Gemini New Moon May 30th, 2022

Today’s new Moon in the sign of Gemini highlights critical communication and choices. The new Moon in the 12th house signifies a new beginning where personal, public, and political choices could feel critical yet predetermined, dissatisfying, inconsequential, and ultimately beside the point.

Decision making might feel restrained and meaningless when the current social environment seems to mimics “a plane that’s lost it’s pilot” – while a basic sense security is undermined.

The structural integrity or potential of this this new Moon can seem weak or non-existent when it comes to having choices or being able to influence outcomes. But Mars and Jupiter squaring Black Moon Lillith suggests “rage against a machine” determined to weaken our ability to protect what’s sacred and essential.

But things are never as obvious as they seem when the 12th house is involved – as it now is under this Gemini new Moon. (This Gemini new Moon is placed in the 12th house).

Something powerful and potentially disruptive is gestating behind the scenes. It seems unwise at this point to predict that things are set in stone given the fact that Mercury changes direction on June 3rd. A choice, decision, to move forward is possible as new clarity emerges. It’s important to keep your mind and your options open.

When “all bets are off” and the old contracts we assumed were binding disintegrate, we’re free to create something new. Venus and Uranus collide on June 12th as an unexpected disruptive event promotes sudden clarity and a breakthrough with regard to the nature of our relationships – specifically our relationship with our future.

Instead of feeling “locked in” or impotent there’s reason to believe we might have more rather than less flexibility to change the nature of the game. As counter-intuitive as it seems, the 12th house emphasis suggests the need surrender, to let go of an old mindset, the assumptions we’re “locked into,” or illusions of control.

Pluto, the planet with the most powerful, transformative influence is beautifully aligned with Mercury in Taurus. Old patterns, habits, and choices are “up for review” and easier to release under the new Moon’s influence.

Saturn strongly pushes against the urge to stick with what is what has been solidified, enshrined, or, according to the rules – off limits. He demands a disruptive course reversal especially where specific ideas and group trends are in danger of taking hold. The south node in Scorpio warns against repeating what’s easy and comfortable.

The 12th house can be dismissed as a place where nothing happens. But from a gestational standpoint it’s the place where every imaginable option takes root. Here all potential, new life, and new ideas can be safely cultivated behind the scenes until they’re capable of taking on a life of their own.

What you imagine, decide, and or say is more powerful under a 12th house influence regardless of broken contracts and promises. Despite what you may be feeling this new Moon is working full time and overtime behind the scenes to cultivate a new beginning and a creative new approach.

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