Horoscopes for the Week of March 28th – April 3, 2022

As a result of what we were able to release, balance, clarify, or decide under the recent March 18th Virgo Full Moon, we’re now “lighter on our feet,” and more capable of moving in a new direction.

The main event this week is the Aries New Moon on Friday, April 1st at 2:24 AM EDT. A new, courageous, action-oriented emphasis began last week with the Sun’s move into the sign of Aries continues, advancing further, as your capacity for taking more risk intensified.

This new Moon energizes the need for individual, social, community, and global healing. “As a rupture and fragmentation within the tribe” or global family advances increasingly we not only afraid but more determined to move in a new direction.

The Sabian symbol for this new Moon is:
“A wild goose, long separated from the flock, hears the familiar sound of their calls in the distance, and wings its way back to rejoin them.” What we’ve been separated from (our tribe/the human family, and a peaceful existence) needs to be recovered.

Under this Aries new Moon issues arise that require “listening to the voice of one’s heart while renouncing a devils bargain.” Oratorical power and persuasion may be rooted in an ability to echo the ideas and feelings of the public. Respecting the limitations imposed by one’s own character flaws vs. reliable leadership based on ironclad moral self-discipline is important this week.

Libra – the counter-balancing force to Aries – encourages negotiation, diplomacy, peaceful solutions, and staying composed when confronting personal or urgent social/global problems. Venus in Aquarius (Libras’s ruler) encourages brilliant/innovative/enlightened solutions – and a balanced, just approach.

Mercury in Aries promotes forceful communication, blunt truths, and what’s factually accurate. Remembering lessons from the past and applying wisdom accumulated over decades of direct experience seems important.

Saturn is likely to demand a thoughtful choice between what’s promising and hopeful vs. and what’s toxic, futile, or previously “played out”- maybe thousands of times in the past.

This week Jupiter and Neptune are moving closer to a conjunction that encourages an important release or sacrifice, while at the same time prompting us to claim our right to embrace life wholeheartedly – along with the joy that accompanies it.

(About 165 years ago we experienced the same dilemma and emerging opportunity in a similar but different form.)

Finally we need to make some important adjustments regarding slow moving, long term, transformational change – while undermining what threatens the tribe and our human family.

A courageous, mouthy, female “outsider” (Black Moon Lillith) is likely to undermine what’s traditionally acceptable within polite society through some brazen, shocking, courageous, expression of truth.

Old perceptions and beliefs are likely to change significantly under the threat of what undermines our ability to survive and thrive in peaceful co-existence.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This courageous or combative new Moon could energize your physical body and maybe some old pain or vulnerability with regard to impressing your will on the world – or impressing your will on a partner. Something more just, fair, and balanced needs to be applied when dealing with partners and our “shadow” selves. An old distorting wound may need to be addressed in ways that could trigger our innate healing capacity.

An important adjustment might need to be made with regard to a slow moving, ongoing transformation involving your professional life, leadership style, or your approach to success and achievement. You might need to be willing to be truthful, blunt, and ruthlessly honest with yourself if you’ve decided to hold back in love – the result of some previous wound. The courage to love again wholeheartedly once you’ve been hurt, is a profound act of courage.

Promoting peace in the world aligns with promoting peace within one-one relationships – through compromise, diplomacy, negotiation and maybe a softer approach. A balanced “give and take” might be required to move a relationships in a better direction. Giving in too often – or refusing to budge creates relationships problems. It’s likely you know what it takes to promote cooperation between individuals. The same rules apply to groups and impressing your will on the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The need to initiate something new or to take courageous/effective action may be gestating behind the scenes. Some compromise may be required with regard to sharing the work load, eliminating annoying habits, promoting improvements, and making your day-to-day life easier. You might need more help or a different approach to dealing with day to day responsibilities. Braking old habits or detaching from old routines may be part of this picture.

On a different note you might feel motivated to “forgive and forget” as you create space for the flow of love and compass. It’s likely you have the capacity to lead in the direction of promoting some innovative solutions.

A difficult decision might nees to be made. What’s been repetitive with regard to manipulation, betrayal, controlling actions, or a lack of support could empower some increasing resentment. It’s important to move toward “impressing your benevolent will on the the world” versus being drawn into something repetitive or toxic scene with regard to work and partnerships. Its time to consider “throwing yourself back into the game” and whole-heartedly embracing life.

Releasing some old beliefs while cultivating a hopeful future seems liberating and wise.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
What’s initiated this week is intricately involved with the group, society, your social life, friends, and global connections. The pain involved in an emotionally healing process – and intricately woven into your sense of identity and who you are – is highlighted. You’re likely to be sensitized to pain and ancient memories. Dreams might provide you with information you can use to promote social responsibility and courageous group action. An opportunity arises to protect the group by protecting what’s most sacred to you.

Love is the antidote to war. You might need to balance courageous action within the community or group with love on a more personal level. Spending more time creating, doing what you love, developing your talent, or being more playful might be the counterbalance you need to stay motivated and strong. (Some of the most inspiring, life changing stories involve a combination of romance and love against the backdrop of war and trauma.)

Deep transformational change could involve taking on the role of Black Moon Lilith and her shocking tendency to reveal what’s true and profoundly unsettling. Gemini needs to cultivate her ability to speak out, to infuse the truth into the conversation, while infusing more hope into the world. It’s time to decide whether you’ll move move in the direction of increasing resentment with regard to the work and responsibilities that have been heaped on your shoulders – or become a stabilizing, reliable voice for peace within the group.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

This week most of the action takes place within the sphere of your (professional) responsibilities. A move in a new direction might depend on support or cooperation coming from family. You might need to reinforce a sense of security or “fashion a home-coming celebration with regard to coming back home to yourself.

There may be a sense of being out in the wilderness or adrift for too long. A focus on what’s fair and equitable with regard to your home life might need to balanced against the responsibilities you’ve taking on.

Saturn in your 8th house of psychic talent, managing difficult truths, and facing reality may push you to decide between what’s promising and practical for the group vs. what what’s toxic and undermining with regard to love, love affairs, creativity, and children.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This new Moon beginning highlights the part of your life associated with expansion, liberation, and a willingness to take some courageous risk for the sake of your future – and the future of your relationships. Some compromise with regard to communication negotiation, ideas related to the future, and a more equitable “give and take” are required. A partner might need to have more input with regard to future planning and or the beliefs that you promote. There’s something you could learn that would make your actions more effective.

What may be a sticking point is an area of vulnerability associated with restrictions or failures within the realm of relationships. A smart strategy associated with courageous action within the realm of relationship could result in a beneficial opportunity for you. Trusting your instincts to move you in a new, more hopeful direction is a challenge you might need to confront.

A slow moving transformation related to your work life, your health, or desire for control requires an adjustment. That might relate to forcefully speaking your mind, listening, and exposing a truth that disrupts routine operations – or more importantly, the specific ideas promoted by the leaders that undermine the values and priorities of the tribe, the group and the masses.

VIRGO (Aug 21 – Sep. 21st)
This New Moon highlights some important courageous action that exposes an uncomfortable truths and what’s hidden. There may be some vulnerability or pain associated with with facing or accepting the truth, taking control, speaking out, or naming the problem. Doing what it takes to empower yourself through speaking up courageously seems important – especially if finances, financial partnerships, or issues related to intimacy and trust are involved.

You might need to honestly evaluate whether or not you’re open to sharing power or being exposed. Maybe you need to soften your stance, end the silence, and stabilize.

On a different note you may have some psychic/magical abilities that needs to be grounded by what’s solid and stabilizing.

Amassing power and sharing power might involve values and priorities that are enlightened, innovative, or rule-breaking in some regard – especially with regard your work, health, or a service you provide. A fear of making mistakes or diverging from a standard formulas could make it difficult to be your most authentic self. You might be especially good at highlighting the creative talents of others. If it feels somewhat risky or challenging highlighting your own creative talents might be your best courageous move.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
If you’ve been accommodating, compromising, “just and fair to a fault,” or putting other’s needs before your own consistently it might be time to reverse course – and courageously disrupt what’s become too predictable un-satisfying. Most likely you’ll need to speak out courageously where issues of love, sex, children and balance are involved. Venus might be craving some additional creative freedom. The need to “renounce a devils bargain” might be especially relevant for Libras.

Some old pain or relationship vulnerabilities may be ripe for healing.

A choice between moving forward in the direction of healing – or backward in the direction appeasing another based on financial security – or financially stabilizing needs and priorities seems important to consider.

Slow moving transformation change or a gradual “release” associated with home, family, roots, and something foundational requires an adjustment involving believing in yourself – and your capacity to instinctively navigate through foreign territory successfully.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Courageous action for Scorpio might involve some especially sensitive territory related to family, and the past. Some private, behind the scenes concessions or comprises might be involved. An ongoing hidden relationship or love-affair might require some courageous action that involves old pain, or revealing what’s true with regard to what’s going on behind the scenes and out of sight.

Saturn might demand a choice between moving in a promising direction with regard to a committed relationship. This could involve an important breakthrough. With regard to your style and approach to life old baggage and hidden motivations need to discarded and detoxified – possibly for the sake of your emotional health.

Some ongoing, slow moving transformational process involving communication and truth telling is disrupted by Black Moon Lilith and her desire to expose ideas that are profoundly healing in very disruptive, uncomfortable ways. What’s most sacred to you (emotional breakthroughs) aligns beautifully with what you’re most inspired to cultivate.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Forging a new direction might involve romanic love, joy, creativity, and the development of innate talents through what’s playful, enjoyable, and hopeful. You might take some action that involves experimentation, focus, learning, or being more courageous and authentic with regard to the message you’re sending. It’s past time to take your cues from others. Now it’s time to make sure that your message accurately reflects who you are. Saturn suggests you might want to think of yourself as “seasoned in the art of speaking truth to the masses.”

It’s time to feel the joy associated with being liberated from an old confining sense of identity. All you need to do is tell the truth as you see it. It doesn’t need to be stylized or softened for public consumption. It just needs to bring you joy and set you free to say what you feel.

An ongoing difficult transformation with regard to your sense of self-worth may be accelerated by a truth telling agitator who refuses to tell you what you want to hear in exchange for the truth as he sees it. He’s your teacher.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
A courageous approach in a new direction involves a gradual, slow moving transformation associated with a responsible, controlling approach to life and relationships – and a disturbing conversation or shocking dose of truth regarding work, routines, health, or the services you provide.

A tough financial decision may need to be made. A focus on romantic love, playfulness, and creative immersion vs a focus on something toxic and repetitive within the group realm Someone masquerading as an ally or friend might be exposed.

A new direction for you most likely involves your home, family, the past, some old security or foundational issues. Libra suggests the need for compromise where your professional/financial/achievement goals are concerned. Capricorn might need to spend more time working on innovative financial solutions that could automatically bring what’s unfair or imbalanced back into balance.

A courageous conversation re: the past, and some old pain might be helpful.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
Moving in a courageous new direction is likely to involve communication, truth telling, making new connections, and maybe some pain or vulnerability associated with your sense of identity and who you think you are. There’s a suggestion that no matter how accomplished you are as a communicator or predictor, you might still feel like an imposter or an inferior.

Acknowledging this form of pain might automatically move you in the direction of what’s most authentic for you. Saying what you have to say with a sense of self-assurance and confidence is evidence of healing. Imbalances may be the result of refusing to compromise, listen, moderate, or meet in the middle where strongly held beliefs are an issue. You might feel that no one is capable of teaching you anything that you haven’t already considered.

Saturn may be demanding a decision that involves a choice – going over old toxic territory with regard to repetitive goals or bids for attention form the public – vs. moving in a more promising direction with regard to emotional breakthroughs and some personal stabilization through a home and family emphasis. It’s time to take responsibility for action or non-action. Wishing and hoping is not your most effective move forward.

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PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
Under this Aries new Moon issues arise that require listening to the voice of one’s heart while renouncing a devils bargain. Oratorical power and persuasion may be based on an ability to echo the ideas and feelings of the public. Respecting the limitations imposed by one’s own character flaws vs. reliable leadership based on ironclad moral self-discipline behind the scenes is highlighted for a reason.

Jupiter and Neptune encourage you to release something integral to your old way of being while claiming something for yourself that amounts to something more joyful – the ability to embrace life wholeheartedly despite some old pain that might encourage you to “play it small” with an abundance of caution.

Your likely to recognize your true partner as a healthy, no-nonsense, no-frills, talented communicator, striving for perfection or purity in some regard.

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