This week we’ll be feeling the gradually intensifying emotional effects of the impending Virgo full Moon that culminates on Friday March 18th. As a reminder full Moons are culminations. We’ve been taken as far as far as we can go along their current trajectory. Without some kind of change, adjustment, rebalancing of the scales, decision, or end-point the full Moon, and our “emotional self” loses it’s bearings.

Under the light of the full Moon a clarifying message or realization can be delivered.

If you’ve been delaying a decision you might feel under pressure to decide.

Virgo is the communicator, the perfectionist, the practical one – the one paying extra attention to small details.

Friday’s full Moon squares the Sun/Moon midpoint indicating a focus on relationship challenges. Someone elects to dominate the discussion. The other too easily acquiesces or overreacts. Communication adjustments in the direction of something more balanced may be critical.

An additional significator of relationship challenges involves the Venus/Uranus square.

Venus in Aquarius prefers a balanced, non-traditional approach- as opposed to sticking with old routines, methods, and habits that aren’t seeming to work as well as they used to.

Venus is focused on the future, freedom, revolutionary ideas, uncensored dialogues, open political discussion, and challenging the “unchallengeable.”

Efforts to engage the mind must be equally balanced with efforts to engage the heart An abundant infusion of love, creativity, joy – or a willingness to “walk in the shoes of another” provides a promising path forward.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon is the following:

“A bald-headed Man interrupts the discussion at a political meeting and forcefully introduces a totally different way of framing the problem.”

The Sabian symbol for the Sun – in opposition to the Moon – ” A Foreign Queen dressed in a carnival mask rides through moonlit canals to a secret meeting. After landing she throws off her clothes to reveal her regal splendor.”

These symbols speak to staying on course undistracted by society’s enticements and threats – and efforts to draw others into a compelling vision of reality.

Full Moons bring feelings to the surface. Being more emotionally sensitive or tuned in might be a given this week. Over-reactions could be the result of ignoring feelings for too long.

Earthy Virgo balances watery Pisces. The combination is especially fertile for growth in a new direction.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
For you this full Moon involves the 6th and 12th sectors your chart. Whats emotionally practical in the workplace is balanced with some visionary, creative, and healing talent. Some old pain or vulnerability has taught you “first hand” how to push through, heal, and prevail.

Mars, your chart ruler, in the 11th house of groups, communities, friends, and socializing aligns beautifully with Ceres in Gemini. If you’re attempting to cultivate some much needed inner peace and harmony as a precursor to relationship harmony, you’re likely on the right track.

The enlightened teacher opens minds AND hearts. Pluto promises an important transformation with regard to your professional or public life. Compassion and forgiveness is key.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or a “rebalancing of the scales” is likely to be required under this full Moon. A relatively easy emotional transformation affecting your future, freedom, and expansion, is in play.

What’s practical, clarifying, and solution-oriented with regard to love, creativity, and issues involving children must be balanced with what’s compassionate, forgiving, healing and spiritually-centered. It may be clarifying and balancing to put yourself in the shoes of another” – to know how the other must feel – and how you might provide some compassion and support.

Uranus squares Venus in Aquarius. You may be required to release what’s habitual, routine, predictable, and seemingly “set in stone.” The need for communication involving money, self-worth, and net-worth, in order to promote harmony seems wise.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Under this full Moon your 4th house of home, family, security, and the most practical approach to those issues may be somewhat overwhelmed by feelings of compassion within the realm of your professional life. An innate sensitivity to emotions and some strong psychic ability might be operating in overdrive. “Putting yourself in the shoes of another” might overwhelm your ability to maintain professional distance, to advise, and to do what’s most practical or workable.

Careful analysis and clear thinking when it comes to your home, family, and foundational base requires a balancing act. Relationships might be contentious. Inner peace must be cultivated as a precursor to peace within the realm of relationships. Pluto gives you the tools you need to forge a powerful emotional transformation where family, goals, and the past are concerned.

What’s most promising for you is challenged by something restrictive re: beliefs. Being at peace with your style and approach to life promotes peace within the realm of relationships. Releasing any toxic elements associated with your work life might require solitary reflection, foregiveness, and a healthy dose of compassion.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)a relationship transformation is in play.
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or rebalance is likely to be required as the week progresses.

Cancer is likely to feel this full Moon with maximum impact. The future, or your beliefs about the future, might overwhelm you. Fortunately Pluto in the 7th house of relationships is forging a emotional transformation with regard to setting limits, compromise, or clarification. “Ending what’s not in your best interest relationship-wise might be a priority.

The Moon in your 3rd house emphasizes balanced communication and what’s true. Venus in your 8th house of “the occult” and confronting what’s hidden (lack of intimacy or trust) seems wise. If there’s any doubt, now is the time to do what’s hardest for you to do. What’s most promising involves managing the group as you release toxic elements associated with love, creativity, and acceptance.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or rebalance is likely to be required. The Sun in Pisces in your 8th house of self reflection, self knowledge, and self-justification is making it hard for you to move forward or backward. Some paralysis with regard to moving ahead or sticking with what is – with feeling comfortable being “type casted” needs to be disrupted. For the sake of peace within the realm of relationships – or your own sense of inner peace – you might need some extra (professional) support or healing.

What’s toxic could relate to home, family, the past – or some chronic repetitive fears. In partnerships you might be feeling frustrated or restricted. A partner may be dealing with some some residual fallout from your past.

On the other hand a partner might encourage remedies that are futuristic, cutting edge, risky, and highly effective. Something practical, and well-considered might be important to reveal what’s hidden.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or rebalance of the scales is likely to be required under this full Moon.

Mercury in your 7th house of relationships continues to create some promising opportunities that seem to involve a release or a softer, more intuitive, forgiving/compassionate approach to a partner. For practical reasons – or for the sake of clarity – the future, and a focus on relationship improvements seems wise.

Transformations involving love, sex, creativity, joy, and playfulness connects you with what’s most promising. Beliefs might change in a more aligned, freeing, or expansive direction. Promoting inner peace is critical to promoting peace within the realm of relationships. For you this might be most relevant with regard to your public or professional life.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or rebalance of the scales is likely to be required.

For Libra balance is always the issue and the focus. Under this full Virgo Moon it’s time to infuse your work space with something softer, more loving, forgiving, intuitively guided, or magically-infused. A disruption with regard to future plans for expansion or some outdated beliefs in need of an update can be a source of contention or relationship problems.

The challenge may be to infuse some structure and discipline into the manifestation of your dreams. If there are problems it’s time to reframe those. Something clarifying is likely to emerge. It could be time to deconstruct your image if it’s beginning to feel false or disconnected from what inspires you most.

Pluto suggests a transformative influence with regard to home, family and roots. Doing what’s hard for you to do with regard to love, creativity, or further development of your innate talents seems wise. A broad, open-minded approach to love – to breaking the rules, or creating something futuristic and innovative is doable.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This full Moon implies the need for compromise, adjustment, return to balance, ending, or decision. An important clarification may be delivered under the full Moon. This most likely effects your 5th house of love and the 11th house of groups, friends, and the community.

Pluto in your 3rd house suggests a profound transformation with regard to communicating, writing, listening, and connecting with what’s true. Some shaky self-justification might need to be exposed in the interest of cultivating inner peace as a precursor to peace within the realm of relationships – and the world.

The Sun in your 5th house of love conflicts with Black Moon Lillith’s desire to undermine what’s acceptable, traditional, superficial, and culturally comfortable – in exchange for something shocking, brutally honest, offensive, and “hard-hitting.” Mars encourages something courageous, or attention-getting, and maybe unprecedented. Once again the message is to expose your style and approach to life to something powerfully detoxifying.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This full Moon implies the need for compromise, adjustment, a return to balance, an ending, or decision. An important clarification may be delivered. This full Moon highlights the 4th and 10th sectors of your chart – the personal and the professional, what’s private and what’s public, what’s practical and what’s compassionate.

Jupiter and Neptune in your 4th house of home and family encourages you to release the past and some old security fears. Forgiveness and compassion is highlighted, promoted, and balanced against the backdrop of what’s most practical, effective, and clear-headed. The details matter in your professional life. With regard to your private life and family life it might be best to forgive, forget, refuse to judge, and move on. Jupiter and Pisces encourage you to claim something for yourself and to release something that may be holding you back.

Pluto trines your Moon in the sign of Virgo. A transformation is likely to promote the release of something petty, compulsive, perfectionistic, or never “quite good enough.”

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
Saturn in your 2nd house of money, resources, ownership, self-worth and net-worth is promoting some paralysis with regard to releasing what’s toxic and addictive within the group, among friends,- or with regard to your social life. A more promising move aligns with love, creativity, playfulness, joy, compassion and kindness.

Restrictions are likely to involve money, ownership, and the management of resources. Skirting the rules” from behind the scenes might reveal a tendency to feel entitled to make or break the rules “at will.” Inner peace – the foundation of peace within the realm of relationships – may be disrupted.

What seems most promising is grounded in love, creativity, joy, and playfulness. What’s toxic and unhealthy seems to involve underhandedness, secretiveness. Pluto is providing and supporting the fact that some significant transformation with regard to your style and approach to life is possible, practical, and necessary.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
This full Moon implies the need for compromise, adjustment, a return to balance,- the willingness to end something or to decide. An important clarification may be delivered.

For Aquarians the 2nd and 8th sectors of your chart are highlighted. It’s time to face the need for some practical maintenance – possibly with regard to your physical body. This full Moon requires an adjustment, a compromise, a decision, re-balnance, or ending. The Moon in Virgo in your 8th house implies some sharp critical thinking with regard to what lies beneath the surface or feels difficult too access. You might be good at diagnosing problems through attention to detail. But something kinder, more forgiving, and compassionate could be equally as important and healing – probably as it applies to yourself.

Mars in your 1st house implies impatience, impulsive actions, and the desire to dominate. Saturn in Aquarius in your 1st house may be encouraging you to create an effective breakthrough for yourself, “the other,” or your relationship. A sense of self worth or net worth may be lacking in some regard.

Pluto in your 12th house makes it hard to decipher what kind of transformation is in play. Most likely it involves release of control or over-control in favor of something more relaxed and trusting.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
Something more balanced requiring a compromise, decision, adjustment, ending, or rebalance is likely to be required. The 1st and 7th sectors of your chart are highlighted this week. This involves partners, your most natural style and approach to life, some projection of your own issues onto “the other” and maybe some consideration or clarification of the kind of partner that’s ultimately right for you.

The consideration of practicalities within the realm of relationships is highlighted – balanced with some willingness to accept what’s less than perfect. Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and tolerance seems most important. Neptune in your 1st house encourages claiming something for yourself while releasing what’s no longer necessary for you.

What’s most promising seems to be the solidification of something foundationally supportive for you. A breakthrough with regard to releasing the past seems especially timely and important.

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