Horoscopes for the Week of March 20th – 27th


You’ll likely notice a significant change today when the Sun enters the sign of Aries at 11:33 AM EDT. The Sun’s move into the first sign of the Zodiac is otherwise known as the Spring Equinox.

Since Feb 19th when the Sun transited into the sign of Pisces your sense of self might have revolved around drifting, dreaming, being confused and maybe overwhelmed. Boundaries disappeared. Nothing – (including nuclear war and annihilation) – felt outside the realm of possibility.

At the same time compassion, intuitive insights and inspiration flowed freely. Magical moments and sudden insights might have have changed your perspective. What you longed for might have felt elusive or hard to define.

Now, as the Aries Sun predominates perceptions sharpen. It’s time for action. It’s time to start moving and channeling increased energy in a specific, courageous, direction. The Sun’s transit through Pisces might have clarified what you don’t want. Instinctively Aries could clarify the thing you most desire most.

Making up for “lost time” in “one fell swoop” is typical Aries. He’s impatient and wants to immediate progress. Aries is the warrior. Beating the drums of war in the interest of survival and domination is deeply ingrained.

On Monday Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Jupiter. Some overconfidence with regard to big dreams and aspirations – or the time, self-discipline, and hard work it might take to manifest those dreams – tests your resolve.

The higher expression of Jupiter involves unshakeable faith, embracing life wholeheartedly, loving yourself more, and claiming what belongs to you.

On Tuesday Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Notoriously Mars square Uranus is associated with “an unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object.”

What’s stabilizing could feels more compelling than what’s liberating. Issues related to money, ownership, resources, values and priorities may be contentious.

On Wednesday Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Neptune. The facts are hard to clarify and may be hidden from view. Proposed solutions may be unrealistic. Information is missing or confusing.

The week ends with an opportunity that’s triggered by action.. Neptune in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. A compassionate decision has the potential to transforms toxic systems, deteriorating frameworks, oppressive rules, and issues related to control and domination. What’s toxic may be washed away through monumental change. What’s been static and immoveable for decades (or centuries) changes. This will likely be felt on multiple levels of existence, simultaneously, over time.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week the Sun’s move into the sign of Aries may be clarifying and energizing. Asserting yourself strongly, courageously, and confidently within the realm of relationships, love, and romance – with a focus on creating what’s inspired you over the past month seems likely.

Mars, your chart ruler, currently in the 11th house of groups, community engagement, and liberating actions might forge a breakthrough (or a tense stand-off) with regard some static routines, repetitive patterns, or what’s become too comfortable or “set-in-stone. Alternative, enlightened healing techniques might be just what your audience or the group is craving.

Black Moon Lilith is encouraging you to bravely present your most culturally challenging ideas. What’s most promising represents the things that come most most naturally to you in terms of talents, resources, and assets. What’s less promising but more comfortable may be the urge to keep your most authentic self or your true motivation from being known.

Something profoundly transformative affecting you reputation, your public life, your status and security is ongoing. The suggestion is that toxic elements have found safe harbor just beneath the surface of consciousness. It’s time to expose your true motivation through some deep personal introspection and maybe some help from healing groups.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This Week the Sun’s move into the sign of Aries energizing your 12th house of the most personal, private, and sensitive aspects of your life. The 12th house makes you very receptive to what’s “floating in the ethers.” The normal boundaries that separate what’s real from what’s unreal become thin and maybe non-existent at times. Psychic perception increases. What hurts may intensify. But so does your ability to heal – on personal and professional levels.

Creativity is fueled by an unusual influx of inspiration. The manifestation of dreams involves magic and other-worldy connections.

The downside – depending on your willingness or unwillingness to “go with the flow” – will determine what you can accomplish. It’s hard to “force anything into being” this week that doesn’t involve what’s magical or intangible. You might just have to wait for the inspiration and motivation to emerge – then “strike while the iron it hot”. Your fourth house of home, family and security is intricately involved in some courageous action. It’s probably time to let go of the past or an old source of security. What you actually believe may not align with physical laws or the reality of limitations. Claim what you believe and act on it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Sun’s move into your 11th house highlights courageous action within the public/community sphere, among allies, or with regard to your work with groups. Aspects of your social life could be highly energized or revolutionary. Your 3rd house of communication might give you a megaphone with which to broadcast your beliefs. What you have to say about love and communication in general is likely to be heard.

This Week Mars is placed in your 9th house energizing your natural talent for expansion, learning more, what’s liberating or unorthodox. Something courageous is required with regard to the future, your beliefs, faith in your ability to expand beyond where you’ve previously been – or your ability to “travel wherever you need to go” in the psychic sense. Something static but ripe for a breakthrough in your 12th house of magic requires a willingness to release what’s old and toxic with regard to your work, routines, or relationship with co-workers.

Mercury in your 10th house encourages you to lead in a courageous direction. Embracing life wholeheartedly or claiming what belongs to you triggers what’s fortunate. Pluto in your 8th house of what’s honest and true re: your motivation and what needs to be exposed may have an influence on evolving values and priorities, financial partnerships, issues related to trust and intimacy.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This week the Sun’s move into your 10th house highly energizes and highlights your public or professional life. Courageous leadership within the healing realm is emphasized. Preparations you’ve made to get to this point in your career and your life pay off. Fame and fortune may be forthcoming. What’s recently inspired you to dream big advances your prominence and image in the world. Some advanced capabilities become more obvious.

The second house of “slow building,” patience, or determined focus on developing talent and managing resources well is highlighted Something that feels more authentic and natural for you may give you the courage to break free.

The week ends with an opportunity that’s triggered by action. A compassionate, inspired decision or approach has the potential to transform old, toxic, systems, frameworks, oppressive rules, or issues related to control and domination with regard to partnerships. What’s toxic with regard to relationships may be under increasing pressure for a release. What’s been static and immoveable for decades (or centuries) could change. A long, slow death or dissolution is indicated. Power and responsibility might need to be more equally shared. Psychic talents may be fed by something substantial you could hold in your hand – a well chosen crystal, for example.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week the Sun, your all-important chart ruler, transits out of the magical, nebulous, escapist prone sign of Pisces, into the instinctively action-oriented sign of Aries. Sharp, clear headed action involves future plans, beliefs, expansion, and liberation, travel and learning or understanding more. You’ll likely need to push yourself with regard to re-examining an old source of pain (lack of faith in yourself, the future, or your ability to take some risk. A leap of faith may be required.

Pushing through fear and restriction demands a courageous approach – probably for the sake of progress and bringing your emotions into better balance.

Neptune unfortunately aligns beautifully with your South node. A temptation to repeat the past would be easy. What requires more of a leap of faith is a some new achievement deeply connected to a committed partnership. You might need to decide what your focus and future path will be. If it involves something that’s uncomfortable you’ll know your on the right path.

With regard to uncovering your true motivation through releasing what you’re deeply and emotionally connected to requires a willingness to stop ignoring what you’re afraid may be true, or a tendency to be extra vague or avoidant of anything you’re afraid might be accurate but unflattering.

VIRGO (Aug 21 – Sep. 21st)
This Week the Sun transits out of your 7th house of relationships where things have been unclear, nebulous, exhausting, or unrealistic – into 8th house of “the kind of deep transformational change that exposes what’s actually true. You might need to decide if you’re willing to “throw your entire lot” in with another, if you want to stick with where you are, or move in a different direction. Equally important might be the clarification of the impact of an old betrayal or breach of trust and a push in the direction of what’s healing for you.

Behind the scenes, in the private, personal, magical area of dreams you might feel inspired to create something that reflects who you are at an essential level. Your history in love could be traumatic – more nightmare than a dream. But ongoing transformational changes move you to the next level.

What you create could encourage an infusion of love into the world. Secrets, hidden information, subtle manipulations of the facts, lying, and misrepresenting needs to be avoided at all costs. The quality of your future depends on it.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This week the Sun transits out of the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries. Your 7th house of relationships becomes highly energized. It’s time to take action in the directive of what instinctively feels right for you. Issues involving partnership, love, compromise, and balance are front and center. Relationships of all kinds may be highly activated. You might be clear on what the right direction for you would be. What’s best for the group may be a consideration.

It could be time to directly address some old pain within the realm of relationships.

An ongoing transformative process involving family, the foundation you inherited, your security, and your home is in play. Adjustments with regard Black Moon Lillith’s tendency to disrupt, shock and culturally undermine or awaken you to a different kind of future might be considered. The state of the community and the world is in flux. You might need to embrace and take the lead with regard to moving the masses in a positive direction – as you do the same for yourself and your love life.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A phase of confusion, drifting, evading, avoiding, or being quietly inspired especially within the realm of your love life is indicated. As of today the Sun transits into the sign of Aries. It’s time to take some action that moves in the direction you want to go. Instinctively it needs to feel right.

Some old pain or vulnerability involving competence, usefulness, or your ability to be effective with regard to getting what you want is highlighted. Actually this area of your life its ripe for healing. Now that the fog has lifted it’s time to steer yourself in the direction you want to go.

Intricately involved is your ability to embrace and achieve what you most want to achieve. Most likely it involves a creative project.

With regard to the future there’s an ongoing transformation involving your ability to teach what you know. Some important adjustments are highlighted that involve what it is your attempting to cultivate within the transformative realm You were born to lead and to direct the transformative process in some regard. What you have to say is transformative.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Today the Sun in Aries newly energizes and highlights your 5th house of love where confronting old pain can promote effective, well-targeted healing. Love, sex, romance, and creative action kicks into high gear. Playfulness returns. Intricately involved in the Suns move your 9th house of expansion, higher education, long distance travel and future planning. Mars energizes talent associated with writing, communication, clarifications, and what’s factually true.

Black Moon Lilith – the “culturally offensive disruptor” in your partnership sector – is pushing for a transformational adjustment with regard to money, values, power, or what you own jointly. It could be time to uncover an old source of insecurity and mistrust where money and betrayal could be an issue. Something deeply personal and sensitive needs to be exposed to the light of day.

Whats most promising for you involves doing what’s practical and efficient with regard to some courageous self-improvement.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Today the Sun moves into your 4th house of your home, family, and sources of security. Highly energized is an emerging opportunity to deal with some old, limiting pain from the past in a way that plays into a natural talent for attracting abundance – especially when it comes to knowing what you deserve. Based on a practical assessment of what you think you’re worth Mars in your 2nd house isn’t shy about demanding to be fairly compensated.

Hidden struggles might seem to be in rear view mirror with regard to what you’re worth. But the Sun in the 4th seems to suggest the past is alive and well in some regard with regard to your sense of self-worth. Issues related to home, security, and the past might involve love, partnerships, sharing, and compromise. A tendency to want to control everything, a lack of respect for a partners wishes, or some overwhelming force or advantage that renders the other invisible might feel right to you based on your sense of self-worth.

An important role model could have demonstrated a poor response to partnerships, compromise, and power sharing. What’s most promising for you is to question your approach to partnerships and the need to purge some old toxic residue from the past.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
Today the Sun transits into your third house of communication, messaging, connecting,, clarifying, or voicing the truth in no uncertain terms. This area of life is highly energized and highlighted over the next month. It’s likely you have something important to teach based on

Addressing old pain associated with forceful communication promotes healing. If you feel vulnerable “stating your case” it’s good to push past previous limitations in this regard. It promotes healing and and enhances your progress. A talent for challenging systems, pushing for what’s more enlightened, and rebelling against what’s traditional is highly energized.

Pluto, the planet of deep transformational change in your hidden, deeply private 12th house is quietly unraveling an old emotional approach to your work, routines, habits, and assumptions. Your most valuable contribution involves exposing what lies beneath the surface of consciousness so it can be transformed into a source of power. Compassionate acceptance of a truth that emerges is key.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
This week the Sun transits into your second house of what’s foundational, grounding, substantial, and supportive. Highlighted is a challenge to heal and fortify your physical body as means to provide a connection with the truth and what’s most emotionally balancing for you.

Information that’s revolutionary, grounding, practical and supportive of some important personal breakthrough could conflict with your preference for skipping steps and magically aligning with universe in significant ways. An ongoing conflict might need to be addressed.

You might need to stop engaging with “on one hand this feels right, and on the other hand that feels right. It could be time to choose sides in order to point yourself in the most promising direction for you. It has to do with ideas that feel most promising to you. A detoxification involve the purge of old beliefs, plans, and expectations – or the all-knowing “Guru” who seems to know better than you about where you need to go from here.

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