Full Moon at 27 Degrees of Gemini at 11:35 PM EST on Dec. 18th

This is an abbreviated interpretation of tonight’s Gemini full Moon without horoscopes for each sign. (Technically I’m on vacation until the first of the year.)

Jupiter in late Aquarius trines this new Moon. An expansive opportunity is presented and well supported by an unexpected flow of good news, more information, and some unanticipated cooperation. Something expansive and liberating you’ve been hoping for may be coming together faster and with with less effort than you might have expected. “Roadblocks” disappear and a relatively “unobstructed flow” could begin to takes it’s place.

Under this full Moon, you might be given a few more choices than you originally expected or planned for. Given the nature of Gemini I’m guessing two – at least. More encouraging facts are revealed possibly by someone’s who’s habitually cautious and used to “playing their cards close to the vest.” The nature of a “Jupiter in Aquarius trine” involves abundant support for the growth and development of an opportunity.

Full Moons often bring to a close an issue that’s been ongoing for awhile. A clarification regarding the nature of a relationship, a result, or ending may be put in play. In this case the nature of the ongoing conversation and flow of information may continue to develop and evolve.

An area of vulnerability – something painful, healing, “or a little of both” may be activated as Mercury in Capricorn squares Chiron retrograding in Aries.

This could be a delay in plans that makes you impatient and anxious. Capricorn is slow, measured, and cautious. Aries wants everything yesterday. Conflicts could arise that need to be worked through. There may be more than a few choices and maybe some risk assessment to consider.

Conversations between Aries and Capricorn are often challenging. Aries wants to be the leader with followers who rely on his instincts to guide them forward. Thoughtful planning is not Aries most effective style and approach. He’s sure of himself and used to making corrections “on the fly.”

Capricorn is also a natural leader and “the boss.” There-in lies the challenge. Aries will most likely need to develop more maturity – while Capricorn will need to be more flexible with the rules he creates and attempts to enforce.

Both will need to be committed because either way the conversation and the flow of information will continue.

“This full Moon will be visible for 15hrs and 33 minutes. That makes it the longest full Moon of the year.”

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