Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 20th – 27th

All planets continue to move in direct motion until May 9th. Lots of progress is indicated.

Sextile aspects predominate this week. Well-supported opportunities present themselves. Acting cooperatively on what you feel to be emerging” might come naturally. But even just “staying out of the way” while allowing an opportunity to develop tends to work in your favor.

Sextiles are soft aspects. Nothing bad will happen if you do nothing – other than the fact that you could have advantaged yourself more in some specific way.

On Wednesday Feb 23, 2022 at 2:11 PM EST Mars at 22 degrees of Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Disciplined, well-directed action aimed at a specific goal tends to be guided by intuitive insight or “inner knowing.” Methods aligned with compassion, kindness, and sensitivity – or a “less is more” strategy” – may be especially effective in opening the doors to progress. You might find that creative solutions could be relatively easy to formulate and apply.

On Thursday Feb 24, 2022 at 12:06 AM Mercury at 10 degrees of Aquarius sextiles Chiron at 10 Aries. Alternative information or a break with your usual habits, patterns, and responses is likely to be clarifying. Opportunities presented open doors to some personal healing – or to a cause aligned with what feels right to you. An emerging opportunity allows you to chart an unusual course in a different, more satisfying direction – with regard to health, healing, and wellness.

On a different note the focus could be on healing communities and groups. Humanitarian leanings could open doors to a role that feels authentic or satisfying to you.

Also on Thursday Feb 24th Venus at 22 Capricorn sextiles Neptune at 22 Pisces. A relationship challenge or restriction is met with a show of compassion, kindness, and love. A release from financial hardship may be the result of your ability to formulate a creative solution you couldn’t have previously imagined. Maybe it’s time for the stabilizing, consistent work you’ve in the past to pay off.

In a break from the sextile patterns mentioned above, a challenging square aspect late on Thursday demands to be dealt with.

This involves a Mercury in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus – two especially stubborn, fixed, inflexible signs. This could portend “the unstoppable force meeting with the immoveable object.” Something potentially explosive could be the result. You might want to carefully analyze your options.

Mercury in Aquarius breaks the rules and insists that his “freedom loving/humanitarian/high minded leanings are right and justifiable.” Uranus in Taurus is less concerned with high-minded thoughts and more with what’s substantial, solid, and capable of “standing the test of time.”

For you it might be time to clarify where you stand and to make the difficult decision. Most likely there’s risk involved.

Mercury in Aquarius encourages progress, breaking the rules, and altering the course of whats been long standing and traditional. What’s unexpected, shocking, or disorienting needs to be dealt with.

In summary several opportunities precede the final test or outcome. Whether you work with the opportunities presented or stand in the way affects the eventual outcome.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This week Chiron at 10 Aries sextiles Mercury in Aquarius. Alternative (health) information or a break with your usual habits, patterns, and responses is likely to be clarifying. Physical pain could be an issue. But opportunities open doors to personal healing – or to a cause or group effort aligned with what feels authentic to you. You might chart an individualistic or alternative course in an effective direction based on what you’re trying to achieve. Intuitive insights flow in your direction. Compassion and kindness is likely to advance your professional goals. But high-minded ideals can clash with whats substantial, traditional and ultimately stabilizing.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Your 11th house of community and group goals is highlighted in ways that promote compassion and kindness. Future plans for expansion and travel could involve a partner or partnership. There could be some conflict related to original, innovative thoughts within the professional realm vs following a traditional script that feels safe, and reliable. The Sun in your 11th house increases your sensitivity to the suffering of the masses. The infusion of artistic beauty or compassion and kindness into an otherwise joyless or miserable scene could be uplifting and transformative for everyone involved.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Ceres in your 1st house could keep you focused on cultivating something authentic and aligned with your most natural, “dual thought-centered” approach to life. Innovative thinking and communication most likely involves an intuitive assessment of what feel spiritually stabilizing and authentic for you. Mercury squares Uranus this week. Idealistic future plans or beliefs could conflict with what’s intuitively stabilizing. A kind, compassionate, forgiving approach within the professional realm works to your advantage where financial partnerships, trust, and intimate connections are concerned.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
For Cancer family, security, and committed partnerships could be the focus. The future, future plans, changing beliefs, and uncertainty might contribute to some conflict. But this could be fleeting. What’s highlighted are future plans and beliefs that tend to morph and change in the direction of what’s kind, compassionate, forgiving, intuitively guided or magical. Jupiter and Uranus align in ways add a strong dose of good fortune and freedom into the mix. Opportunities and energies coalesce in ways that make you happy and hopeful. Something transformative and innovative could increase your status and visibility within the public realm. What aligns most naturally with your most authentic way of being is a source of power.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week your 8th house of potentially complicated financial partnerships or difficulties related to “releasing the past and moving on” is exposed to a softening effect. What’s hardened over the years has the potential to transforms into something more compassionate, kind, forgiving, and flexible. Jupiter in the 8th and most intense house of the zodiac forms a beautiful angle with Uranus in the 10th house of what you want to achieve. A gift is handed to you in the form of something or someone supportive of your goals. Mercury’s alignment with Ceres gives you the opportunity to cultivate within the community innovative ideas and a vision for what’s newly possible.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A challenging aspect involving Mercury and some enlightened, innovative ideas clashes with what feels stabilizing and substantial with regard too your future. Maybe you’re pushing the envelope with regard to your freedom within the workplace. Maybe you’re tired of being restricted by tradition, the way things have always been done, or future plans you’ve grown attached to. A better balance between freedom and feeling locked in by future goals or old beliefs might need to be arranged.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This week your 6th house of current responsibilities, your work methods, the need for improvement, or something involving the quality of service you provide is highlighted. Issues related to healing might evolve in the direction of something that feels very fortunate for you. An infusion of cash or support could be the result of some alternative, highly advanced technique or talent you possess. Something related to parenting or the need for a “leap of faith” might present a dilemma that needs to be worked through. You might be the perfect messenger to reinforce the relationship between compassion, kindness, and forgiveness and it’s healing potential.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week your 5th house of love, romance, and a playful approach to creativity is highlighted. Something profoundly sublime “other-worldly” – intuitively inspired, compassionate, or forgiving – might be realized. Actions could promote progress with regard to your net worth or self worth. Of the two an expansion of your sense of self-worth is of most value to you. An ongoing transformation could be in the process of aligning you with your most natural – and therefore most powerful – way of being. Something fortunate surrounding your location or home could move you in the direction of some healing work that’s lucrative. inspired, and life changing by virtue of it’s beauty.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week your 4th house of your home, the past – what’s nebulous, intuitively guided, inspired, or magical -influences you work in some regard. Jupiter is the freedom-loving explorer who feels most secure and comfortable when he’s making the whole world his home. In some way this connects him to the kind of work that feels most substantial and stabilizing for him. A lucky break or some new freedom is indicated. The cultivation of relationships is promoted by some personal freedom within wide-ranging discussions. (What’s too poorly defined can interfere with the cultivation of relationships.)

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
This week your 3rd house of communication is highlighted, inspired, and amenable to a compassionate, kind, and flexible approach. This seems to work well with regard to achieving practical, long-term goals for the future. In the short run some measure of efficiency and organization might need to be sacrificed. For Capricorn all current planet placements are located below the horizon. This indicates challenges and opportunities that basically involve your subjective feelings and some kind of persona war you may be waging with yourself. Opportunities arise as a result of imagining what can be achieved through softening your words and cultivating connections A “higher form of organization aligns with the infusion of beauty into your process – or into to your overall style and approach to life. Free speech and innovative thought challenges what’s become habitual and comfortable for you.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
This week the Sun newly highlights your 2nd house of self worth, net worth, what feels most natural and stabilizing for you. Being financially responsible might be a bit more challenging. But something potentially fortunate and stabilizing could relate to your home, what you own, what’s passively appreciating over time, along with the natural talents you’ve cultivated. Managing your resources well provides you with options and emerging opportunities. What could be painful for you with regard to your physical mobility or freedom of movement benefits from information you’ve cultivated and retained over the years. Lovers may be especially informative and supportive with regard to the cultivation of healing.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
A couple days ago the Sun moved over your horizon and into your first house. A new beginning was initiated along the lines of infusing what’s inspiring, healing, and most intuitively aligned with who you are, and your most natural approach to life. You could feel less grounded in your physical body and that could present some challenges. But this may be offset by some powerful intuitive guidance. As the Sun moved over your ascendent, subconscious or hidden information might have moved over along with it. You might be gifted with some sudden revelations or clarifications that changes the substance of your communication. Vulnerabilities may be offset by what you’ve been cultivating on the home-front. Life could feel a little more magical and more closely aligned with your most authentic way of being.

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