) are beautifully aligned. This allows for an easy transition between past and future. You can easily move forward using the talents developed in the past to build the future you desire.

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