Horoscopes and Overview for the Week of Mar. 6th – 12th

The week begins with Mercury in Aquarius squaring the nodes. A decision needs to be made. Will you move in a promising direction, into the unknown, while trusting you’re ability to navigate through successfully? Or will you retreat back into what’s familiar, comfortable, repetitive, and probably confining.

Mercury will likely encourage you to put some thought into this and to make a decision that feels spiritually aligning and wise.

Reversing a pattern, habit, or a traditional course of action would align you with the Aquarian tendency to be oppositional, a “rule-breaker” rejecting of traditional solutions while expanding your perspective to include innovative solutions. Creative arrangements and open-minded, futuristic possibilities might feel especially promising.

Venus and Mars are conjunct in the sign of Aquarius. There may be some movement with regard to a relationships, values, and priorities that have been challenging. restrictive, confining, or hurtful. A new phase within relationships takes on a different tone. There’s the possibility that something has been (or is currently being) worked through and released.

But Saturn in Aquarius rules this phase as it did in the previous relationship phase that began on Feb. 12th. But there’s more emphasis now on being your most authentic self. What’s traditional, culturally acceptable, and rule-bound may be rejected in favor of something updated and liberating. It might no longer feel necessary to live up to the expectations of others.

On Wednesday Mercury enters the sign of Pisces. What you’ve determined to be factual now comes laced with intuitive guidance, flashes of insight, or the willingness to release what no longer serves you or the world. Discussion may center around compassion, kindness, or being of service. A touch of magic, strange phenonmena, or coincidences are likely to surface in conversation or otherwise. It might be time to start thinking about what needs to released and what you need to claim for yourself.

On Thursday, Vesta, the asteroid of “deep devotion to what you’re responsible for protecting” – the highest priority of your life, or the essential “bottom line” exits the sign of Capricorn and enters the sign of Aquarius.

Methods and strategies regarding how you protect and defend what’s most important to you come into play. A more detached, impersonal, group, or community-oriented approach may be emphasized. You might clearly understand that we all have a responsibility that feels sacred to us. We might need to stay in our own lane as we internalize the notion that everyone’s sacred mission is unique to them – and focus on our own.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
You’ll likely feel under some pressure to decide between “staying within a safe holding pattern’ vs. moving in a more promising direction. This could involve detaching from some “self-justifying stance” that doesn’t exactly ring true for you vs. moving forward in a more natural, stabilizing, and solid direction. There might be some work that needs to be done in terms of fortifying your sense of self-worth. If you’re denying yourself something that would support your psychic abilities – or allowing some much needed personal “house cleaning” to be delayed, it might be time to rethink that.

Mars and Venus in the sign of Aquarius opens the door to a satisfying but possibly non-traditional relationship. You might make up your own rules, and that could feel right. Perspectives expand. Creating something original and unusual that works for you and a partner is favored. The old rules or expectations could begin to feel unnecessary. A “live and let live attitude” could promote a breakthrough.

Mercury moves into your 12th house on Wednesday. Then it’s time to pull back from the world, to listen to your intuition, or to let some the old ideas evaporate. You’re likely to experience the kind of good fortune associated with loosening your grip on the past, softening your stance, and letting go. Focus on what you’re most deeply devoting to protecting and preserving.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Taurus craves love and committed partnerships. But this week you might need to “clean house” and focus on yourself. Something from the past might be moving you in a toxic direction. The restoration of balance might be critical. A decision needs to be made. Will you move in a promising direction, bravely into the unknown, while trusting you’re ability to navigate through successfully? Or will you retreat back into what’s familiar, comfortable, repetitive, and just plain easier. It’s time to decide based on past experience and the wisdom you’ve accumulated overtime.

Taurus is likely to take the easier, more repetitive route, so you might have to strongly resist that temptation. Relationships move into a new phase where bucking tradition, breaking the rules, and setting yourself free in important ways seems necessary. Disrupting routines that once felt stabilizing might involve your sense of sense worth or net worth. Revealing what’s true – or what you actually believe regarding Financial partnerships, fairness, etc. may be an issue.

It it might be time to exchange anything self-justifying that doesn’t exactly “ring true. What’s illuminated now may be the inspiring legacy and guidance you leave behind for those you love.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week you may be cultivating disruption under the guidance of “Black Moon Lilith.” You might feel the need to be the woman (or man) who doesn’t follow the traditional rules and doesn’t care about the consequences. This essentially leaves room for more innovative, creative, exciting, possibilities.

The mandate is for you to let go of something related to a repetitive, hard-working, service-oriented approach. You don’t have to “throw the baby out with the bath water,” but you do need to isolate what’s outlived its usefulness and let it go. Making room for the ideas and approaches you’re cultivating behind thee scenes seems wise. Clear, coherent decision making is key.

What’s illuminated and energized is your spiritual/psychic sensitivity and the contribution you’re able make to the world as a result.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

At the start of this week a decision needs to be made. Will you choose to repeat the past or move forward. The decision seems to turn on a creating a breakthrough that might involve the release of a self-justifying idea or strategy that doesn’t “hold up.” There is the possibility you might be denying yourself some of the tools, gifts, or conveniences you need to make what your trying to learn or understand possible.

Maybe these things you consider frivolous or self-indulgent are the objects or conditions that might actually energize your innate psychic sensitivity. It’s might be time to carefully evaluate the condition of your sense of self-worth, or whether or not you’re actually deserving of support.

What’s illuminated is your 9th house of expansion and beliefs, your ability to predict the future, or a type of mind-expansion that might include the rejection of old beliefs that are not supported by the facts. On Thursday what’s most sacred to you might evolve in some regard.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
It may be time to choose between something repetitive, toxic and outdated on the home-front vs. something solid, stabilizing, loving, and promising on the professional, public, or leadership front. It’s time to clean house before something toxic overwhelms you.

For Leo the focus is on relationship restrictions and limiting partnerships. On Wednesday Mercury transits into your 8th house. It might be time to throw your entire lot in with another – or, if there’s some hesitation, a willingness to “name the cause” and clarify the source of that hesitation. This signifies a time when it’s important to be honest with yourself, and to admit what’s true. Anything self-justifying that doesn’t ring entirely true needs to be released. Only you can determine if that’s the case.

There’s likely to be more illumination and possibly some intuitive guidance in the 8th house signifying darkness, trust issues, and intimate concerns. In order for you to successfully protect and defend what you’re most deeply devoted to, a personal transformation may be required. Most likely it involves letting go.

What you believe about relationships is illuminated. You might be the recipient of some critical flashes of insight re: what’s keeping you from moving on.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)

What’s most illuminated this week is a partnership that feels spiritually significant and divinely inspired – OR the infusion of some intuitive guidance that may be telling you “it’s time to let this go nd move on.

It’s time to decide between what’s promising and what’s outdated, increasingly toxic, or on it’s last legs.

On Wednesday you might be the recipient of some subtle intuition that could guide you in the right direction. Your relationship with your work or another might encourage you to break the rules, to move in the direction of liberating yourself, or to consider “doing relationships” in a new, innovative, more enlightened and balanced way. Work relationships may be involved.

On a different note it might be wise for you to infuse some new insight, intuitive guidance, or spiritually compassionate ideas that seem to “come out of nowhere” into the workplace. You might need to purge what’s become toxic, routine, or habitual with regard to yourself or your workplace.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
There an idea or fact involving your creativity, love-life, or something restrictive that encourages you to choose between what’s old and “played out” and what feels newly promising. Venus rules Libra so there may be a tendency to take the easier route. But this decision seems especially important.

Mercury enters your 6th house on Wednesday. Your likely to receive an important flash of insight or some intuitive guidance regarding your work, responsibilities, relationship with co-workers, or some harmonious flow between work methods, spirituality, and something that appears to be softening within you.

There’s some message related to “cleaning house” when it comes to your sense of deservingness, self-worth, or net worth. Financial partnerships might need to be renewed or rearranged in some regard.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An idea that’s triggered may involve your emotional foundation or your security – the family, your mom, and what you’ve inherited on the day you were born. It may involve your decision to move forward – or to retreat into the past.

Balance within a relationship may need to be revived or newly created. Mving forward or backward retreating into the past that involves a toxic component related to your most natural style and approach to life and relationships – or to the care of your physical body.

Trust issues – or issues related to trust, bonding, and “throwing your entire lot in with another” may be especially significant. It might be important to consider a safe physical purge of any toxicity that’s build up over time within your physical body.

Cultivating the truth and exposing “what lies beneath” is liberating.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Some kind of toxic belief may have settled into your sub-conscious mind. It seems important to expose and eliminate it. What’s required might be some consistent effort to alter your perception in a way that’s clarifying. A consistent yoga practice, disciplined routine, or something that feels grounding – moving you back into your physical body and the experiencing the sensations that arise from it could be helpful. Expanding the senses to detect more – or to encompass a much wider sensory field – seems promising.

In the interest of positive change, expanding your knowledge, or clarifying your beliefs it might be wise to connect with a mentor. It’s time to release any tendency to wallow in some misguided satisfaction that’s connected to over-work, a willingness to be a “slave,” or a disconnection from sensory input and what feels grounding to you.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
For Capricorn something involving the joy of work, creating solutions, and promoting satisfaction and cooperation “within the ranks” works in your favor. On the other hand something toxic, addictive, or unhealthy may steer you in the direction of something corrupt within the community or group. Opponents may masquerade as allies. This might ease you into a personal addiction that masquerades as public service.

You might need to be aware of undermining influences that can diminish your joy. Some personal reflection might encourage you to be very honest about why you chose what you choose. Protecting your joy seems critical. Be aware that a desire to transform an underhanded or corrupt the community might conceal attempts to feed an addition.

Some personal house cleaning or clarification could be important. Mercury’s move into the 3rd house on Wednesday could deliver some clarity.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
The week begins with you having to decide whether you will repeat yourself in an area of life that feels comfortable, familiar, and repetitive vs. something more promising, but unfamiliar, that requires you to trust your intuition, instincts, and other-worldly connections to “land on your feet.”

The issue for Aquarius involves a choice between what’s promising with regard to your home, family, sense of security, and stabilization. What needs to be abandoned or toned down relates to something involving your public image and something personally undermining that destroys a sense of confidence.

It might be timely to assess what no long works within your professional life or with regard to what it is you most want to achieve. You might be going through the motions and feeling a little flat. You might be bypassing what would bring some renewed interest into your life.

It’s time to cultivate something brave and joy-filled while closing the book on what’s run it’s course.

A leap of faith may be involved in cultivating some new ideas.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
For Pisces the issue may involve releasing some old beliefs and trusting your senses to move you in the right direction. Turning up the volume and bandwidth of your sensations seems critical. Some important clues with regard to “next steps” may be within reach.

For Pisces psychic acuity might rely on the sense organs. For example when a thought runs through your mind that’s right “on target” you might feel a distinct sensation that verifies what’s true. When you’re relaxing or meditating you might “get a whiff of a pleasing scent” or some other sensation that lets you know when you need to pay attention.

There are exercises that can be done to sharpen the sensations. It’s good to be familiar with what those are. On Wednesday Mercury moves into the sign of Pisces. That might be a good day to pay close attention to some sensory input that’s clarifying.

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